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Chapter 50

To not to think of her father as deceased Katherine immersed herself in her paintings, doing so, some days, in her pyjamas. Her rampant mind cast instructions to her hand as it held a brush, or spatula, and subsequently became one with the canvas. Even though her atrocious experience was still raw, she came to realise she could cope far better when painting. With Friday approaching fast, so was her father’s funeral, and with it her mental stamina would again be tested.

Wanting to insulate Katherine from the harsh reality of her father’s coming funeral, Barbara, and Sophia, allowed her to continue unhindered with her preoccupation.

I should have told him I love him more often. I miss him. Barbara was giving some thought to JM’s burial. He would be happy knowing his interment is near his mother and father at Mt. Calvary Cemetery. If people come to the funeral, and the wake, it is going to be a long day.

Rodney, meanwhile, gave Barbara the assurance, of all surgeries closing that day, and of the rescheduling of patients’ appointments.

Teary-eyed Barbara felt humbled as she, Katherine, and Sophia walked toward the front pew. As she held Katherine’s left hand, she thought, I did not expect this many people. At least they’re all indoors. I would not like to think some were outside, in the cold. The enormous congregation packed into the Back Bay church was almost to the point of overflowing. Unfortunately, not all were seat.

With this many people, it’s more in keeping with Christmas or Easter; not a funeral, she thought, as she looked at JM’s flower-draped coffin. He would be proud so many people came.

For Bruno, standing at the rear of the church, it definitely was a time for celebration.

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