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chapter 3

So I think maybe I should explain a few more things about myself.

Ask anyone about Fiona Winchester and they’ll tell you she’s a gem; never ran a red light, was quick to lend money to her friends, never looked at any other man while married,In short, by most standards I was a model citizen.

I made my first kill on my 23rd birthday. I had finished my internship and had got a permanent job at the IT company. Every morning on my way to work I used have breakfast at this place named cafe Ramon, the place was famous for its Belgium waffles. The owner was a squinty-eyed man with a thick pot belly who used his wife and children as indentured servants. A few times, I caught him bellowing at his wife for making a mistake on the register, and once from where I was standing at the counter I saw him slapping her around in the backroom.

one fine morning when I went to the cafe I saw his wife covered in bruises yet still working. At that point I thought what would happen if this man were to die? His wife and kids would inherit the business. No more bruises, no more slapping, no more indentured servitude.

And then the idea came to me.

The idea I dreamt about ever since.

It didn’t take long to execute the plan. I monitored his actions, became his shadow. Every night while his wife and kids were at the cafe preparing everything for the morning rush, he would go to the bar down the street,have a quick fuck with the whore at the bar, get drunk and stumble home through the alleyways.

One night, I parked my car in the alley and waited for him to appear. When he did I ran him over—twice for good measure.

It’s always special the first time you do something. The adrenaline, anticipation,the thrill, the look of horror in his eyes were just same I had seen in my dreams.

That day I found my favorite pastime for next several years.

Life went on more or less as usual. I continued with my job Danny,my husband and I had a son. And I CONTINUED TO KILL: bankers, lawyers, accountants, brokers, construction workers, salesmen ... Poison, gunshots, tampering with car brakes—I tried to mix it up. Though my favorite was poison, quick and very discreet.

I mean, these idiots that use the same technique several times simply lack imagination and adventure.

There are rules for killing if you don’t want to get caught, the first and the most important rule is DO NOT LEAVE A TRAIL OR CREATE A PATTERN, BE VAGUE.

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