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chapter 5

I watched father Dominic this night as I had watched for so many nights now. Watched as he paused in the orphanage doorway to talk to a young black girl who had followed him out. She was small, no more than eight years old and small for that. He sat on the steps and talked to her for five minutes. She sat, too, and bounced up and down. They laughed. He touched her hair. Kissed her cheek but the girl payed no heed. Then he took out something from his bag I suppose it was a chocolate or something because when he gave it to the girl she grinned big time.

And then they stood up and started to walk towards his car. No one was there around . I guess he sneaked her out.Finally: I coiled myself to strike and— Not yet. because wheres the fun in that.

I quickly slid inside my car as to follow him. We drove. Father Dominic was driving like a maniac luckily no was on the road. I on the other hand was following him very discreetly; well my past experiences taught me how to be discreet all the time.

We drove south, I could tell that road made him nervous, he was fidgeting,We drove south for another five minutes with no sound but the song of the tires and the wind. He then took a small turn, The small dirt road was barely visible. You almost had to know it was there.The road ran for two and a half miles, twisting three times, through the saw grass, through the trees, alongside a small canal, deep into the swamp and into a clearing. Stupid, idiot had chosen a typical murder scene.

It was a house. Most of it was still there. It was large for what it was half a roof still left, the place looked completely abandoned for years. He carried the girl girl out of the car towards the house door making my suspicion of poisoning true. I waited for five minutes before getting out of the car and following them.

Everything looked old except for the old vegetable garden out in the side yard. There were signs that somebody had been digging there fairly recently.

As I entered the crumbling house, It was suddenly very quiet. I saw the father looking through the broken window His eyes were on the vegetable garden. As I searched for girl I saw her laying unconscious on a dirty mattress. The father was still looking through the window.I KNEW THIS WAS MY CHANCE TO STRIKE.

I very quietly with my duct tape and rope which I carried from the car moved towards him. I quickly attacked him from behind,he tried to fight but I had the upper hand. I tied his hands and legs and put some tape on his mouth.

And pushed him to the corner. I went to the see through the window he was keenly watching not long ago and saw Seven small mounds of earth were visible there. The heaped soil looked very dark in the moonlight.

I remember vividly what he did to with the small one I saw him dragging on that day. And today was his judgement day.

“You are mine now, mine to kill.” I told him.

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