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A young girl enters college in hope of having fun, gaining new experiences and learning advanced sciences but what happens when she accidentally pisses off the devil on the very first day? “What the fuck have you done with my CAR?!” “Instead of misbehaving you should thank me. I mentioned the owner’s name on it, ‘Mr. JERK’!!” I chirped and air quoted Mr. Jerk with my free hand. “Don’t mess with me lady and remove that immediately otherwise..” he pressed his lips together as if to suppress something unethical. “Otherwise what? huh? Do you even realize how bad you are hurting me right now? I can sue you for violence” I tried to threaten him. He chuckled darkly. “Sue me?!! In Pakistan?!!! Sure hon, please give it a try. I’ll love to see you crumble” He scoffed. It all started with a simple argument and soon turned into a strong emotion "hatred". No one knows when, where and how will it end.

Thriller / Mystery
Fauzia Tabassum
4.1 16 reviews
Age Rating:

Entrance in Fairy Land

Zunaira's POV:

Beep Beep!!!

“Why won’t this thing just shut up?!?!”

I woke up shouting at the top of my lungs. I secretly wished that I could throw the alarm clock out of the window, but alas! If I tried to do anything, even, slightly close to this, I was pretty sure, a flying chappal would become my morning wish from mama. Cursing my alarm clock, I stood up, and remembered that today is the first day of college. A whole different world.

“Yayyyyy college.”

I shouted at the top of my lungs and charged up. I ran to the washroom but I was greeted by the marbled floor since yesterday’s palazzo had taken revenge by tangling in my feet and throwing me face down. I’ll just be honest, such things are part of my normal routine since I hate cleaning my room. Although it is the smallest room in my family’s four-room apartment, still it gets annoying for me to clean it. Anyways I stood up cursing the Palazzo and ran towards the dressing table to check if my facial features were still intact or not. Thanks to Almighty Allah they were still in their right place.

Wow! Zuni you are actually beautiful!

I thought while analyzing my looks. Big walnut brown eyes with long lashes and perfectly made arched eyebrows, burnished gold complexion, a straight thin nose, heart-shaped lips, delicate ears and broad forehead which was hidden behind my newly trimmed bangs completed my looks.

God! my long midnight-black hair was totally messed up. Although it is smooth and shiny still God knows why it gets tangled so easily.

Today once again my precious half an hour will be wasted on them!!

Cursing I ran to the washroom, showered and brushed my teeth quickly. I wore the new jeans and plain white buttoned up shirt that I had bought specially for the first day. I blow dried my hair and left it down since I had no time to style it.

“Do you want me to drag you out of your room for breakfast?! It’s already 7:15 and your shuttle will be here in 15 minutes!!!”

Mama’s yelling destroyed my perfect mood. I ran to the breakfast table which is placed in a separate room next to the kitchen.

I live in a four-roomed apartment on the first floor of a 7 storied building in the old city area of Karachi. It comprises of three bedrooms with attached baths, a dining room, lounge and a kitchen.

I was greeted by angry stares of my architect dad and journalist elder brother. I started gobbling food quickly.

“Again late? You are grown up, so get a bit mature and realize the importance of time” My dad advised.

“What the hell are you wearing?!” Shouted my overly protective brother.

“Get yourselves a pair of glasses and you might be able to see what an amazing outfit I am wearing” I flipped my hair.

“Dad!!! Tell your little chimpanzee to wear respectable clothes”

“Haw haw look who’s talking. Gadha!” I retorted.

“Alright now enough! Fawad let her wear whatever she wants to wear. She’s fully covered. It’s not necessary to wear shalwar kameez.”

“Hawwwww hawwwww tch tch” I pinched his nose while teasing him.

I quickly finished breakfast, put on my all-star sneakers, threw the bag on my shoulder and ran downstairs. Mama’s cries of being careful and to call her every two hours followed me as I saw the shuttle coming. I thanked Almighty Allah that I didn’t miss it. After 45 minutes I finally reached college.

Woahhh!! Why is everyone so dressed up?!

Was my first thought.

“Studying on the first day doesn’t seem like a good idea. Let’s just look around” talking to myself I started exploring the campus.

A tap on my shoulder stopped me.


“Welcome to NED. So what are you going to do today to please us?”

A grinning senior girl along with her group greeted me.

Yay ragging time.

I thought sarcastically.

Ragging is sort of a tradition in Pakistan. New students are given dares by the seniors usually on their first day.

“Nothing. I have important stuff to do like exploring the university so yeah tata.”

I started walking again secretly praying that she and her group won’t follow me.

“Honey why so rude? You want to survive here than you got to do whatever we say.” She gave me a fake smile.

“Fine. What do you want me to do?”

“Sing a song maybe or do two or three dance steps.”

“Too boring. Can’t you guys give me an interesting dare?”

A black Audi stopped next to us and a handsome guy stepped out of it. He was more than six feet tall, with high cheekbones, sculpted jawline, straight nose and slightly tanned complexion. His pitch black hair was slicked back. His deep-set hazel eyes with an eyebrow slightly raised were full of attitude as he walked past me. He went inside the building.

Audi is not a very common sight in Pakistan so everyone started gawking.

“So you wanted an interesting dare. I have an amazing idea.”

I wasn’t getting any good vibes.

“And may I ask what is it?”

She took out a permanent black marker.

“Write ‘you are a jerk’ on his window.”

Dude, I am in deep trouble now.

Word meanings:

chappal: Slipper

Gadha: Donkey

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