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Chapter 4

“No absolutely not!”

“Cathy we have to do this now!” Carlson says sternly.

Of course hearing I wanted to take her daughter back into the woods just me and her, Catherine flat out refused. She doesn’t want Sarah out here at all. Which makes me wonder whose idea this was in the first place.

I look to the Father, Edman, he hasn’t really met my eyes once this entire time. I don’t know what it is about him… but I don’t like him, I don’t trust him.

He pushes for Catharine to give the okay, he wants his son back that’s evident… but at the cost of his daughter?

“I can go with her, me and Smith.” Carlson says trying to reassure the woman.

“Cathy let them try, we don’t know where our son is! You don’t know where our son is!”

She jumps a little, “Edman…”

“Enough! This isn’t her fault!” Carlson snaps… I’ve never seen her snap.

Its evident Edman blames his wife for the loss of their son. It’s always easier to hate one person. Hating the entire world is tiring. Why rage to the gods when you can rage at your wife?

Cathy looks down at Sarah slowly. “Okay baby, you’re going with Aunt V, she’s going to keep you safe, her and this nice lady…”

“Des…. Des is fine.” I kneel down in front of the small girl, sucking her thumb, clutching her mother’s hand. I realize what I’m about to do might not be the right thing to do.

“How old are you Sarah?”

She takes her thumb out her mouth. “Five.” She breathes out softly and promptly sticks her thumb back in her mouth.

“Wow so big and brave for five. Think you can be brave for a little bit longer?”

She takes her thumb out her mouth, “we need to find Simmie.”

“That’s right, think you up to walking in the woods with me for just a little bit?”

She looks down taking out her thumb, “the bad man is in there.”

“Yes I know, but he can’t hurt you anymore, you’re safe Sarah.”

She still doesn’t look convinced.

“Who is the strongest person you know? Who is your hero Sarah?”

“Jorgen Von Strangle.” She whispers.

“Jorgen Von Strangle?” I ask with surprise.

She nods, “he’s a fairy, the strongest of all the fairies.”

I turn to look up at Carlson, ‘Get Smith.’ I mouth silently.

She nods and turns away.

I turn back to the frightened little girl.

“Can I tell you a secret Sarah?” I whisper.

She nods up and down, thumb in her mouth. I crook my finger at her, telling her to come closer. She pulls away from her mother gently. Exactly what I wanted. I don’t want to rip her from her mother’s arms and force her into the woods. Such fear and emotion would taint the echoes.

She takes a step to me and then another, she stops peaking up at her Dad.

“So I don’t have Jorden Von Strangle…” I lead, drawing her attention back to me.

She closes the distance and I lean to whisper in her ear.

“But I have one of his trusted lieutenants, a fearsome fairy, the scariest of them all. He’s strong and fast and filled with magic. His enemies run scared from his fearsome scowl and do you know what his one job is?”

She shakes her head no in a hurry.

“To protect the little girls of the world.” I say in awe.

I pull back smiling her big brown eyes filled with wonder.

I draw her close and turn my body, to cut off the parent’s line of sight. I let the rune in my left hand glow slightly. The dial of the past, it’s an astrological clock that was tattooed deep within my palm using a magical ink. Cogs and wheels turn and click, dialing to align with the stars.

Unless I pull power through the chakra of my hand the runes stay hidden. Invisible to the naked eye. But right now I trickle in energy from my Chi to trick a little girl. Definitely something I didn’t think I would be doing today.

“I’m calling him to us right now.” I whisper and let the rune go cold, closing my hand quickly for effect.

She looks at me wide eyed. I’ve given her proof that what I say is real.

“Would you like to meet him?”


Right on cue, Carlson and Smith come into vision.

“Sarah this is your fairy godfather, Henry Von Frackelsworth, protector of the little girls of the world…. and peanut butter.”

I hope that Smith can play along here.

“You told her?” He says angrily at me.

I nod, “but Sarah said she could keep it secret. Didn’t you Sarah?”

She nods her head about million times.

“Now Henry Von Frackelsworth and Auntie V are coming with us. If you get scared, or want to come back to your mom, he’s going to grab you up and run you all the way back.”

“Okay,” She looks up at Smith eyes wide. “Do you protect little boys too Henry Von Fracklesworth? My brother in the woods with a bad man.”

She whispers and sticks her thumb back in her mouth.

“For you I shall.” Smith says, voice deep.

She pops her thumb back out. “Thank you.”

I stand up slowly and take her hand in my left hand tugging her off the road towards the woods. She keeps looking back making sure Smith is there.

“Now my hand is going to tingle and it’s going to get warm but it won’t hurt you I promise.”

“Your fairy power?” She asks in awe.

I nod, “I’m going to use it to find Simmie.”

I stop after we break the tree line and turn back to look at Carlson and Smith.

“Keep your minds as blank as possible, I find humming a tune in your head helps.”

“She’s serious?” Smith asks Carlson nodding towards me.

“Just do it Smith, I told you I trust her.”

Smith looks back at me again, I can see how much of a waste of time he feels this is. That he thinks I’m useless but he nods anyway, because that is what he’s been ordered to do and Agent Smith is a good little toy soldier.

I turn back to the woods, Sarah’s hand in mine. I open my self to the earth, to the power of Gaia, to the power that surrounds us but most never stop to appreciate.

Silver cords of energy weave beneath the surface of the earth all over the world. They sing in a beautiful harmony, tuned to their own note. I reach out connecting to one using my third eye Anja, she is the seeker, the mistress of intuition and intellect. I throw back my head as I tune myself to the cord, as I drink in the power. Silver sparkles float on the air around me, yet I know I am the only one who can see them.

This is the dangerous part, wading in a river of power, it’s easy to get swept away. My body feels warm and light and so very wonderful. The song calls to me, begs me to join in its symphony of power and souls. It breaks my heart a little more every time I say no.

I breathe out slowly and dampen down the flow of power. I call the energy of the cord to my left hand chakra, to my runes. Sarah clutches my hand tighter feeling the tingle as I connect to her.

Children are always so easy to link with, they haven’t built up walls to defend themselves yet.

A deep bell rings as I connect to her echoes, and I see them, at least in my mind’s eye. To Smith and Carlson I just look like I’m holding Sarah’s hand, looking into the forest.

We call them echoes because that is how they look. A single point of light in the center, it represents your birth and spirals out like a coil getting larger and larger as you live your life, as the echoes expand.

Sarah’s echo is very small, she is so very young. I sift through her memories, finding the one that holds the night she ran through this forest, it’s not hard to find. It burns brightly, filled with power. This experience has caused a shift in her future. I would need to do a full reading to try and find exactly to what extent.

Now I’m going to make her relive that experience, it will feel as real to her now as it did to her then. I hate myself for doing this to her.

I open my eyes slowly as I latch onto the echo.

“You were running away.” I say softly walking forward as a ghostly reflection of Sarah running, crying comes into vision. It’s like seeing a movie superimposed on top of reality, it’s disconcerting. But I’ve had years of practice.

I hold onto the echo of her memory. It stands out because it’s so fresh, so raw.

“So scared… you were so scared.” I whisper as the ghostly memory runs past me, back towards the road. I’m tracking her backwards. I go in the direction the apparition came from tugging the frightened little girl with me.

We walk, Smith and Carlson following closely behind, guns drawn. I read her echoes, deeply submerged within them. The sky darkens above me, I know it’s a part of the vision, it was night when she ran away from the bad man. Heart pounding, crying she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, but she didn’t know which way to go.

For hours we track her. I play the memory on a loop again and again. She didn’t always run in a straight line, and at times we find ourselves doubling back. That’s why the dogs failed, the handlers didn’t trust the dogs to know what they were doing. The dogs weren’t running in circles, they were following the scent of a scared little girl lost in the forest.

Before long we find ourselves up on a hill looking down a ravine, a gentle creek running through it.

But that night… the rains fell from the sky with vengeance and the creek had turned to a raging river. I see a man tugging Simon and Sarah through the water. His grip on their wrists tight, thunder cracks above us, it’s been storming non-stop for hours. He couldn’t walk the children on the road, someone would see them, no he couldn’t stay on the road so he headed to the woods.

The man tries to get out of the river, but the bank is muddy and wet and he keeps slipping trying to get the young children up. When they finally reach the top Simon turns and pushes the man. But the man grabs at Simon. The man and the little boy slide back down into the river tumbling over one another their bodies hit the water.

“Simmie said run.” Sarah whispers.

I see the little boy surface from the river screaming, ‘run Sarah run!’

“I didn’t want to.” She cries, “I didn’t want to leave Simmie with the bad man.”

Sarah stays and watches, the man’s leg is hurt badly, but he won’t let go of Simmie.

“Simmie!” Sarah screams.

I let go of her hand, she was getting swept back into the echo with me. She very well could get trapped inside her own nightmare. It’s dangerous to walk the echoes, to remember… humans were made to forget for a reason.

I turn, “go back to your mommy, the fairy will take you. You’ve helped so much Sarah, so brave.”

She shakes her head. “You keep him, I go with Aunt V, find Simmie.”

There’s a look in her eyes, she’s too young to have such depth of emotion and understanding. Her eyes begging me to find her brother, she feels guilty for leaving him.

That’s nothing but her father. Adults rarely grasp how much children pick up on. She sees her father angry with her mother over the loss of their son. Of course Sarah would begin to believe she is at fault too.

She turns and runs back to Carlson.

“Go,” I nod to Carlson. “I need to stay with the echo before it fades.”

“I’ll send backup.”

I nod.

“He’s still here.” I whisper and turn back to the river.

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