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chapter 4

Years passed Danny died and shortly there after my son.It was difficult to take pleasure in anything after that. Even killing lost its luster. I wondered if their untimely deaths were some sort of punishment for me. Like KARMA was back to bite my ass for all my misdeeds.

Then one day, things changed again. I was soon to retire and decided to move to countryside toward the nature in the wilderness. I had begun to take an interest in life again, which inevitably meant that I’d take up my pleasurable pastime again, too.

I’d lived my entire life in the city. And it took awhile to adapt to the slower pace of the country side. But I’ve always been adaptable—hell, you couldn’t do what I’d done for years and not be adaptable!

It was lonely at first, but eventually I made a few friends, and the house and garden was a continuous source of work.

The need to kill, the need to help people was growing inside of me.Eventually the dreams or I should say the nightmares were back to haunt me giving many sleepless nights.Though I still tried to fight the urge. Keyword: TRIED.

I knew then it was time to search for the next prey.

On the next Sunday I went to the church. I know what you might be thinking,seriously church she goes to church?′ well remember the time when I told you I was a model citizen in the city well I wanted that to be my definition in the country side as well. You know just a plan B in case I mess up.

So back to story, while visiting church my gaze settled on the priest, one peculiar priest he was. I knew something was wrong him because I saw the look in his eyes it was same I had in mine.

I had been waiting and watching the priest for weeks. His name was father Dominic.He taught music to the children at St. martins’s Orphanage in our small town.The children loved him. And of course he loved the children, oh very much indeed. On my further research on him I found Everything he did, it was all for the kids.


One day while stalking him I saw him dragging someone, someone small into his minivan. Thats when when I knew this so called priest was shady.The Need had been prickling andteasing and prodding at me to find one, find the next, find this priest. For three weeks I had known he was it, he was next.

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