Revenge Diaries

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Zunaira's POV:

I rushed in the opposite direction as soon as he left my wrist. I was shaking with fear and tears were streaming down my cheeks. I never cry in public but today I felt different. I felt threatened and scared. I had made him suspicious and I had no idea what he was going to do. I looked behind to check if he was following me but he wasn’t.

What have I done?! I shouldn’t have said that. Now, no matter what happens to me I have to protect Aliya.

I spotted a restroom and rushed inside. Thank God no one was there. I took deep breaths to calm myself and washed my face multiple times.

Calm down Zunaira! No need to panic. Go home, discuss the situation with Aliya and figure out a solution.

I kept reciting this in my head and finally succeeded in calming my nerves. I tried to soothe pain in my right wrist which was now painted with a handprint-shaped purplish bruise.


I mentally cursed him.

I left the restroom while mumbling profanities and booked an Uber. Going back to Aisha’s room and requesting a ride back to university from her friends seemed pretty suicidal right now.

I reached home in forty-five minutes. I ignored my mom’s concerns about returning home early and ran towards my room.

Aliya was engrossed in a movie. I slapped her out of the star wars’ trance.

“Dude! Are you crazy? You fractured my skull.” She massaged her head.

I rolled my eyes at her dramatic attitude.

“Dude I fucked up!” I whisper yelled.

She raised her left eyebrow.

“Remember we planned to befriend Aisha and get as much information about that rascal as we can”

“Yeah so?” Confusion was written all over Aliya’s face.

“So she got in an accident and I went to meet her at the hospital with her friends and there I met that jerk.” I drawled at so.

“Did he threaten you? Or worse hit you?” She started examining my face and body and came to an abrupt halt as she saw my bruised wrist.

“That fucking bastard! I am going to skin him alive!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Are you crazy? Mom is outside. Shut up!” She hurriedly placed her hands on her mouth.

“Is everything okay?” Mom knocked lightly.

“Yes, mom. We are just watching a movie.” I replied.

“Okay and mind your language! Both of you!” She answered crossly.

“What happened? Tell me NOW.” Aliya whisper yelled.

“I accidentally spilt that I know about his little rendezvous with his very dead friend and he molested my wrist in an attempt to make me spill the complete truth.” I sheepishly answered.

The shock was plastered all over Aliya’s face. She took a step back and slumped on the bed.

“What have you done? What if he kills us to eradicate the threat?” Aliya whispered.

“He would have killed me if he wanted to. Besides I didn’t say that we saw him kill her. I just replied to his threat with ‘What will you do? Throw me over the rocks in roaring waves as well?’” I tried to show a positive side of our extremely dreadful situation.

“That clearly states ‘I saw you kill a person and throw her in the sea.’” Aliya replied in a sarcastic tone.

“Listen siso. I know I did a mistake but trust me he does not know anything about you being involved.” I sat next to her and patted her shoulder in an attempt to console her.

She threw off my hand from her shoulder and stood up angrily. “How can you even think like this? Do you seriously believe that I am scared for myself? I know that you didn’t tell him about me but what if he comes after you?” Her eyes welled up.

“I am sorry Aliya. I am just scared.” I whispered.

“It’s okay. Instead of fighting, we should try to find a solution.” She pulled me in a hug.

“Yeah! Do you have any solution? Should I tell my family or at least Fawad?”

“Telling Fawad is a better option but I am sure he will overreact.” Aliya replied.

My phone vibrated and a new message notification appeared on the screen. I entered the password and opened the message. It was from an unknown number. It said:


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