Revenge Diaries

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Wounded Stranger

Umair's POV:

My smirk increased as I saw Zunaira’s number flash on my screen.

Wow! Such nerve!

I mentally appreciated her courage to call me after my hidden threats. I received the call and brought it next to my right ear in amusement.

“STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY SISTERS OR I AM GOING TO PLAY YOUR TAPE ON THE MEDIA!” A male most probably his brother roared from the other side.

“What tape?” I blurted out.

“MURDER TAPE!” He roared

I froze as my brain registered what he had just said.

How the hell did that bitch manage to film me without getting discovered?!!

I clenched my teeth.

Or maybe he is just trying to scare me. Fuck him!

“I am t-trembling with f-fear.” I mocked him and chuckled darkly.

“Fancy threat but I call it a bluff.” My voice was completely emotionless and cold.

Without listening to another word, I disconnected the call.

One thing was confirmed that she had seen me kill Malia.

What if she is not bluffing?

My brows furrowed as I contemplated all the possible answers to the question that was nagging me.

I dialled Shahid’s number. He picked up after two rings.

“What do you have on that girl?” I inquired.

“Nothing out of the ordinary. She has not exited her house after coming from the university.” Shahid answered the question in a robotic manner.

“Inspect her house from inside specially Zunaira’s room and check their phones, cameras, laptops and computers for anything out of the ordinary that features me.” I commanded.

“Right away boss.” Shahid obediently replied and I disconnected the call.

Let’s see bitch how much weight your threat holds!

Zunaira's POV:

Fawad’s face was red with anger and his right fist was clenched.

“MURDER TAPE!” He once again roared.

I and Aliya were frozen by Fawad’s outburst. I was dreading the outcome of his outburst.

“YOUR OVERCONFIDENCE... Wait! Hello?! Hello?!” Fawad stared at the phone with disbelief.

“He disconnected the call on my face!!” He roared in anger.

“Do you even realize what you have done?!” I slumped on the bed next to him.

“I have saved you from getting butchered because if he could kill that girl then he can kill you as well.” Fawad diverted his gaze from phone’s screen to my face.

“No. He played us. He wasn’t sure about my presence there but now he is certain.” My voice was void of any emotion and my eyes were fixated on the phone in his hand.

“You said and I quote ‘I accidentally spilt to her murderer that I might know about his act of violence.’ So don’t blame me for trying to be a good brother.” Sarcasm dripped from each word.

“Can we stop fighting and blaming each other for a second and focus on the situation at hand?” Our bickering had snapped Aliya out of her shock.

“Alright! I am sorry. It was my fault.” I apologized sheepishly.

“So are you going to broadcast it on your channel?” Aliya excitedly asked Fawad.

“I can’t play it without my boss’s permission and he is a corrupt son of a bitch. He will contact this man and demand money.” Fawad sighed in annoyance.

“Awesome!” Aliya sarcastically replied and rolled her eyes.

“Show me that video.” Fawad asked.

Aliya stood up and brought my laptop.

“I copied it in the laptop in case memory card malfunctions. I have uploaded it on both of our Google drives as well.” Aliya informed me and handed over the laptop to Fawad.

“So you used your brain for once.” I tried to lighten up the mood.

“Blah blah.” Aliya smacked my head.

“Shh!” Fawad exclaimed and started the video.

Ding of the doorbell startled us.

“I’ll check who is on the door.” Aliya and Fawad continued watching the video.

“Who is there?” I asked as I peeked through the peephole.

All I could see was darkness. Corridor’s bulb had fused yesterday.

“H-help me.” A man stuttered in agony.

I was hesitant to open the door.

“Who is on the door?” My mom inquired as she came wiping her hands with a towel from the kitchen.

“I need help. Please help m-me.” The man stuttered.

Mom gestured for me to open the door.

The man standing in the doorway was badly injured. His face was covered with blood which was dripping from a deep cut on his forehead. He was wearing a plain black full sleeved shirt which was torn at his right elbow and sported multiple deep scratches. His black jeans were torn at his left knee and blood was dripping from there.

“Come in quickly. Fawad clear your bed. Helping fellow human beings is an obligation in Islam” My mom directed Fawad and ran to bring the first-aid kit.

The injured man limped inside and studied his surroundings. For a second a slight smirk played on his lips but it was soon replaced by an agonized expression. Fawad came out and supported the man as he limped to his room.

His smirk had brought a ghost of a suspicion in my heart but I shrugged it off and entered Fawad’s room behind them.

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