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Chapter 36

Dusk was approaching the following day when JM returned to the apartment, but he was surprised. With it bare of curtains and drapes, it appeared larger.

“Hi, Samuel,” he said, into his cell phone. “It’s Doctor Harris. Your men have certainly achieved a lot. Do you know what time they’ll begin work tomorrow?”

“About seven.”

“I may not be here at that time. I will leave a front door key in the mailbox. It’ll be unlocked.”

“Thanks. That’ll make it easy for them.”

He proceeded directly to Katherine’s new room. As he passed the three women patients in the room, he greeted each with a friendly smile. Barbara was sitting on a chair between the window and bed. He kissed her, then gave Katherine’s cheek a peck.

“How’s my girl?” Although he had asked the question, he did not wait for an answer. He turned to Barbara, and whispered in her ear, “Can you come outside? I need to ask you something.”

As they stood near the door, in the corridor, he said, “We haven’t been alone since all this started, so I thought we could go for a quiet dinner. We can shower at the hotel, have dinner, and then come back here later. Let’s take a short break from all this. The girls are not going anywhere, and they are in safe hands. What do you think?”

She was reluctant to leave Katherine alone, but replied, “Okay, but I do want to come back.”

“I’ll go and say hello to Mrs. K. I won’t be long.”

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