Whisper softly or you're dead

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Chapter 24

Some things are worth waiting for.

A few days later Defoe went to Kate’s office. She was on her own, her assistant gone to lunch. It was safe to talk. No prying eyes or ears. He knew when their relationship reached the ears of the male cops he would be the butt of their jibes. He would avoid that for a while, grimacing at the memory of the jokes they played on him when he first entered their precinct. Gentle they were not. Working with them was a baptism of fire.

Kate looked up smiling. Her head ached after working through piles of test results. ‘‘Another late night. I will work on them this afternoon and evening.’’

He took her hand and rubbed his thumb along the palm of her hand. Her pupils grew and she blinked. It was a sensitive gesture but one of the most erotic sensations she had experienced.

‘‘Come to dinner with me Kate. We both could do with a little light relief tonight.’’ She nodded and he said, ‘‘Can I meet you here at eight-thirty. Your choice of restaurant.’’

‘‘Sure, but the Chinese is close and we both liked it.’’ He kissed her cheek and walked away his mood lighter. Kate could always bring some sunshine into his life. She was that sort of woman.

The dinner was simple, but they chuckled over the latest precinct jokes and gossip and the time flew. He paid the bill, refusing her money and taking her hand, he escorted her to her car. She waited expectantly for him to ask the question she had been expecting of him for days.

‘‘Shall I follow you home Kate? I would feel happier if I knew you were safe in bed with that creep hanging around the locality.’’

‘‘If it makes you feel better,’’ she said, ‘‘then yes,’’ playing along with his excuse, knowing her safety was nothing to do with her decision to let him come back to her place. He shut the door behind her and let her drive off waiting in the shadows for anyone to appear. When it was safe he followed her back and watched her get out of the car.

Damn it. This could go on for days, this facing off, unless one of us acknowledges we are ready to take the next step. Kate was too cautious, having been burnt badly by her cheating lover and he was too scared of commitment having seen his mother devastated by the loss of his beloved father. He must now develop some balls and tell her what he wanted from her. No pussyfooting around. He cared about her and wanted exclusive rights over her, no casual relationship! Permanence for the first time ever in his romantic life.

None of the other women in his life had touched him like Kate had done. He had watched them slip through his life with indifference or casual regret. Even Marla leaving had caused him only pangs of regret because he could not persuade her to change her lifestyle before it killed her. He had been a cold-hearted bastard; picking girls who could take or leave him and his lifestyle and would disappear out of his life as if they had barely been there; hardly impacting on his rather self-absorbed ways

Kate was different. He wanted to know where Kate was and what she was doing when she wasn’t at work or with him. He wanted to know how she felt about things, social or current affairs. Her opinion mattered to him more than the result of the latest ball game his mates wanted to discuss with him.

He followed her to her door and took her keys from her, ignoring her irritated look at him. You could tell what sort of woman she was by looking at her bedroom and bathroom.

‘‘Coffee? Or a beer?’’

‘‘Do you have any wine or brandy?’’ He wanted them both in a mellow mood and wished he had ordered more alcohol at the restaurant and a cab home. Her eyebrows raised but she pointed at the drinks cabinet and he took a cabernet and two glasses out and poured them a small measure each. They sipped their wine slowly, each taking measure of each other; each waiting for the other to make the first move.

The last sip drunk, he made his move. He tenderly pushed a wisp of hair from her face. ‘‘Shall we move to the lounge?’ he asked but his eyes were asking another question. Taking her courage into her hands she grabbed his large hand in hers and pulled him toward the door leading into the main bedroom. He sighed in relief and picked her up in his arms and placed her gently on the bed, lying on his side next to her, leaning on his elbows as he looked at her.

She looked expectantly at him as he leant over her and kissed her gently on the lips. He then proceeded to pay homage to her neck, opening her buttons one by one, laying gentle caresses as he moved down slowly until the swell of her breasts was revealed.

‘‘God, how long I’ve waited for this,’’ he whispered. ‘‘I wanted you from the first day I saw you.’’ He had imagined her in his bed every night for ever.

‘‘You’re gorgeous.’’ She wrapped her arms around his neck holding him tight. ‘‘You‘re not so bad yourself, either.’

‘Not bad,’ he remarked ruefully. ‘I guess I shall have to persuade you how good I am.’ She pulled his tee shirt over his neck and ran her hands over his thick muscled chest.

‘I’m open to persuasion,’’ she said, inviting him to change her mind. He opened the rest of her shirt quickly.

‘‘Too many buttons,’’ he said revealing her wisp of a black lacy bra. She was glad she had chosen to wear this flirty pair of underwear. His eyes widened as he showed his appreciation of her creamy breasts. He continued to show his appreciation of her body throughout the night.

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