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Chapter 31

Bruno woke to an early chilly morning, and darkness was still the order of the day. As he leaned against the kitchen bench, waiting for the leftover meatballs to reheat in the microwave, and the coffee to brew on the stove, he thought of Katherine and his gratification.

Again, the miniature hurricanes spinning along the laneway fascinated him. Created by swirling winds they skated along the snow-covered bitumen; only to dissipate once encountering an object.

Miserable were the days when the blustery winds accompanied the snow, and when the sun’s heat was insufficient for giving any pleasure. Going by the vision below Bruno considered that coming day as a possible contender.

As he gazed trance-like at the snow, he thought, my one mistake was not takin’ Katherine before the police came.

With breakfast out of the way, he opened his front door to leave for work, but the thought of Barbara’s perfume instinctively brought him to stop. What if the cops do a search and find the bottle? Do I really need it? He answered his unspoken question by going back into the bedroom.

As he walked from his apartment, the crumpled plastic garbage bag in his hand now contained the bleach-contaminated pants and soiled underwear he took from the wardrobe. The perfume bottle and torn box, also, were within it.

He opened his truck door, threw the bag onto the passenger’s side floor, and drove to work. As he weaved through traffic, he thought of Texas. The damn winters are like here, cold, but I like summer and the open plains. Katherine would like it there. He smiled at the thought, but an image of his father sprang to mind. Fuck goin’ to Austin. I could go north, Dallas maybe. No, it’s too big. What about some out of the way place in Kansas? Or Oklahoma? She’d like Kansas. If the cops hadn’t shown up, she’d be with me. The illusion of her living with him, the future mother of his children, kept his dream alive, although, achieving his aim would be at the detriment of others. If I fail again, everyone loses. His thoughts were perverse, but it forced him on.

As approached his usual parking spot in the employee car park, he thought of the money he had stashed away over the last year. If we live cheaply enough we could rent a trailer, but it has to be out of the way. She’ll get to know me. Having satisfied himself Katherine would willing to go with him, anywhere, he walked to the warehouse entrance to begin his shift. However, before entering he deposited the garbage bag into an oversized waste bin near the employees’ door.

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