Crimson Dawn

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“At least answer that first.” “You’re finally piecing things together aren’t you? I thought maybe you’d never find out. What fun this all was. But now you need to make your choice.” By now it had to have been late, Tony and Brandy had already fallen asleep, and the others are barely awake. Carl chuckled, he even cracked a smile, but when he looked over at Sam, his smile dropped. Sam, who was sitting in a corner, was still giving the same murderous stare from earlier. When everyone was asleep, Sam went over to Travis. “Now it’s time to have some fun!” said Sam with a smile.

Thriller / Horror
Night Shadow
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Chapter 1

Once, there were five friends,Sam, a young boy with black hair and blue eyes and he is six years of age. Sam is also Carl´s adopted brother. Then there were Carl, a brown haired green eyed nineteen year old guy, Tony who has blond hair and brown eyes, he is twenty years of age, Brandy who is a redhead with green eyes and is twenty-three, and Jenny who has brown hair and blue eyes and is twenty-one. They were all very good friends. One day they decided to go hiking for Sam’s sixth birthday. Sam was a… rather sketchy character. He almost always seemed bored. They had planned on hiking in the Rockies. Sam didn’t seem excited, you see, about a year ago, his mom and dad had been murdered and he had been adopted by Carl’s parents. A year has passed and things haven’t gotten much better with him. Carl hoped that he would like hiking.

When they arrived at the beginning of the trail, they were met by Travis and Rachel, they were the friends’ tour guides. Travis was an older fellow, probably well around the age of 45. Rachel was much younger,and shorter at that, she was probably in her 20’s and she had black hair. “Welcome to the Rockies Group Hike!” they said. “You are going to have a great time on the trail! We will go to many of the caves, mines, and ghost towns on this here trail” Travis exclaimed. “Are we guaranteed safe return?” Brandy asked. There had been previous rumors of wild cats attacking hikers in the mountains.

“We only guarantee that there is nothing to worry about with animals, the only real threat is slipping and falling, and there may be a snowstorm, but that probably won’t happen”

“What do you mean snowstorm?” asked Brandy. “Well, there have been reports of snow clouds approaching from the east, but it’s supposed to dissolve before it gets here. Now if we could quit wasting time, i’d like to begin the hike.”

So off they went,disembarking on an almost perilous trip,off to the Rockies… As they made their way up the trail, they began to notice the wind picking up at a very slight rate,but grew stronger as time went by. They eventually realized the storm DID NOT dissolve, and it was right on top of them. “We have to get out of here!” shouted Rachel. The group began to panic, even the guides were worried, they had not prepared for this kind of weather. But off in the distance,Carl noticed what appeared to be a cabin or some kind of abandoned structure. “Come on this way!” He yelled over the howling wind. It seemed that with every step they took,the wind grew more intense,and the snow came down more. As they got closer to the structure, it appeared to be an abandoned church. “Did you know this was up here?” Carl asked. “No we never knew about this, though we only stick to the trail, which we are far from now.” Travis explained “But I don’t know how we didn’t notice it before.”” Simple” Rachel exclaimed “We were never allowed over here due to regulations, we don’t have a clue what is out here” As they approached the structure it appeared old,dim, and very rundown,it looked as if it would collapse at any moment, it also appeared to have what resembled as bullet holes. When they entered, it was very dark, the only thing lighting the room was the outside, through some of the holes in the walls. “This is no four star hotel”said Tony “but it will have to do.” The group chuckled all except, Sam, whose expression hadn’t changed much since the beginning of the hike,but you could see the panic and concern in his small blue eyes. Which were lit like a lantern, but the look quickly fanished before anyone else could see it.

“It’s almost night let’s make stock of what we have.” Brandy said. They began to search the pack that had been pre-filled by some of the other trail workers the previous day. They already knew that they had five days worth of food packed,but they ended up finding a half a box of matches, some first aid materials, and for some odd reason a large knife was also placed in the spare bag,which was being carried by Sam. “Great another joke, those fools are always doing this to the spare bag, putting some sort of random item in the spare bag” Travis scowled. “Last week it was a rubber chicken” He frowned and closed the bag, attaching the knife to his belt. By now it had to have been late, Tony and Brandy had already fallen asleep, and the others are barely awake. Carl chuckled, he even cracked a smile, but when he looked over at Sam, his smile dropped. Sam, who was sitting in a corner, was still giving the same murderous stare from earlier. When everyone was asleep, Sam went over to Travis. “Now it’s time to have some fun!” said Sam with a smile.

Everybody woke up in an instant when Brandy screamed. “Travis is dead! There’s no pulse.” When Carl looked at Travis, he was horrified. The knife which was once attached to his belt, was now buried deep in his chest,also there were cut marks all over his chest,and he was gurgling out blood. By now there was a huge puddle of the crimson liquid. Everyone started to panic, except Sam. Carl looked over to see Sam finally smiling, but it wasn’t a smile that Carl thought he would ever see in his lifetime. Perhaps it was from shock, but it didn’t seem like a petrified smile. “Okay, we have to keep calm. We need to relocate to a safer place.” Everyone followed Carl as the new leader of the group. They all finally found another place to stay the night at. It was a cave. “Okay we need a lookout for the night. Tony, would you please do that.”

Tony sat outside in the snow like he was supposed to do. Waiting and watching for anything that may harm the group. With the knife in hand, he heads to peer out into the mountains. That was when he was struck in the back of the head by something really hard,knocking him unconscious. The last feeling he had, was pain, the pain of having everything that he held dear to him taken away. The pain of him literally being ripped to shreds, limb by limb.

It had been a long night, it was probably only around 6A.M. Carl looked around, but Tony wasn’t where he was supposed to be. “Probably out smoking again.” said Carl with a chuckled. So he decided to go check. When he turned the corner, he was horrified. All that was left of Tony was bones, but there was also a small hunting knife only a few feet away from the remains. Carl didn’t want to worry any of the others so when he got back all he said was “Tony will meet up with us in a little bit. He’s staying to clean up and to erase our tracks.” Carl led the group away.

Jenny was the first to notice that Brandy was gone from the group. You see, when Carl went looking for Tony, Sam had taken Brandy over to the woods and killed her. Leaving a knife there to prove that the same “person/thing” was still with them. “Hey guys, where is Brandy?” Nobody could find her anywhere. They almost ended up just giving up on looking for her,that was, until Jenny discovered a trail of blood leading to the woods. They found Brandy in the woods dead. The knife, the seemingly evil black knife, was sticking out of her chest. Not only that but something,whatever it was, nailed her to the tree,which was now surrounded in a moat of blood. The same black knife that Carl had given to Tony. The same knife that was sticking out of Travis’s chest,the same one that was a joke, this joke had gone horribly wrong,this sick,horrid joke, had now claimed half of the hiking group.. Carl grabbed the knife. It was sickening, it was like trying to pull a knife out of thick mud. Eventually he got it out,he did his best to clean it off and put it in its sheath. Tho it seemed different, somehow….. He examined the sheath closely, there were 7 marks on the back of it, 3 were crossed off, one had a weird symbol next to it. It, whatever it is,is keeping stock of us.. He gave it to Rachael, “Keep a close eye out, whatever it is,will only use the knife, don’t let anyone,or anything get a hold of it.”

It was now the third day, the snow storm hasn’t let up since it began,if anything it’s gotten worse. It as if all the snow of the world was falling on this one mountain. Hopefully when the storm wears down,the other guild members will come look for us…..maybe we’ll get out of this alive.. But that possibility was getting slimmer and slimmer as minutes,no,hours passed. *crack* A stick broke. “Who’s there!?!?” Rachel Squealed. She pulled out the knife and waited. 10 seconds turned to a minute, a minute turned into three minutes. Nothing happened,she sat there poised to kill for five whole minutes,poised to kill the thing,that claimed her best friend,and the most of the hikers,,but nothing happened. She resheathed the dark blade, chuckling “Must have been a rabbit or someth-” She felt a sharp-pain as she fell to the ground, and before she blacked out she heard a voice “Shh, sleep now,HAHAHA”

All to be heard was a scream,a scream of sheer terror. Loud enough to wake the deepest of sleepers, even Carl. He woke to see Jenny up against the wall gurgling blood,with the knife,hilt deep,into her heart, and Sam still in the corner but now looking horrified. Carl went to her and freed the knife from her chest, as well as a metal rod, one for each shoulder. She tried to say something. But all that happened, is blood, flowed from her mouth,and her blue eyes roll back inside her head. All Carl could do now was try to find Rachel, and pray she was still alive. He ran as fast as he could to see if the young trail guide was still alive. He could now see the light of the entrance,and as he got closer he could see the figure of Rachel,which whom began to pick herself up off the floor. Then out of nowhere Carl felt something grab the jet black knife from his hand, and send it flying past his head and hit Rachel.. She fell to the ground, cold and limp.

“You’re the only one left Carl! What are you going to do. Now you know that it is and was me that was killing them all. HA HA HA HA! It’s time for you to join me or die with them. What will you choose?” Carl was shocked to finally figure out that it was Sam all along. “What did you kill your parents too, was that story a fake?” questioned Carl “At least answer that first.” “You’re finally piecing things together aren’t you? I thought maybe you’d never find out. What fun this all was. But now you need to make your choice.” He didn’t want to believe it but he had to, there was no one else there. “I won’t joi-” Carl didn’t finish. Sam rushed with demon like speed to grab the knife and quickly,yet surely,cut him in several places and stabbed him in the heart. He was dead within seconds of saying those words.

“I think it is time that I go back to the main entrance and play along with whatever they throw at me. The next to die are those stupid foster parents. I wonder how much fun I will have killing them? HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

the end

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