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Stupid Brother

Umair's POV:

Aisha’s friends rushed out, visibly swooning over me when I entered her room.

“Hey, baby sister. How are you?” I affectionately asked her.

“Never better since my elder brother is here to take care of me.” A breathtaking smile appeared on her face and I kissed her forehead.

We chatted for a while and soon she dozed off under the action of sedatives.

Peaceful silence was interrupted by my iPhone’s ringtone. I quickly fished it out of my pants’ pocket to avoid waking up Aisha.

“Yes?” I questioned as I had received the call without checking caller ID.

“Boss one of my subordinates who works in the police department has prepared a file about the girl. Her name is Zunaira.” Shah Jelal replied in his heavy voice.

“Do you have it?” I inquired.

“Yes, boss.”

“Bring it to me.”

“Boss I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. I am at his assigned police station right now. Your car is in the hospital’s parking area.”

“Text me when you are here.” I disconnected the call. I can’t let my ringtone wake my precious sister.

I smirked mischievously as I remembered her expressions switching from courage to horror.

It is so much fun to play with you, sweetheart.

A malicious chuckle left my lips as a cruel plan formulated in my brain.

I am going to make you afraid of your own shadow darling. This happens when someone pokes his or her nose in Umair Shah’s business.

My phone vibrated exactly after fifteen minutes. A new text message notification shone on the screen.

Without bothering to open it, I exited the room and found Shah Jelal leaning against the wall. He straightened up as soon as he saw me.

“Boss I have assigned Shahid to follow her.” Shah Jelal informed me with his head bowed down.

Shahid previously worked as a spy for the police department and specialized in gathering information by following people closely without getting discovered.

“Keep me posted.” He handed over the file, bowed and left.

Aisha was still sleeping peacefully when I returned to her room. I settled on the sofa and opened Zunaira’s file.

“Zunaira hmm...” I tested her name.

There was nothing interesting in her file. She was a normal teenage girl who had an elder brother who is a journalist, an architect father and a lawyer mother.

As the first step in my plan, I typed a text message and sent it to her number.


Zunaira's POV:

Panic consumed my body and I shook from fear as the hidden message behind the text registered in my brain.

Aliya snatched my phone. She froze as she read the message.

“Zunaira! Who is this?” She asked in a quiet and shaken voice.

“Aliya it is an unknown number can’t you see!” I snapped at her out of my frustration.

“Woah! Woah! Dude this ain’t my fault so don’t start on me.” She retorted in an irritated tone.

I took a deep breath to calm down and realized that we were fighting again because of an ass hole.

“Hey! I am sorry. I didn’t mean to snap on you. We need to stick together and find a solution to get this asshole off our back.”

“First we need to confirm that whether it is him or someone else.” Aliya suggested.

I nodded and typed a reply.

"Who’s there?"

A few seconds later a new message notification shone on screen.

"Your worst nightmare.”

I replied.

“Sorry I don’t have time for your bullshit.”

Next message knocked the air out of my lungs.

“Bitch bullet wounds don’t heal as easily as a bruise.”

“I think it’s time to talk to Fawad.” Aliya deadpanned and walked shakily out of my room.

I followed her to Fawad’s room. He was sprawled on his bed playing clash of clans on his phone.

“We need to talk.” I said in a serious tone.

Fawad angled his face, examined me and started laughing hysterically.

“Did you hit your head somewhere? Or are you suffering from fever?” He asked in between fits of laughter.

“We saw a woman getting killed yesterday and filmed it.” Aliya announced in a blank tone.

All signs of humour left Fawad’s face as he stared at us in horror.

“And I accidentally spilt to her murderer that I might know about his act of violence.” I continued the summary.

“And now he has sent us a message with an underlining threat.” Aliya completed our misery and horror filled life’s summary.

Aliya handed Fawad my phone.

And the next thing that happened made our life even more miserable. Fawad dialled that number and the first thing that came out of his mouth was:


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