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Chapter 35

The scene playing out before Bruno, as he sat in his truck, was of men carrying furniture from the building. Teams of two men carried larger items and offloaded them into a truck, while individuals carried cartons into another.

“Shit, they’re moving.” His words were like an open wound, stinging and painful. “Katherine can’t be leaving me . . . she wouldn’t do that.” Also adding to his confusion was the re-scheduling of his appointment to a later date. “I’ll ring Barbara. She’ll tell me.”

The dimly lit phone booth situated near the side street intersection cast a dull glow to its immediate area. Bruno, sheltered from the harsh environment, had rung, but with the call going unanswered, his frustration came to the fore. In anger, he slammed the receiver onto its cradle, not once, but twice.

The chill air assailed him again, but warming his hands and head were the new cap and gloves he had purchased earlier that day. Clasped in his hand was his mobile phone as he walked the short distance to his truck. He had removed it from his coat pocket to retry calling. It’s definitely flat. It needs rechargin’. I could’ve saved myself a lot of trouble. Someone might see me if I keep usin’ a pay phone.

JM felt a sense of relief when the ringing stopped, but it was short lived. His cell phone rang.


“Doctor Harris, it’s Samuel. I can send some men tomorrow. Would midday be okay?”

“Great! Thanks, Samuel. I’ll be here. I will leave the front door unlocked. Tell them to come straight in when they arrive.”

“Okay. I’ll come and see you in the afternoon, but it may be late.”

“Any time’s fine by me. It’ll be good to see you again.”

Not long after Tony walked into the living room. “We’ll be leaving now, but we’ll be back first thing in the morning to finish off.”

“Thanks, Tony. I have a spare key I can give you, just in case I am not here. I was going to stay, but under the circumstances I’ll return to the hotel.”

“A key would be of help. That way you don’t have to be here early to let us in.”

JM sat on the carpeted floor with his back against the wall, but as he began to write a list of things in need of his attention, his mind drifted to the unanswered phone call.

I am becoming paranoid! Who has to say it was Bruno? I am not a vengeful person, but it would be a travesty of justice if he doesn’t receive a harsh punishment. Surely, the police can do something.

He stopped thinking of Bruno, and the list. I need to ring Barbara, he thought, as he took his mobile from his shirt pocket. I have to give her an update about the removalists, and tell her I will stay at the hotel.

Bruno discreetly followed JM’s Mercedes, but it was not long before the car descended into a hotel’s underground car park. Bruno hastily parked his truck, in the street’s first available space, to await his nemesis.

Fortunately, for JM, he had taken the internal lift to reception.

Bruno, meanwhile, patiently waited for the one person who had the capability of stopping his next endeavor. He pondered that very subject. If I want to know where they’re movin’ to, I have to keep goin’ back.

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