Eighteen Minutes to the Beast - A Nixon Watergate Thriller

By BJThompson All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


Two audio techs have solved the eighteen minute gap on Nixon Watergate Tape 342. A Beast that slithers through the streets and halls of Washington DC wants to kill the truth, and two techs want to survive to Tell-All. Who will get to the Finish-Line first? The knowledge Ed and Harry possess traps them in a covert world, involving operations as far west as Nixon's La Casa Pacifica in San Clemente, California, and as far east as the Virginia CIA Training Facility at Camp Peary, along the way finding themselves buried alive in a Deep Underground Military Base, meeting men of fame and fortune thought long since dead. Will the men live long enough to reveal the verbatim Transcript of Tape 342 at the global Press Conference scheduled at The Washington Post? And if they do, what affect will it have on the survival of the Republic and the American People when such unthinkable secrets are unearthed? The world will hear those words. Lives will be sacrificed. The Beast breathes for the very first time.


“We act like it can’t happen again, and it did a lot of stuff after, there was a lot of hew-hawing and passin’ laws and givin’ speeches but I, do you ask me, do I think we learned anything from it [Watergate]?


*wide grin*

James Carville quote from Documentary,

“All The President’s Men Revisited,” aired April 21, 2013

“Mr. Chairman, I think this; I strongly believe that the Truth always emerges. I don’t know if it’ll be during these Hearings, I don’t know if it’ll be through the processes of history, but the Truth will out some day.”

John W. Dean III testimony from The Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities,

aka the Sam Ervin Senate Watergate Hearings, July 25-28, 1973

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