The Whispers of Silence

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"I don't live in darkness, darkness lives in me." "Are you going to kill me?" my target cries. "Yes", I reply as my gun does it's job. Then, all that's left is the deafening silence of nothingness. "Fear not the darkness, but welcome it's embrace, Lenora." I whisper.

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1

In the heart of every man is a darkness. Primal. Instinctive.

At its most basic, it’s a desirous nature—one that covets, demands, takes. Most men brick it up behind a wall of self-control. They invest time and effort in maintaining the separation. These men, good men, control the darkness until it withers away and becomes nothing more than a shadow haunting their innermost thoughts. Something easily forgotten, dismissed, erased.

I had never been a good man.

My story is one of many thousands, and the world will not suffer if it ends.

My darkness is neither restrained nor buried. It lives right at the surface. The only thing that hides it is my mask.

My mask is the law, the light, the pursuit of justice. It is forthright and airy. It is the appearance of righteousness in a fallen world.

The mask I wear is purely the act of a predator. Theater. Pageantry. Deceptive and lethal. It allows me to get close and closer still until it is time to strike.

I stalk so near that my prey can feel the tickle of my breath, the coldness of my heart, the depth of my depravity. Only a whisper separates me from what I desires.

Then the mask falls away, and all my victims see, is darkness.

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