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Chapter 37

With knowing of no warrant, Detective Perez knew to identify Bruno as the rapist; it had become that much more difficult.

“Katherine’s the only one who can identify him,” she said candidly, to Michael. “But I don’t see her doing it at this point in time. We’ll just have to wait until we can garner more evidence. We’re under too much pressure to solve other cases, so Katherine Harris’s case will just have to wait.”

JM and Barbara had spent the best part of the day driving from one store to another, but choosing a carpet and furniture was their main concern. Barbara deposited the newly purchased underwear, for herself and Katherine, into the trunk of JM’s car, to await consigning into the appropriate bedrooms.

“Hi, Doctor Harris, how was your day?” Samuel asked, just as JM entered his apartment.

“Very good, thank you. I need your help, though. My wife and I are finding it difficult to decide on a colour scheme for the doors. Would you have any suggestions?”

“If it was my apartment I’d have one colour on the doors, but in different shades. The hall doors could be a blue and change in varying shades the farther they went down the hall. As for me, I like shades of grey, but it may not suit you. Then again, the colours will depend on the colour of the carpet you’ve chosen.”

“You must be psychic, because a grey would be perfect with our choice of carpet. It consists of a motley mixture of gunmetal gray and variations of blues, with no distinct patterns. The concept of different shades of one color intrigues me. It certainly is something I could entertain. I will put your idea to Barbara. I think she’ll like it.”

JM was sitting on the landing with his feet resting on the top stair, waiting for the floorcovering representatives to finalise the measurements for the new carpet and the kitchen flooring. The painters had already vacated the building.

When the two men were about to leave, he said, “I’ll instruct the painters to leave a key in the mailbox tomorrow afternoon. They should be finished by then.”

Having contacted the locksmith, JM received a verbal guarantee regarding the front door alarm and ground floor zoning system. The installation would occur on the same day of the carpet laying.

Semi-lit darkness and snow greeted JM as he walked from his building. To protect himself from the chilled air he pulled his coat-collar up around his neck.

Some trees lining the street obstructed Bruno’s complete view of the building’s entrance, as he watched two men walked from the building, followed not long after by JM.

When JM drove away, Bruno did likewise, into a mist of snow. “I’ll just have to keep comin’ back.”

“You don’t have to stay,” Samuel said, the following afternoon. “We can lock up and leave the key in the mailbox when we’re finished. I’ll personally see to it. We’re going to take longer than anticipated.”

Satisfied with the arrangement, JM said, “That’ll do me.”

He looked skyward as he stood on the sidewalk. I will be happy to see the arrival of spring. I like when it’s warm.

Samuel was pleased the painting went according to plan. Darkness had only just arrived when he and his three colleagues walked out onto the stoop. Being true to his word, he locked the front door and made his way down the steps to the unlocked mailbox, to deposit the master key as instructed.

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