Mirror Mirror

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When a dreamer dies, what happens to the dream? A mirror in a psychiatrist's new house allows her to see into the life of a married woman, murdered there fifty years ago. She wakes up one day with a different face, in a different place and with different memories. The only problem is that she could remember the old ones too. How could she get back?

Thriller / Scifi
Eva Knight
Age Rating:

A Letter

They told us to never stop dreaming but never mentioned how much of a monster the dreams could be. Monsters which lurked in the dark, prowling and crouched, waiting to strike

Till the time you read this, I will no longer be there. I will be just a person in the past, a distant memory, a dream.

How many have wondered what happens to a dream when one wakes up?

Or what happens to it when the dreamer dies?

I am writing this from fifty years ago to when the monster lunged at me.

I am Lila James and this is my story.

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