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Chapter 16

“Please, don't worry. Everything’s going to be fine. Katherine and I will look after each other. We may bake some biscuits and watch a movie. That’s if she wants to,” Sophia said to Barbara, before turning to a teary Katherine. “Would you like that?”

“Sounds okay, Nan,” Katherine replied, as she wiped her hands across her moist eyes.

“Taxi’s here!” JM called, from the living room window.

“See you on Sunday night, darling.” Barbara said, after blowing Katherine a kiss, and walking to the waiting taxi.

“Do you think it’s this cold in New York?” she asked.

“Probably,” JM replied matter-of-factly as they entered the taxi.

Immediately on entering their hotel room Barbara rang home. She had promised both Sophia and Katherine she would.

The hotel was regarded as one of the finest in Manhattan, and it’s restaurant a gastronomical delight.

I am glad I pre-booked. The restaurant is full. She looks stunning. Is that a new dress? “I should tell you more often how beautiful you are. I’m proud to be your husband.”

“Thank you.” Barbara could feel herself blushing.

“Katherine, would you like some pasta with tomato and basil?’

“Okay. That sounds nice.”

“When we’ve finished dinner, how about we go down to my apartment and watch a movie?”

Not having a television may have been ideal for Katherine’s parents, but not Sophia. She loved her distractions and entertainment.

“Nan, I’d rather paint, or read, if you don’t mind. We can watch a movie another time, if that’s okay with you?”

“That’s fine by me.”

Sophia had a habit she found difficult to break; rising early. Because her desire to please Katherine was overwhelming, the Saturday morning markets beckoned.

I do not care about the wind, or snow, I am going to the markets. I will buy some veal for our dinner. I hope she stays asleep while I am away. Descending the stairs to her apartment, she considered leaving a note, but chose to do otherwise.

Dressed in clothing to ward off the chill, and ready to brave the elements, she gathered up her handbag, car keys, and cane basket.

Meanwhile, Bruno was waiting to enact his plan.

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