The Whispers of Silence

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Chapter 8

Lenora Dutch

I was fucking furious. So damn angry, part of me was tempted to shut the curtains once and for all, but another, more desperate part of me, wouldn’t let me do it.

I watched him fucking the girl, his cock stretching her asshole until the echoes of her screams tormented my mind, even though I couldn’t even hear her. She was desperate, helpless against the hurricane that was X.

And that phone call... After he cut the call I felt tears of frustration welling in my eyes, threatening to fall any second. I felt just like she did. Desperate to be touched and helpless from my mind and hearts pull to opposite directions. I knew this was wrong. So wrong, but it felt so right, and that begs my sanity to be questioned. Was I really willing to take this risk? With a could-be-criminal at that?

My next move decided the answer to that for me.

I swallowed my pride, walked to the living room, and after only a short second, opened the French doors leading onto my balcony.

So far, all of the games we’d played had been in the safety of my own home. But out here, with the black iron fence holding me captive, the fresh air felt as chilling as the street below me, that and the knowledge that anyone could look up to see my naked form desperately playing with myself.

But X didn’t even glance at me. The view was even better from out here, their bodies so close I felt like I could practically smell the sweat on their skin.

I leaned back against the glass door, my palms resting on the window and my ass touching my hands.

And I just watched, because for once in my life, I wanted to fucking follow every rule. Anything, everything, just for a chance of having him touch me, fuck me.

I saw their mouths opening and my mind filled with the dialogue I wasn’t hearing.

And then he started twisting her hair around his fist, rougher and rougher. I could see her panicking as he leaned down next to her, gently caressing her jaw, and then he was pointing towards the window. Towards me.

She looked right at me, carefully listening to every word X was saying, without any questions.

She stared at me and it scared me how vulnerable she looked. Not because she felt weak, but because she held more power in the whole situation than I ever had. I was still just the girl on the other side of the glass. I was jealous. Painfully, fucking awfully jealous of the pretty little blonde whose ruined makeup was flowing freely down her cheeks.

X reached for her, roughly wiping her face and smearing her makeup further.

“Please,” I muttered to myself, blushing when the words left my lips.

X took the girl’s throat in his rough, big fingers, and whispered in her ear.

She kept looking at me, big, sad eyes. I couldn’t pity her. All I felt was red hot, blinding fucking rage, because she was getting what was mine, what I deserved, what I’d been working for.

He was mine. And in that moment, with the freezing air kissing my shivering body, I felt like I would never have him. So, I decided then and there to do everything I possibly could, to make sure X was mine.

I’d always been competitive. But seeing that girl being fucked by him, being brought to her knees by his fucking dick, made me more determined than ever. X was fucking mine.

And then he was gone. The blinds came down and all I could see was darkness.

The air was so cold on the balcony, I felt my teeth chattering, but I didn’t give a shit anymore. I was so ready to touch myself again, my fingers trembled when my phone started ringing in my hand.

“He-Hello?” I answered shakily.

“Hello, sugar,” he said with a dark chuckle. “Listen, I feel like I’ve been too hard on you. I’m going to send a gift to you, just for you and for me to enjoy. Would you like that?”

My blood boiled and I had to bite my tongue before I snapped at him.

“Come back,” I finally whispered.

“Come back?” he repeated innocently. “But I’m just picking something out for you, sugar. You don’t want your gift?”

“Please, X, let me watch you,” I begged, feeling all the pretense of being stubborn leak out of my body. “Please, I want to watch.”

“I didn’t catch that, Lenora,” he taunted me. “Now you want to fucking watch me with her?”

“Please,” I whispered.A light turned on in the room and X appeared next to the window. He looked like a fucking monster covered in ink and dark, evil intentions, and my pussy tingled for him, my nipples so painfully taut in the cold air.

A small moan escaped me. I’d never wanted anyone more.

“You want to watch, sugar?” he asked gently, his free hand going to his crotch and stroking there. But I couldn’t see, the window didn’t reach low enough.

“Yeah,” I cried out. “Let me watch, let me watch you fucking her.”

“Beg,” he said easily, grinning at me.

And then he groaned, and I was a fucking goner. It was my favorite thing in the world, a man fucking forgoing words just to fill the tense silence with animalistic, needy sounds.

“Please, X,” I whispered. “Please, let me watch you fucking her...”

“You changed your mind?” he growled. “Tell me you changed your mind, sweetheart.”

“I changed my mind,” I said miserably. “Please, let me watch, I want to see you inside her.”

“You want me to fuck her?” he asked, his hand pumping that cock so furiously his face contorted with need. “You need to see? Tell me what to do, Lenora. Tell me exactly what you need, and if you’re a good little girl for me you can have it, you can have it all...”

“Yes,” I rasped. “Just fuck her, make me watch I want you hurting her, fuck her like she’s me, X, fuck her like she’s a whore, make me feel it, I want to feel it in my fucking cunt.”

He stormed out of the room, ignoring my desperate pleas as he sauntered back into the living room. He handed the phone to the girl and she held it up to her ear with shaky hands. He stared her down as she whispered into the phone.

“Hello,” she said. “My name is Lana...”

“Please,” I begged her. “Let him fuck you.”

She looked at me over her shoulder. I saw the same desperation that filled my own eyes in her gaze.

“Okay,” she whispered, lowering her hand.

“No!” I cried out. “Stay on the phone, fucking stay, let me listen...”

Her hand went back up, and the little bitch smiled.

“Okay,” she purred.

He pulled a condom over his dick, dragged the girl to the window by her hair, and opened the window wide.

My blood froze in my veins. This was the closest we’d ever been to one another.

“Hi, sweetheart,” he growled at me, the girl moaning helplessly as he pushed her head out of the window, her upper body dangling over the street below.

My palms felt sweaty against the glass window despite how cold I was, and I swallowed thickly as I watched him dangle her over the windowsill.

“H-Hi,” I whispered.

He was so close, and I’d never been more terrified.

“Look at Lenora,” he told the girl, and she raised her ruined, pale face to meet mine. “Look into her eyes and ask her what I should do to you.”

“Please,” she begged pathetically.

I watched a drop of cum slowly fall from her tits... down, down, down.

“What s-should he do to me?” Lana asked, her big eyes needing so much more than I was willing to give her.

“Fuck you,” I said, my voice scared. “Fuck your pussy. You want that?”

“Y-yeah,” she whispered. “Please, I want it, I need it, please.”

“Beg,” X told her, pulling on her hair and making her look up at me.

She whimpered and I took a step towards them, my feet unsteady as I gripped the railing.

“I said fuck her,” I growled at X, and he laughed at me before grabbing the girl by her cheeks and making her look down at the street.

She moaned when he entered her, and I felt so fucking jealous my knuckles turned white.

“Please X,” I begged as he grunted. “Please, can I touch myself now?”

“Sit the fuck down!” he barked, and I followed his command, shivering more when my ass touched the cold stone floor. “Open your legs!”

I parted them, fully aware he could see everything through the railing.

“Wider,” he panted, fucking the whimpering mess he’d made of Lana. “Fucking WIDER, Lenora!”

“I can’t do it wider,” I cried out.

“Fucking do it,” he growled, and I did.

I forced my legs wide and I felt so stretched out, my gaping pussy on full display, his cock buried inside Lana’s cunt.

“Touch it,” X ordered me. “Touch my cunt, play with it for me, sugar.”

My fingers shook, finding my clit and touching, teasing, tickling myself into a desperate little orgasm I tried to hide.

“Fucking bitch,” X spat out. “Did you just come without permission?”

I looked away, blushing fiercely, just as he pushed the girl farther out the window. She screeched, and I wasn’t sure whether it was from getting her cunt pounded or from being so scared. I felt so jealous, wanted it to be me. Wanted to be fucked just like that.

“The more you disobey,” X growled. “The worse it gets for her. You don’t want her to get hurt, do you?”

“No!” I cried out.

“Why not?” he grinned, fucking himself deeper inside Lana.

“Hurt me,” I begged. “Choose me, make me, fuck me, give it all to me!”

He groaned and fucked her harder. Her eyes were on mine, wide and scared and needy at the same time.

“Tell her to come,” X barked at me. “Tell her to come instead of you, because you don’t fucking get to anymore.”

“Come,” I begged her. “Come, please, come, you have to...”

She dissolved in a fit of tears and whispered words, and he grabbed her waist and fucked her with desperate, fucking insanely hard thrusts that I could feel all the way over the street.

“Tell her to come on my dick,” X growled, and I did.

Lana came apart. Desperate cries, fucking desperate. She was a fucking mess.

“Lenora!” X called out, and I looked up at him.

Brown eyes on brown. Fucking desperation. Absolute desperation between us, longing to touch as he fucked someone else and I lost my mind staring at him, lost myself to my filthy fucking neighbor.

“Tell me to come,” he said.

“Come,” I whispered.

“Inside?” he asked. “Inside her?”

“Inside her,” I begged. “Yes, come inside her.”

But he didn’t. He slipped his cock from her, grabbed her throat and made her look up at him while he kept his eyes on me. He ripped the condom away and came with a curse and a growl like a fucking predator, his cum splashing her face over and over. I pulled my knees up and crawled back, curling up, crying for no reason.

“Fucking look at me, Lenora!” he shouted, and I did.

He held her crying, broken body in his arms. His cock was still leaking cum as he pushed her further out and removed the palm that was choking her, his eyes dark and holding a promise as he stared me down and with a light push, send the beauty flying down the railings.

He was an animal, a carnivore, a murderer. And I was the witness of his brutality. Twice.

But I was completely and utterly addicted.

And that right there, is why I’d never escape from him.

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