Revenge Diaries

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Secret Leaked

Umair's POV:

My fists clenched and jaw twitched as I saw her standing in the doorway of my sister’s hospital room.

“Who’s there?” Aisha asked.

“Your lovey-dovey big B.” She chirped.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked in a venomous tone through gritted teeth.

“Standing, talking to you” She squinted her eyes as if she was thinking something. “And yeah breathing.” She said in a mocking tone and jumped a bit.

Her answer ticked me off. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out.

“Aisha I’ll be back in ten.” I said loud enough for Aisha to hear it.

I dragged her to the end of the corridor. She tried to pull her wrist out of my grasp but failed.

“You better stay away from my sister or you’ll regret forever.” My voice rang with an evident threat.

She bit my wrist and as an impulse reaction, I left it.

“What will you do? Throw me over the rocks in roaring waves as well?” She grabbed my collar.

A nurse approached us due to the commotion and reminded us that we were in a hospital.

I paid no heed to nurse’s warning as my head was full of what the petite girl standing in front of me and holding my collar had just shouted. Her confident expression was now replaced with a look of horror.

I harshly removed her hand from my collar and twisted her wrist.

“What are you talking about?” My voice held a hint of urgency and alarm.

“Ouch! Nothing. You seem like a murderer so I thought you meant that you’ll kill me or something.” Her face twisted with pain. She shrugged and tried to act innocent but her eyes gave her away. She was scared and resembled a child who had been caught doing something naughty.

How does she know? Was she the person who hid under the car? But she doesn’t seem that sharp.

“Your suggestion seemed specific.” Involuntarily my grip tightened.

Her eyes welled up with tears and she screamed.

“Ouch! Please, you are hurting me.” She pleaded.

“Tell me what you meant or I am going to rip out your hand.” Venom was dripping off my tone.

I will make her life a living hell.

I promised myself.

A tear slid down her cheeks.

“Leave my hand and let me go or I am going to scream.” She tried to act brave.

“Answer me.” My voice rang with authority.

She cringed.

The same bulky nurse from earlier butted in our conversation.

“Do you want me to call the security?”

“Yes, please. This man is harassing me.” The girl in my hold gained her confidence.

Gosh, I don’t even know her name and she had already caused me so much trouble.

I huffed in annoyance and left her wrist.

The moment I left her wrist she sprinted in the opposite direction while massaging her wrist. Her actions had increased my suspicion.

I speed dialled Shah Jelal who had accompanied me today as my chauffeur.

“Keep an eye at the exit for a girl dressed in black jeans and pink and white checked shirt. She’s around 5′4" with big eyes and fair complexion. Memorize her face and use your contacts to find as much information as you can about her. Assign someone to keep an eye on her actions. If she does anything out of the ordinary than inform me.” I briefed him.

“Okay boss.” He replied obediently and I disconnected the call.

You can’t hide your dirty little secret forever bitch.

I smirked satisfied with my preparations to box her so far.

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