A Hero To Die For

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“Had anymore mail from Fletch Sarg, how’s he doing ?,” said Tiny with his head still stuck under the bonnet of Popeye, whilst cleaning the sand and dirt from the top of the engine with an oily rag.

“He wrote a few days ago Tiny, saying he was due to have some more skin grafts on his leg, but not heard anymore since then.” replied Bomber.

“Has the wife been up to see him again Bomb?” commented Tiny. “ She’s been tosee him a few times now Tiny, and told me in her letters that he’s doing well, but he’s missing Red Troop and wishing he was back in the fold, bloody fool!, he’s far better off at home with his family around him than being stuck out in this God forsaken hell hole!”

“That’s a fact Bomber, I sure do wish I was back home again, I miss the wife and kids like crazy, but with a bit of luck we won’t be stuck out here too much longer now, I keep marking the days off my bedside calendar with the comment, (Days To Do Getting Few) written underneath it for luck Bomb.” Said Tiny sadly.

“I often wonder what she up too though Bomber, she must get pretty sick of being stuck in the house all day, but at least she’s got the kids to keep her busy. It’s even worse for your misses though Bomb, she’s no kids to worry about and I bet she’s misses going out dancing and the likes,” Commented Tiny without thinking of what he’d just implied.

“I’m sure I can trust her with my life Tiny, we’ve not long been married now and I’m sure she’s missing me as much as I’m missing her pal.”

“Don’t kid yourself Bomber ( When the cats away the mice will play! ) that’s life I’m afraid Bomb.” Commented Tiny as he closed the bonnet on Popeye.

“Its lunch time now Sarg, time I was off to the canteen, my stomach thinks my bloody throats cut !, are you coming over for some grub?,” said Tiny laughing.“Don’t think so Tiny, don’t feel up to it today for some reason,” replied Bomber.

Tiny walked off in the direction of the canteen leaving Bomber, leaning on theside of Popeye anddeep in thoughtabout the comments he’d just made regarding his wife Julie. Sergeant Hill was supposed to be writing a report on Red Troops progress for his OC Captain Flowers when he arrived back at the Sergeants Mess that afternoon, but he just couldn’t seemed to get his head around it somehow and just laid on his bed thinking about his wife Julie, and Tiny Lanham’s words of warning.

At last he decided to put pen to paper, sit down and write a nice long love letter to his wife Julie, being careful of course not to accuse her of anything and this made him feel so much better, and took his mind off any previous suspicions’ he may have had.

It was a lovely day when Julie awoke on the following Sunday morning and the sun was peeking through her bedroom curtain, splashes of sunlight were dancing on the bedroom wall as a soft breeze from her open window blew gently against the curtains shutting out the sunlight and then allowing it back into her bedroom once again to dance on the walls and ceiling even more.

It felt so good to be alive on a beautiful sunny morning like this she thought, as she climbed out of bed and quickly slid her feet from the cold wooden floor into her warn fury slippers.

Think I will visit Fletch today at the hospital, she said to herself as she made her way to the bathroom putting her dressing gown over her shoulders and brushing aside her soft long blond hair. Maybe she could take him out for a run in the car to the coast she thought to herself, somewhere like Brighton or Eastbourne, it was such a lovely day and maybe this would make up for the disastrous picnic they both had out on the army ranges the previous week before she thought.

After breakfast she put on a pretty white and red, flowered, low cut summer dress, and flat heeled shoes to match, blowing a kiss to her father and mother, who were sat on the veranda swing drinking a glass of cold orange juice, as she ran out of the front door to the garage at the bottom of the driveway.

Fletch had been woken up at 0600 hrs that morning as per the same old hospital routine which he was well use too by now, and had just made his way out into the hospital gardens on his crutches, when to his pleasant surprise Julie arrived to take him out.

She looks so beautiful again today thought Fletch as she sat next to him on one of the many hospital garden benches which had been placed around the gardens. Fletch just couldn’t help noticing the sunlight dancing through her long blond hair and shinning over her soft velvet skin as she sat beside him admiring the colourful garden flower beds.

“Where would you like to go today Jack” said Julie taking her car keys out of her handbag and placing them on the seat beside her. “I don’t care Julie, anywhere as long as it’s with you,” said Fletch, which caused Julie to blush a little. “I thought we might take a run down to the south coast Jack, Brighton or Eastbourne maybe,” suggested Julie. “ Sounds good to me, let’s make tracks then lovely, can you help me up please Julie ? this dam crutch hurts my arms if I push on it to help me stand up.” Replied Fletch.

By noon the couple where sat closely together in the car on the top of a cliff overlooking a romantic quite beauty spot, they could hear the sound of the sea far below lapping against the shore as the couple gazed longingly into each other’s eyes.

“Julie, there’s something I have tell you, I have tried to avoid speaking to you about it because I was worried that it would spoil our friendship together but I’m afraid I can’t hold back from telling you any longer,” Said Fletch hesitantly. “I LOVE YOU! I can’t help myself, and I feel so ashamed because your my best friend’s wife, and he’s out in Oman putting his life on the line, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JULIE ! I fell in love with you the first day you stood beside my hospital bed, God I’m so deeply in love with you it hurts Julie!”

Julie looked away trying to avoid his gaze, but the attraction was far too strong and she turned back towards him, their lips met in a long passionate soft lingering kiss, she managed to forced herself to pull away again saying, “NO.... NO....Jack, I can’t do this!” crying out in despair, “WHAT ABOUT MY HUSBAND ?!”

Fletch flopped back in his seat and held her right hand softly in his own. “I don’t know what were going to do now Julie ?, I only know I love you deeply, and I would understand if you never want to see me again, I only know I can’t live without you my angel, and I want you so very badly!” said Fletch in desperation.

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