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Chapter 40

Due to the absence of window coverings, the glow of lights showing from within the apartment had spread to the road below. From where he sat in his truck Bruno was able to glimpse a shadowy figure moving from one front room to another, then, for no apparent reason, no movement at all.

“It’s probably a carpet layer,” he mumbled. Although, with no vehicle parked near resembling one used for carrying carpet, he was having doubts.

As the snow white-blanketed his vehicle he was forced to use the windshield wipers to again see the apartment. In succession, the lights switched off, but his assumption of a carpet layer being present proved incorrect. Standing at the living room’s window was a man he knew.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the dentist,” Bruno said, aloud, with sarcasm and loathing. “You won’t stop me from takin’ Katherine.”

Bruno walked the short distance to the building after JM drove away, but he kept his balaclava-covered head held low. The turning of a key in a lock could not have been more joyful, similar to that of a prisoner being released to freedom and hearing the tumblers of the lock for a last time. As he turned the handle, the new intercom on the wall to his right grabbed his attention. I wonder if it has an alarm.

With no sound blaring his presence, he was looking into a dark cavern. Like JM, he removed his boots, but they, each, had a different motive. Cautiously he made his up the stairs, but by the time he had reached the landing the chill from the ceramic tiles began to penetrate his socks. Along with the smell of fresh paint came one of newly laid carpet, but once inside, the absence of furniture again shouted its nakedness.


With his unofficial inspection complete, Bruno retreated from the building. He tried devising a new plan as he drove, one that would deliver Katherine into his web. He knew he would have to be careful, and would be the obvious suspect, especially with Detective Perez.

Excitement surged through his body. The thought of Katherine enjoying her new way of life was exhilarating.

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