Echoes of Time - Thread of Life

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Chapter 8

“Your hand is bleeding.”

“Damn.” I set down my fork and grab my bag scooting from the booth. “I’ll be right back.”

I hurry down the short hallway to the ladies room. The checkered pattern floor and weird blue-green sea foam theme of the restaurant is continued in the two stall affair. There’s only one sink and I hurry over to it, unwrapping the bandage on my right hand. I shouldn’t have read Smith, not burned like I am.

The door opens behind me, I turn. Of course he’d follow me to the bathroom.

“I’m fine. Go finish your food I’ll be out in a minute.” I shake my head at him.

“Let me see.” He commands not listening to what I have to say for the millionth time today.

I sigh holding out my hand to him.

He’s surprisingly gentle as he unwraps the bandage.

“So why did your hands burn when you… created a distortion?”

“All things have a cost in our world, all things seek to re-balance themselves. To affect something we must emit an equal but opposite force.”

“Newton’s Third Law?”

“Magic is nothing but science you do not understand.”

“Burns Ms. Thompson.” He gets me back on topic.

“To affect time at such a massive scale, takes power, a burst of it, and the knowhow, of course.”

“Of course.” He remarks dryly.

“The EM field above us that protects earth, do you know how it’s caused?”

“The core.”

I nod, “Millions of tons of iron alloy spinning millions of miles per minute. It generates power, a field - the EM field. Some can tap into it, drawing down power into themselves, powerful beings, we call magi.”


I shake my head, “not Vegas shows and parlor tricks Smith. I’m talking things that would amaze you.”

I nod again at his doubtful look. “Once upon a time there were great events on the earth, where beings pulled so much field down it scarred the Earth, creating mana lines.”

“Mana? Like… power?”

“Yes,” I smile, most people don’t know about mana.

“They are called many things, silver cords, ley lines, feng-lung in China, song lines… dream paths. Humans have been marking them for years. Pyramids, standing stones, temples. Even Gaia has marked them, formations of mountains and canyons no one can really explain. We call those, power sites, where two or more ley lines converge. I can’t tap into an EM field, but the power that still flows within the ground? I can tap into what was left behind. When I draw in too much too fast…” I shrug.

“You burn.”

“My runes do, I was not made to spindle EM field, I’m not a Magi, but the runes allow me to connect with that energy. If I’m not careful I can also burn out my synapsis.”

He tugs away the bandage and I hiss as the bandage yanks away the dead skin and puss that it’s claimed as its own.

“Baby.” He teases tossing the used bandage in the trash.

I huff.

“How can all of this happen and no one knows about it?”

“There is an entire organization of beings, their sole purpose is to keep that very type of thing secret. They will kill any humans that learn of the other without their permission.”

I dig in my bag grabbing a fresh roll of gauze and the Neosporin handing it to Smith.

“I’m not afraid.”

I sigh, “You should be.”

He huffs. “When you say beings…”

“Werewolves and vampires and fae, so many different types of supernatural beings exist. When they mix they are considered daemons, they are called the Kindred and they will kill you and everyone you’ve ever known to keep their secrets, make no mistake about it You can never tell anyone these things that I tell you… never.” I warn him sharply.

“Are you afraid for me Ms. Thompson?” He whispers our eyes connecting and I’m suddenly aware of him. Aware of him in a way I hadn’t been a moment ago.

That innate attraction between a man and a woman, that tale older than time.

He shifts his gaze looking back down at my hand. The burn looks better on the whole, circular pattern with the center still being the worst of it.

“It’s already healing.”

I hum in agreement, “one of the perks of being other than.”

“Other than?”

“Other than human.”

“You’re not human?”

I shrug, “I’m human, but I’m also Druid. It is not something you become, you either are or you aren’t. It has a tendency to run in families but not always. I’m female, so I’m very rare, for every hundred males, only one female is born. Some say our kind is dying out.”

He finishes rewrapping my hand. I squeeze my hand a bit testing his first aid kills. Pretty good.

“Do you believe that?”

“I don’t know.”

He smiles, “first time I’ve seen you express unknowing or doubt.”

“Have a problem with confident women Agent Smith?”


I’m sure I look confused.

“It’s been years since I’ve heard someone call me by my name, and now that you know it, I want to hear it from your lips. Once, just once and never speak it again.” He reaches up rubbing my bottom lip softly.

“Say it Des.” He takes his hand away.

“Are you flirting with me Quinn?”

“Perhaps.” His gray eyes flash with desire and some other thing. That same thing behind his eyes I saw when he first showed up at Eko, it smells of danger.

I lick my lips inviting him. “Then flirt on Agent Smith.”

“You play with the devil….”

“You might get burned.”

He lowers his lips to mine grabbing the back of my neck. I open my mouth under his gentle persistence and Khaos have my soul but I’d swear I’ve done this before with him. Some long lost echo that tells of a time before, that we were meant to be. My very soul drinks him in, I see flashes of his life and I open myself to it all.

He pulls from my lips slowly, he’s rattled. I can see it in his eyes.

“That, like speaking my name, will never happen again Ms. Thompson.”

He turns and walks quickly from the bathroom, leaving me to stare after him.

“Like hell it won’t Agent Smith.” I whisper, he has delicious echoes, I want more. “Like hell it won’t.”

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