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Chapter 43

I need to replace the truck soon, before it becomes too obvious. A newer car will be cheaper to run, and it shouldn’t break down, Bruno thought. His present circumstance dictated his decision.

He never considered himself intelligent, but promotion to section supervisor was unexpected. As a loner, and not one for mingling, his work productivity was higher compared those of his fellow colleagues, which benefited his employer. A small pay increase came with the promotion.

I need to rent another apartment, but it’ll have to be cheap. I need it needs away from my uncle. Bein’ a stranger in a new buildin’, my neighbors won’t know what I’m up to. I don’t want anyone knowin’ Katherine. Her father can’t be at home when I pay them a visit. I’ll have to get rid of him. The old woman and Barbara won’t be any trouble. I have to make it look like a burglary.

In his naivety, being a person of interest he didn’t consider.

Bruno knocked on his uncle’s door that evening.

What do you want?

“I don’t want to argue with you, Uncle. Let’s have a couple of drinks and talk it over. I’ll supply the booze.”

I don’t care how much booze he brings. I can still outsmart him. “Okay, but don’t try anything,” Stan said, warily.

“I’ve got some cold beer in the fridge. I’ll get them.”


“I didn’t want to bring the cops into your life, but they didn’t come back. Do you know why? They don’t have enough to charge me. I said thanks for the alibi. I meant it! I won’t forget,” Bruno said, as they sat on the couch drinking beer.

“Don’t think a few beers is going to change my mind about you. You should be locked up!” Stan said, vehemently.

“I said I was sorry. I won’t do anythin’ like that again. I promise.”

Stan instinctively knew he was lying, but he’d still the drink beer. It was free.

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