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Change of Plans

Zunaira's POV:

“Ladies can you please hurry. I have been waiting in the lounge for an hour.” Came Fawad’s totally pissed cry.

“Hurry Aliya. He’s terrorizing as usual.” I rolled my eyes.

“Where the hell do you put your things girl? Makeup box is devoid of any makeup and all your lipsticks are lying in your drawer!! Where the hell is Mascara?!” Aliya angrily started rummaging in my drawer in a hope to find a mascara among the scattered lipsticks.

“I guess it’s in the washroom.” I squinted my eyes as I tried to think where I left it.

Aliya ran towards the washroom while I continued to struggle with my hair.

“Aliya have mercy on the floor. The whole building is shaking pandayyyy.” I yelled playfully.

“Zuni shut up!” She retorted.

“Who the hell puts a mascara next to a wet soap?! Ewwww it’s wet with a bit of soap stuck to it.” Came Aliya’s grossed out cry.

“Just wash it, dry it, open it, apply it and then shut your stinking mouth.” I rolled my eyes.

Dude why the hell is my hair always a mess. I guess I should leave them as it is.

After debating with my self I left them down, put a little bit blush, applied eyeliner and lip gloss.

“Abayyyy bhai!! It’s been fifteen minutes what the hell are you doing in the washroom?” I asked her in a frustrated tone.

“I am trying to apply your wet, soap soaked mascara.” She retorted.

“Since fifteen minutes?” I asked in a bored tone as I entered the washroom.

“It’s done.” She stormed past me.

“Thank God!” I heaved a sigh of relief.

“You have no idea how difficult it is to apply a natural looking mascara.” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Alooo can we please just change the topic. Makeup talk is eww boring.” I made a disgusted face.

“Whatever bandariya.” She rolled her eyes.

We both looked at my totally messed up room.

“Let’s make it livable once we are back. Please?”

I pleaded in front of my cleanliness freak panda.

“Fine. You tricked me with those begging eyes. Haul your ass now before Fawad breaks the door.” She pushed me slightly.

I opened the door and saw a very pissed Fawad pacing in front of my room. He bowed mockingly.

“Highnesses. Your chauffeur is at your service. Where should I take you?”

I arrogantly walked past him.

“To Marriot.”

A slap greeted my head.

“Ouch! what the hell was that for?” I turned around to fight back with my jerk brother.

“That was for acting like someone who will be ashamed to hear that you acted like her. I mean a princess.” She pulled my ear.

Aliya started laughing loudly.

I rolled my eyes.

“Can we just move or we’ll miss the sunset.” I said in a bored tone.

“Do you know what time is it?” Aliya inquired.

I checked my phone’s time.

“Oh my! it’s 6 p.m.” I yelled in disbelief.

“Exactly. It’s 6 which means that we’ll miss sunset if we go first to Marriott.” Fawad chipped in.

“So lets first go to the seaside wall.” Aliya added to the debate.

“Yussss lets go.” I yelled in an excited tone.

And all three of us bid goodbye to mom, got out of the apartment and started climbing down the stairs.

“Woahh I forgot my camera. Be back in five.”

Aliya ran back.

15 minutes had already passed and there were no signs of Aliya. I took out my cell to call her but realized that I don’t have the new number that she had bought for Pakistan. Just then she appeared.

“What the hell took you so long?!” Fawad shouted.

“None of your business.” Aliya stuck her tongue out at a very annoyed Fawad.

“Stop bickering and let us go.” I dragged both of them.

“I am so excited to see our beach after such a long time.” Aliya hugged me excitedly.

“Me too. I haven’t been there since you left.” I replied as nostalgia hit me.

“Aww, my baby missed me.” She hugged me.

“Yes I missed you now please don’t go over the top.” I pinched her cheeks.

While arguing, we sat in the car and started towards the seaside wall.

“You know what guys I was just wondering that what if we first go to the beach and then go to the wall. It’s just a few minutes walk away.” I suggested as we were about to pass the beach.

“Yup that’s a good idea.” Fawad agreed and parked the car at a suitable parking slot.

“Beaching time.” Aliya and I shouted excitedly.

“Don’t go in the water or else I won’t let you sit in the car.” Fawad crossly added.

“Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.” We mocked him and ran towards the roaring waves.

Umair's POV:

Asar’s Azaan was being recited as I entered my room to get ready for “send Malia to hell” mission. I could see the light breeze making the leaves of the palm trees dance. Light gold sunlight was indicating that the blazing heat had settled a bit. Cell phone’s vibration in my front pocket diverted my attention from the mesmerizing view. I took out my phone. Malia’s name was shining on it.

“Hey! Set for a hot date? Huh?” She tried to mock me.

“Malia! this ain’t a date. Let’s just negotiate the matter asap.” I deadpanned.

“Oops someone seems aggravated.” She chuckled.

“Be there at 7.” I replied in an emotionless tone.

“I was thinking that lets first calm our nerves a bit by the view of drowning sun. Just a glimpse of mightiness disappearing in darkness If you know what I mean” She chuckled.

“Honey, are you trying to threaten me?” I spat out the words.

“Sort of. Because if you won’t do as I say I am pretty sure that your reputation will also drown in the sea of chaos.” She faked a polite tone.

“Same goes for you darling. Lots of stories sink with the drowning sun in the blanket of darkness. Change of plan. Meet me at the seaside wall.” I replied in a low, extremely dangerous voice and disconnected the call.

“MATTIA!” I yelled in rage.

Mattia came running in the room huffing and puffing.

“Yes, boss.”

“Tell Shah Jelal that I’ll handle the bitch myself.” I clenched my teeth.

“Right away boss.” He bowed and left.

Bhai: theoretically means brother but Pakistanis use it to show frustration sometimes.

Bandariya: monkey

Aloo: potato

Asar Azaan: call for Prayers approximately an hour and a half before sunset.

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