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The Stalker Killer

By Invisiblegal18 All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


Lindsay Smith is the new girl in Philadelphia. She’s from a small town called Harper's Ferry that has a population of 290 people. When she moves from Harper's Ferry with her mother she didn’t think her life would change domestically when she becomes friends with 5 other girls. What happens when one of the girls are gone missing? What happens when Lindsay gets text messages, notes, letters from a random person? Are the girls life's at risk? Will they find the other girl and who was behind it all? Or will it be a cold case like the other 5 victims?

The New Girl In Town

“I am nothing special; just a common man with common thoughts, and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who’s ever lived: I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough.-"

I've been reading the notebook since I left Harper's Ferry. If you must know Harper Ferry only has a population of 290 people. When I was finally getting into my book my mom opens my door. I Swear she hates me and wants my life to be miserable because she makes me move 169 miles away from my school, family, and my friends. So now I have to make new friends, go to a total new school and get laughed at for being a small town new girl in a big city.

“Lindsay put that goddamn book down for 5 minutes and help me bring these boxes into the house. The moving trucks will be here soon” why do I have to help. I wasn’t the one that made her move 169 miles away from her friends, her family or her school. After another 5 minutes of reading my book my mother decides to come back outside to the car and rip my book out of my hands.

“What the hell? Give me that back!” here’s the sad thing my mother is 5’9 and I’m just 5’5. At least she knew how to get me out of the car because I have read this book non stop since we started driving here.

“You’ll get it back once you are done helping me bring these boxes inside” she passes me a box and I just put it down on the ground

“Why do I have to help? I wasn’t the one that made you move 169 miles away from your friends, family or school. I wish dad was here because he would be able to talk some sense into you” I crossed my arms and looked down at the ground. My parents divorced just 2 months ago and that's when my mom got a job opportunity working as a teacher at Julia R. Master-man man. Which will also be the school I’m attending. Once they divorced my dad moved to Tampa Florida and is working as a hotel manager.

“You may not like the idea of moving but that doesn’t mean I deserve the attitude. I know it’s hard on you because of the divorce, moving to a new town, new people, bigger city, and new experiences but it’s for the better. I know for a fact that something great is going to happen for us here, so can you just help me with the boxes and then we can go shopping for back to school stuff” I know I am being hard on my mother and she is right she doesn’t deserve it but do I deserve to be moved 169 miles away from my life? But since there is no going back anytime soon might as well make the most of it. Maybe I can give this place a try and see how things work. I might even like living here.

“Fine I will help but what if I don’t like living here. Can I go live with dad?” I picked up the boxes and started carrying them inside.

After 3 hours of moving boxes into the house, getting the moving truck guys to move the heavy stuff inside the house we were almost finished unpacking. I’ll admit it didn’t feel like 3 hours it felt like 20 and I’m all worn out from it all.

The house had 3 bedrooms. Let me tell you the kitchen is huge. In the kitchen there is a pure white island with a sink and 4 chairs around it. The stove is actually built into the other counter behind the island. I’ll admit the kitchen was so far my favorite place not because I love food or cooking but I had the best memories in the kitchen with my family. The living room was the biggest room so far that I’ve seen. It had a huge white sectional couch with a white glass table. In front of the white sectional was a huge TV mounted to the wall with a electric fireplace. Off to the side of the living is a long staircase that curves up to the second floor. In moms room there was a huge black king size bed. She even had her own bathroom, balcony, and a walk in closet. I was starting to wonder how my mother could afford this place because it was extremely nice and looked expensive. Once I left mom’s room I went onto the next room which had nothing in it. I went onto the last room. There was a white queen size bed that was underneath a headboard that went from the computer stand over to the top of the bed. Next to each side of the bed was little selves and a night stand. The computer stand had 12 little hiding spots that I could put books, pictures, and some random stuff in them. At the computer stand was another night stand with a plant on top of it. In the middle of the room was a red rug. I even had my own walking closet. I sat on the bed for a few minutes thinking how my mother could afford this place. We could hardly afford our apartment back in Harper Ferry and we were renting it for $561 a month. I finally got up off the bed and went outside and when I went outside I was surprised to see what I saw. Sitting in the driveway was 2 vehicles. One was a 2018 Ford Expedition and the other one was a 2018 Toyota Sienna. Right then and there I knew something was up. Since when can mom afford all this nice expensive stuff.

“Mom we need to talk” I stormed inside and slammed my hands down on the island in front of where mom was cooking

“Can it wait? I am trying to get supper done so we can finish unboxing stuff in your room, my room, and the bathroom.” she said feeling annoyed cutting an onion

“No it can’t wait. How did you find this place? How can we afford this place? Did you win the lottery?” I had so many questions running through my head that I needed answers too

“It’s none of your business Lindsay. Just be happy and enjoy what you have now before it’s all gone. Anything can happen in seconds” she was right I guess I should take advantage of what I have now rather than after it’s gone. I will never admit this but she did an awesome job picking out this house but I don’t know I feel weird living in this house. Its nice and all but it has a creepy vibe to it. Maybe it's just because I want to be with my friends so I am trying to make things up that's not even real.

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