Revenge Diaries

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Zunaira's POV:

Alright Zuni, just chill! Write it on the car’s window, run and don’t turn back

I tried to encourage myself.

I took the permanent marker and walked towards the car. My heart itself was bleeding at the thought of destroying such a perfect car.

After a civil war inside my head, I finally raised my hand to complete the dare.

I quickly wrote the sentence


and as I was about to put a full stop, I noticed that everyone had gone silent.


A very cold and dangerous voice shook me and a shiver ran down my spine. I gulped and turned around. I saw the guy who had parked this car. It felt that if I stood for one more minute he will either kill me or freeze me with his stare.

Zunaira never bows down or apologizes to anyone.

I recollected myself, completely ignored him and grinned triumphantly. I addressed the girls who had given me the dare:

“Hurray! Congratulate me, ladies, I completed your dare”

From the corner of my eye, I saw that devilishly handsome guy move towards me dangerously. He seemed like a cobra, ready to strike.

Shit! What is he going to do with me? God save me, he seems dangerous.

I prayed secretly.

He stormed forward and roughly held my arm.

“I am asking what the fuck have you done with my CAR?!”

“Instead of misbehaving you should thank me. I mentioned the owner’s name on it, ‘Mr. JERK’!!” I chirped and air quoted Mr Jerk with my free hand.

“Don’t mess with me lady and remove that immediately otherwise..” he pressed his lips together as if to suppress something unethical.

“Otherwise what? huh? Do you even realize how bad you are hurting me right now? I can sue you for violence.” I tried to threaten him.

He chuckled darkly.

“Sue me?!! In Pakistan?!!! Sure hon, please give it a try. I’ll love to see you crumble.” He scoffed.

At that moment I saw the crowd part and a girl, or should I say breathtakingly beautiful girl move towards us. It seemed as if she was some kind of a queen because everyone moved aside as she walked towards us.

“Let her go Umair. We have a lot of catching up to do.”

He loosened his grip.

“I am leaving you because she said so.” Rage was still dancing in his breathtakingly beautiful hazel eyes.

He sat in the car.

“I am really sorry for his behaviour.” The beauty who saved me smiled apologetically.

I flipped my hair, ignored her and started exploring the university again without turning back but I made a promise to myself.

“He’s going to pay for this insult!”

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