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Chapter 39

With darkness abound in the vestibule, JM had to turn on the lights to the staircase. Not wanting to chance leaving traces of dirt on the new carpet, he removed his shoes before entering. He moved from one room to another, switching on lights as he went, and in doing so, he felt tremendously proud for having achieved so much in such a short time. His almost completed project was nearing its finale.

Even though the walls and ceilings were white, the subtly different shaded doors gave the apartment a new dimension, compared to its former appearance, but the carpet was definitely the jewel in the crown.

The urge to sit on it was irresistible. He brushed his hands softly back and forth, allowing his fingers to feel the luxury and quality of an expensive floorcovering. What a shame it will soon be underfoot, unnoticed and unappreciated, he thought. His mind soon returned to reality.

As he walked past each of the rooms, he switched off its lights, with the aim of leaving the living room and hall lights until last.

From the living room window, he could see the bombarding of semi-illuminated snow-covered street by strong winds. His figure silhouetted against the hall light.

He turned the remaining lights off and, on exiting the building, slammed shut the front door, to ensure it latched correctly.

As he drove in the direction of the hotel, he thought, Tony is going to be there with the furniture. I had better return early.

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