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chapter 2

I know you probably might be thinking that I am some kind of maniac who is making her misdeeds sound like a philanthropic enterprise....

Though, in all seriousness, my pleasurable pastime or my instinct to kill always went both ways as I have mentioned earlier I killed to help people in that alone, I always took the greatest satisfaction.

You might be confused whether I was satisfied by killing or helping people.

But the answers none I was satisfied by the THRILL.

I know you might it funny or wonder how so? so,let me explain

The challenge, the planning, the calculation, the anticipation, the peculiar sensation of looking into the eyes of my prospect and sizing them up—that’s where the real thrill was. And of course the knowledge that there is one lesser devil in the world. Though the actual killing? There was really no joy in that.

I remember the time when I was younger, very much younger probably a teen. I always used to wonder what it would be like to murder someone. I used to think about murder weapons, ways to dispose of the body, my alias, and who it would be. I have had murderous thoughts, Dreams as well, I often had dreams involving situations where I am forced to kill others.

After that I continued dreaming that I killed more and more people...and I enjoyed it. I was not a killer or psychopath as you people call it now a days nor did I do drugs or play too many video games, I didn’t even have time, patience, nor money for such luxury back then.

And that was the beginning of the end, not my end though.

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