More Than A Name

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The Haunted Science Lab. What a fun name. Sadly for Keagan and her family, this house is more than your regular house. And the name is all too accurate... Keagan is a regular girl. Until she and her family decided to explore the Haunted Science Lab. I mean, it was at the carnival, and there was plenty of security inside and outside. Nothing could go wrong, right? Right? Names can be red herrings, lies, and misnomers. Sadly for Keagan and her family of seven, this name is none of those. In fact, this name is all too accurate... Can Keagan get her family out in time? Or will her family be lost in time... Forever?

Thriller / Horror
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The Haunted Science Lab was more than just a nickname. Every name has its reasons, and this one does too…

As I held the potion, I knew that the fate of me, and possibly my family was in my hands.

If I drank the potion, I would instantly be transported home, and everyone’s memories would be wiped of the past 24 hours. If not, my family would still have to find a way to get me out of here.

They would lose the information they needed to get out of there

I felt the liquid slide down my throat, leaving a burning sensation.

I felt the glass slide out of my fingers and watched it hit the floor.

And shatter.

And I saw the world fall apart.

And I knew the potion would do something else to me.

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