A Hero To Die For

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Julie Secret Meeting

Bomber sat in Julie’s father’s comfortable armchair by the fireside reading the local newspaper when Julie informed him that she was going to meet her old school friend for a reunion the following evening in Guildford. Her parents had been invited to a dance which was being held at the Officers Mess Club in 3 Para Regt Aldershot and they had left the house earlier that evening. Bomber stopped reading and folded up the newspaper placing it neatly on the coffee table which was conveniently placed at the side of his armchair.

“You’ve not mentioned this before Julie”, stated Bomber to his wife, who was now closing the red velvet curtains in the living room. “I was sure I mentioned it to you the other day darling, Diane was my best friend at the Oxford all girl school I use to attend, and I’m really looking forward to meeting her again after all these years Bill”, said Julie nervously.

“Why didn’t you ask her to meet you here Julie ?,” replied Bill, Julie hesitated quickly thinking of what to say next, finally blurting out ,...... “ Err..Err..m..Oh ! she’s staying with her crippled old aunt in Guildford and invited me over for tea, so that I could meet her, and we can catch up on old times, and you mentioned that you might be going down to the Queens Head for a pint on Thursday night anyway Bill,” said Julie nervously, anxiously hoping that Bill had swallowed her story.

“Think I’ll make a nice cup of tea!, do you fancy a cup Julie?,” replied Bill, as he walked through the living room door in the direction of the kitchen. “Yes please darling, remember no sugar for me,” called out Julie, relieved that Bill had believed her fabricated story, and not commented further.

The problem was that Bill was far from being naive, he didn’t believe a word of Julie’s story, and had heard a few bad whispers among the RMP staff at the 160 Provost Duty Room, when he’d visited his father-in-laws office a few days earlier. His old pal Tiny’s words of warning now came flooding back to him as he poured the tea into Julie’s cup.

God he thought to himself, surly his beloved wife Julie was not cheating on him. His heart sank and a feeling of jealousy and fear flooded over him like a tidal wave, as he thought about her making love to someone else.

He decided there and then that he would follow her to Guildford the very next day hoping and praying that his worse fears were not realised.

Julie kissed Bill on the forehead the following evening and told him that she would try not to be too late home as she climbed into her little red MG BGT sports car, and gave him a comforting wave as she headed down the drive towards the main gates.

As soon as the car disappeared out of the driveway Bill ran to his black BMW frantically starting the engine so he could catch up to his wife before he lost sight of her car completely. Fortunately Julie had been held up at the first set of traffic lights on the North Camp Road, and Bill had managed to catch up to her whilst keeping the cars at a safe distance apart, so she didn’t realise that his car was now following her.

Julie stopped at the junction of the Guildford Road, but then turned right towards Meadstead, and Bills worse fears were finally realised. He followed her all the way to Meadsted at a safe distance stopping occasionally for a few seconds so that his BMW car headlights disappeared from the view in Julie’s MG car mirrors.

At last she turned into the driveway of a small cottage just on the outskirts of Meadstead and stopped outside the cottage door. Bill pulled over onto a lay-by a few hundred yards away from the cottage entrance, turning off his engine and car lights immediately. He quietly closed his car door, and quickly ran alongside the 6 foot privet hedge which surrounded the little cottage garden.

It was pitch dark now and Bill stumbled over a rock which nearly throw him off balance and into a little stream that ran down the whole length of the hedge, but he manage to keep his balance and found a small hole to crawl through which placed him behind a Camilla bush directly overlooking the cottage front door.

Fletcher had arrived at the cottage a couple of hours earlier to prepare the bed in the main bedroom, and light the log fire in the hearth to warm the cottage through before Julie arrived. Fortunately for Bill Fletch had not heard Julie’s car pull up in the driveway, giving Bill ample time to get into a position near to the cottage doorway where he had a clear view of the front door.

As Julie rang the front door bell, Bills heart was in his mouth hoping and praying that at the last minute her old school friend had changed the venue for their meeting, but just as the little cottage porch light came on, to Bombers horror he saw his best friend Fletch holding and passionately kissing his wife in the doorway.

Bill wanted to cry out in anger, but remembered his army training at the last moment and managed to keep his cool. He now felt bitterly betrayed by his pal Fletcher, and although Fletch had saved his life out in Oman, Bill’s jealousy consumed his whole body, which left him shaking with rage.

Fletch broke away gently from Julie’s embracing arms beckoning her to come inside the cottage, but Julie refused and said, “No Jack ! I’ve something to say before I step inside, because you may not want to see me after you hear what I have to say”. “Don’t be silly Julie, nothing in this world would stop me seeing you darling, you know how much I love you,” insisted Fletch. “Well Jack, I’m pregnant, and it’s your baby!” blurted out Julie insistently , “I Didn’t know how to break the news without frightening you away Jack.” Replied Julie worriedly.

Fletcher was so pleased with Julie’s news, that he kissed her full on the lips lifting her high into the air and spinning her around in the doorway joyfully. “What about Bill, Jack?”cried out Julie. “How can I tell him he’ll be devastated,” insisted Julie, although happily relieved at Jacks reaction to the news of her pregnancy.

Unfortunately Bomber was still hiding behind the Camilla bush in the garden and heard every single word clearly. The news hit him like a bolt of lightning from the sky and did very little to calm his jealous rage, and the tremendous hurt he was feeling from his best friends betrayal.

The couple entered the little cottage holding each other’s hands whilst closing the door behind them, Bill stayed hidden behind the bush, tears streaming down his angry reddened face, until he saw the bedroom light come on which silhouetted his wife and best friend Fletch kissing passionatelythrough the bedroom curtains.

He slowly walked back to his BMW that was parked on the lay-by a few hundred yards further up the lane, stricken with grief and holding his head in his hands, Bill cried uncontrollably over the cars steering wheel.

It seemed like Bill had been sat in his stationary car, parked in the lay-by and grieving over his cheating wife Julie for hours, when he finally decided to drive back home.

Bill just couldn’t think straight now, tears where still clouding his eyes and streaming down his face, when he very nearly ploughed the car into a field on his way home taking a corner far too sharply, but he’d decided that one thing was for sure, if he couldn’t have Julie, no one else was going to have her either.

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