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October 14, 2015


Burbank, CA.

Law enforcement officials in California announced the arrest of several Russian immigrants in connection with a nation-wide funeral home network that secretly dismembered more than 700 cadavers destined for cremation. The group sold organs, corneas, arteries, bones, and even skin to surgeons, medical laboratories and research labs. Funeral Directors received up to $50,000 for the parts of a body, depending on its condition and use. The leader of the ring, Aleksei Korsakov, is still being sought.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that the investigation had been ongoing for almost two years with the help of the FBI. The first break in the case came from a hospital identification tag on an arm found in a medical laboratory, allowing authorities to identify an individual whose death certificate certified that the person was cremated.


Malibu, CA.

A Los Angeles County Fire Paramedic was credited with saving the life of a child found at the bottom of a swimming pool in Malibu. Six-year-old Sabrina Sanger was unresponsive when her father pulled her from the shallow end of the family pool. He didn’t know how long she had been in the water.

Paramedics arrived and began CPR, but after several minutes, they failed to revive her. “We were hysterical,” Sabrina’s mother said. “We were certain we had lost her.” Colt Lewis, a newly trained paramedic with the County Fire Department, refused to give up. He continued to administer CPR to Sabrina long after the maximum time to revitalize a drowning victim. Lewis was eventually able to revive the child and she began to breathe unassisted. Sabrina was transported by helicopter to the California University Hospital where she was reported to be in satisfactory condition.

Paramedic Lewis said he is thankful whenever he has the opportunity to save someone’s life. “It’s a great feeling,” he added.

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