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Five girls go in with one camera man into the house. They think the house is normal and the tale is wrong. One of their own will show them how wrong they are.

Thriller / Humor
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Wolf Bane Mansion

A girl covered in shadows walked up the stairs to a white house and rang the doorbell. A woman with brown hair with blonde highlights in it that stopped at the middle of her back opened the door. She was '5 10" and she was dressed in her yoga pants, a red tank top that read BITE ME in bright pink across her chest. The girl had on black jeans that had rips in them and had on a black tank top that had a wolf howling at a full moon. She also had a black leather jacket on. You could see blonde hair moving slightly from the light breeze. "How ironic that her tank top has that on it" thought the blond headed teen.

"Hi Vanilla, are you ready to talk to me about what happened?" asked the woman.

"Yeah, I am Angel" said Vanilla

Angel stepped aside and opened the door a little more so that Vanilla could come in. Once Vanilla was inside, they walked into Angel's living room and sat down on the couch. The walls where a dark blue color and there were a few paintings on the wall.

"Okay well you can start when you are ready." said Angel

"Sure" said Vanilla "it really all started after we got their"

Vanilla walks up a long walkway with her four friends and a camera guy.

"Hurry up people!" yelled Vanilla.

"Yeah we're coming Blondie." answered Ducky.

"Yeah and slow down too!" whined Puppy.

"You sound like someone kicked you Puppy" snickered Strawberry.

The friends and the camera man continued to walk up the walkway that is covered in shadows. The trees loomed over them and the shadows looked as if they would swallow them if given the chance.

"Why are we doing this again?" asked Kiwi.

"Cause it will be fun to prove those kids back at school wrong about this place Kiwi" answers Puppy.

"Wow Puppy you can be brave" said Ducky with a mock shocked tone.

"Oh be quiet Ducky" pouted Puppy.

The wind blow past them and gave them goose bumps. When they finally saw the Wolf Bane Mansion fear and shock flashed into their eyes. The mansion looked like it was made to be like a haunted house. The mansion had towers with spirals on them and the windows had points on them. The wind blows against them almost as if it was trying to keep them away from the place and the trees move up and down trying to shield them from seeing the mansion.

"Whoa" breathed the camera man.

"Yeah" whispered Vanilla.

"Um are you guys coming in or not because it is cold out here" said Puppy.

"Yeah we're coming" answered Kiwi.

Everybody walks up to the door of the mansion and they see a bronze lion head for a knocker. The door has deep claw mark as if something was trying to get in and the door looks as if it was polished just an hour ago. The camera man pulls out the key for the mansion and opens the door. The door opens with a loud whine as if it hadn't been open in a million years. The group looked inside of the mansion and inside it looked as if it had been cleaned just for their arrival. The railings looked like they were made of gold. There where status of wolves and paintings of wolves hunting or just laying down. Ducky walks in and steps on some paper. She bends down to pick it up then gives a shocked cry when she reads what is on it. Everybody else looks down to see what it says and their eyes widen in shock when they read WELCOME TO THE WOLF BANE MANSION. I HOPE YOU LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO TELL YOUR TALE.

Vanilla turns to the camera guy, "Did your boss do this because if he did he is going to be in a world of pain!"

"No, no one has been in here before us" answers the camera guy in a shocked tone.

"I hope no one was in here because I have plans" thought Vanilla.

"Okay, now that was a little weird," said Puppy, "but hey it's an old mansion what would you expect?"

"Not that" answered Strawberry.

They walk farther into the mansion and they looked around. The ceiling had angels, cupids, and devils painting on it. There where shadowy figures on the walls that looked as if they would start to move. Outside the wind howled and the trees banged against the mansion windows as if trying to warn them of the danger inside. They started up the stairs to look at the rooms and pick which rooms they wanted to stay in.

Vanilla went upstairs and picked out the room three doors from the stairs that had all the moon phases carved into it. The room was a deep red color with silver trims. Vanilla looks at the king sized bed. The bed has a blood red canopy. The rest of the room looked freshly cleaned and the fire place was going. "I wonder who was in here" thought Vanilla. Vanilla looked above the fire place and sees a huge painting of a pack of five wolves howling at the full moon that are standing on all fours or sitting on their haunches over the fire place. One of the five wolves is a golden color with light brown around their neck and their tail.

Vanilla smiled as she whispered "Awesome"

Puppy walked down the hallway to the left and opens a door that has a full moon carved into it. The room she picked was a midnight blue with ice blue trims around the top part of the walls. The king sized bed was near the window on the left side of the room and the colors of the blankets, pillows are the same color as the walls. Above the fire place on the right wall there is a big painting with a brown wolf with light brown, reddish highlights lying down in front of a large and ancient looking Oak tree.

Kiwi walked down the hallway to the right and opens a door that has a quarter moon carved into it. The room she picked was a dark forest green with light green trims around the top of the walls. The queen sized bed was near the window on the right side of the room and the colors of the blankets, pillows are the same color as the walls. Above the fire place on the left wall there is a big painting with a black and brown wolf with a white tipped tail sitting on a boulder near a river watching the fish swim by.

Ducky walked down the same hallway that Kiwi walked down and she opened the door across from Kiwi's room. The door had a half moon carved into it. The room she picked was a light brown with dark brown trims around the top of the walls. The king sized bed was near the window on the north wall and the colors of the blankets, pillows are the same color as the walls. Above the fire place on the right wall there is a large painting of a red wolf with light orange highlights laying down in a meadow with the sun on its back.

Strawberry walked down the same hallway as Puppy walked down and she opened the door across from Puppy's room. The door had a waxed moon carved into it. The room she picked was silver with grey trims around the top of the walls. The queen sized bed was in the center of the room and the colors of the blankets, pillows are the same color as the walls. Above the fire place of the east wall of the room is a large painting of a black wolf with brown highlights laying on its side on a flat rock with the sun on its side.

In Vanilla's room Vanilla sits Indian style on the floor in front of the fire place staring into the fire. She closes her eyes slowly and slowly goes into a meditation. A feral smile crosses her face as a low rumbling growl escapes from between her lips. "It shall begin soon" thought Vanilla.

A clock chimes midnight somewhere in the huge mansion.

"The first two days of us staying at the mansion were pretty boring" said Vanilla.

"Would you like to go to the day things started to happen to you, your friends, and the camera man?" asked Angel with a raised eyebrow.

Vanilla gave Angel a small smile, a nod and answered "Yes, I would"

"Girls it's the third day and nothing has happened" the camera man said to the five girls.

"We still have two more days" stated Ducky.

"You scared camera guy?" asked Vanilla in a baby voice.

"Yeah, you scared" chimed in Strawberry.

"No I'm not scared" growled the camera man.

Puppy snickers behind her hand. The camera man turns his head and glares at her. Puppy gives him an innocent look. Vanilla snorts in laughter at Puppy's attempt to look innocent. All of them jump when they hear a clash in the kitchen.

"What the heck was that?" questioned Ducky.

They all run into the kitchen and stop in shock in the large doorway. The pantry door was ripped from its hinges and the door lay on the floor split in half.

"What the heck did that?" questioned a shocked Kiwi.

Everybody shrugs still in shocked from the sight. The pantry door was ripped off its hinges and lying on the floor. The door had a large crack in the middle like someone was inside the pantry and was charging the door so they could get out.

"What in foods name did that?" asked a shocked camera man.

Silence greets the shocked question as the others just stand in shocked silence. They all jump when a can falls off one of the pantry's shelves.

"Well I guest we know that the place is haunted now" whimpered Puppy.

All the friends nod in agreement at Puppy's statement. Ducky lets out a shuddering breath.

"Um I think we should all just relax for the rest of the day" suggested Kiwi.

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea Kiwi" agreed Strawberry.

Everyone nods their head in agreement and go their separate ways. One person out of the group goes outside and walks near the woods that surround the back of the house.

"It's almost time child" said a figure hidden in the shadows.

The figure nods in reply and disappears into the forest. The person that walked outside turned to go inside with a smile that shows sharp teeth that are as white as the moon. "Soon" they thought.

"Hey guys!" yells Vanilla.

"What?" yell her friends.

"I found a freaking pool in the back of this place!" yells Vanilla.

You then hear a pair of running feet coming down the stairs followed by three more pair of feet. All her friends appeared before her with their towels' in hand.

"Lead the way" said Puppy.

They all follow Vanilla out to the pool. Her four friends mouth drops open in shock at the size of the pool. The pool is at least 150 yards long and 100 yards wide. The pools' water was a crystal blue color with streaks of white. The breeze gently moved the water and made the water shimmer like diamonds.

"This is freaking huge Vanilla" said Kiwi in awe.

"Yeah that was what I said when I saw it" answered Vanilla.

Vanilla, Kiwi, Strawberry, and Ducky all yelled in surprise when a wave of water hit them. They each heard a light chuckle.

"So are you guys coming in or what?" asked Puppy.

"You're so dead Puppy!" they all yelled at her.

Puppy starts swimming away as fast as she can. They all jump in after her laughing when they see her trying to doggy paddle.

"It's not going to work" called out Ducky.

"Says who?" called back Puppy.

"Says us!" shouted Vanilla, Kiwi, Strawberry, and Ducky in good humor.

Everyone stops when they hear a cracking sound coming from one of the statues around the indoor pool. Vanilla looks around and sees a statue of a wolf with a crack forming from the corner of its mouth to its eye.

"It looks like it's grinning at us" says Strawberry.

"Weird" breathed Vanilla.

Everyone nods and stares at the statue a little longer. They all start to slowly play around again. While they were playing the crack on the wolf slowly disappeared has if was never there in the first place. They play in the pool for a few more hours before they head to the kitchen. After they get done eating they all head to their rooms. A mist forms on the floor.

"It shall begin" whispered the mist before it dissappeared.

The night was silent as a graveyard. Everyone was in bed when a bone chilling scream pierced the air. Everyone awoke with a start and ran to the source of the scream. They stopped when they reached large oak double doors. Puppy tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. The smell of blood came from the other side of the door. They banged and pushed against the door. When the door finally opened all they saw was a pool of blood with a lock of hair floating in it. They all looked at each other when they noticed Ducky was gone. Kiwi walked toward the pool of blood in the middle of the library and picked up the long strand of hair. She then closed her eyes trying to hide her sadness and pain.

"It's Ducky's" Kiwi said with pain and sadness thick in her voice.

Puppy walked to Kiwi and hugged her tightly with tears flowing from her light brown eyes. All of Ducky's friends had a look of pain but one that stayed behind the camera guy. "So it has begun and soon I will have a pack to call my own" they thought. Strawberry went back to her room to get her cell phone to call Ducky's family and tell them what has happened. The camera guy followed Strawberry. The others went downstairs to the kitchen to talk about what happened.

"What could have done this?" asked Puppy.

"How should I or any of us know what could have done it" answered Kiwi.

"The legend might be true guys" said Vanilla.

"What was the legend Vanilla" asked Angel.

"The legend says that a beast of some kind ate the people that lived in this mansion" explained Vanilla.

"You can continue your story" says Angel

Vanilla just nods and continues from were she left off.

Ducky and Kiwi remain quiet. Then all three of their heads snapped up as they heard two loud thuds coming from upstairs. They raced up the steps taking two or three at a time. They stopped dead in their tracks at the sight they saw. The camera guy's body was torn to shreds. His chest was ripped open and one of his arms was missing. His legs where angled in was that they shouldn't be and his head was gone. His stomach was ripped opened and his intestines were around his legs and sides. His body was surrounded by his blood. Next to his body was Strawberry's cell phone. Puppy paled at the site then took off running away from the site. Kiwi shuck with fear, pain, and sadness at what was happening. Tears poured from Kiwi's eyes and they blinded her. The last thing she saw was Strawberry's cell phone then nothing. Vanilla ran after Puppy to try and calm her down. She finally caught up to her and tried to calm her down by rocking her back and forth. Vanilla couldn't make out what Puppy was saying.

"I'm sorry this has to happen to you" said Vanilla.

Puppy starts to look up with a scared whimper but the last thing she sees and feels is Vanilla's dark blue sleeping top and pain then nothing.

"What happened to your friend Vanilla?" asked Angel.

"I will tell you at the end of my tale" answered Vanilla.

All that was heard that night was a mighty howl. The sky darkens till you can't see the stars or the moon. Lightening boomed across the sky as the trees banged against the windows looking as if they where trying to get inside. When morning came sirens pierced the air as paramedics rushed to the old Wolf Bane Mansion. All that was said on the news was that there were horrible murders at the old mansion.

"Oh my" whispered Angel has she covered her mouth with her hand in shock and horror.

Vanilla grinned at her and stood up slowly, walked over to the window and looked up at the moon. Angel looked at Vanilla with concern and pity for loosing all her friends and seeing the dead camera man's body.

"Did you know the moon looked just like this on that night" said Vanilla in a dazed tone.

"No," answered Angel, "what happened to your friends Vanilla?"

Vanilla gives her a haunting smile as she walks to the door and opens it. Four figures walk in. One was dressed in red, another one was dressed in dark blue with silver designs on the shirt, and the other two were dressed in grey and white.

"They all went though a little change" Vanilla said with an eerily calm tone.

Angel's eyes widen in horror as she sees the four girls eyes change to silver and Vanilla's eyes change to a piercing gold. The silent night air was pierced by a bone chilling scream. The moon glowed with silver light. Howls filled the night sky as unseen lightening was heard. Five figures left the house and all five turned their heads up and smile at the moon with their teeth covered in blood. No one heard from Angel for four days till her friends came over to see if she was all right. In the shadows five glowing eyes watch them. One pair of golden eyes glow the brightest when they heard the screams of terror from Angel's friends fills the air.

"You have a strange mind Vanilla" said Ducky.

"Yes I do" answered Vanilla with a silly grin

"Are we leaving know?" asked Puppy.

Kiwi and Strawberry nodded their agreement.

"Yes we are," answered Vanilla, "let's go"

They hunched over as their skin ripped and was replaced with fur. No one ever found Angel's killer. No one ever found Vanilla and her friend's bodies. If you ever see golden eyes looking at you from the woods or from alleys then you better run and hide or you will be next.

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