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Murder (Part II)

Zunaira's POV:

I was engulfed with happiness as the roaring waves embraced me. Since it was a weekday so most of the beach was deserted. I came to a halt as I admired the peace surrounding me. I saw Aliya run past me, she spread her arms as the waves collided with her and giggled as she enjoyed the salty spray of seawater on her cheeks.

“Damn I missed this country and everything about it so much!” She exclaimed

“You are behaving as if there are no beaches in America.” I rolled my eyes.

“The beaches there are wonderful, still Pakistan is Pakistan.” She chirped happily.

“Most of the Pakistanis are dying to go there and you are whining about it. You ungrateful brat.” I stuck my tongue out at her.

“SHIT! I forgot my camera in the car.” She suddenly exclaimed while face-palming.

She broke in a run towards the car. I followed her.

“You can’t get inside the car without keys.” I shouted.

She came to an abrupt halt due to which I collided with her.

“Ouch!” both of us exclaimed.

I saw Fawad standing at a distance, eating corn.

“Look there he is.” I pointed towards him.

Both of us ran towards him.

“Hey! we need your car keys.” Aliya asked him while eyeing corn.

Fawad handed her the keys.

I winked at Aliya. She got the cue and snatched corn from Fawad. We both ran towards the car. Aliya unlocked the car and took out the camera.

“Sun is about to set. Let’s walk to the seaside wall.” I suggested while staring at the sky which had turned slightly pinkish.

“I hate walking. Let’s just drive there.” Aliya whined.

I ignored her whines and starting dragging her.

“Fine! Fine! I am walking.” I released her arm.

We walked peacefully while eating stolen corn.

“Wow! So Pakistanis have actually started to buy expensive and branded cars.” Aliya exclaimed while eyeing a matte black Audi that was parked there.

This car seems familiar. I have seen it before.

I squinted my eyes in concentration. Realization hit me when I saw “SHAH” written on the number plate. It was the same car from the university. I looked at its window but the golden words written by me were gone.

So the bastard got it cleaned.

“Look! Look! someone’s getting romantic there.” Aliya exclaimed while pointing towards the seaside wall.

I squinted my eyes to see properly what was happening as the seaside wall was at a distance. It was the same guy from university and he was hugging a girl from the back. Such scenes are very uncommon in Pakistan.

“Can your camera make videos from this much distance?” I asked Aliya as a plan developed in my mischievous brain.

Time to take revenge.

I looked around and spotted a Corolla parked in front of the Audi.

“Yup. Why?” She asked in a confused tone.

I dragged her behind that Corolla.

“Film all of it quickly.” I said urgently.

“What?” exclaimed Aliya.

“Now!” I exclaimed urgently.

Aliya started filming them quickly.

I intently watched in case he decides to turn back as Aliya filmed.

It had been five minutes, I felt like he was about to turn. I ducked quickly and pulled Aliya’s shirt. She fell down. I placed my hand on her mouth as she was about to scream.

I whispered “He was about to turn. Shh.”

I watched through the cars’ windows. He scrutinized the surrounding then turned towards the girl.

“Let’s get up.” We both got up and Aliya continued filming.

Suddenly a bone-chilling event unfolded in front of us as he pulled out a gun and pointed it towards the girl’s head. Aliya gasped.

“Continue filming. This video might help us if anything happens.” I urged her in a hushed one.

He continued talking with the girl while pointing his gun at her head. I held onto Aliya’s hand to prevent myself from falling from shock and fear. Her hand was icy cold due to fear.


The girl fell in the water beyond the wall. Gun shot’s sound got mixed and lost with the sound of roaring waves.

I ducked and pulled Aliya down.

“Oh my God! He just killed someone. He killed a girl in front of us. What if he kills us as well?” Aliya was trembling with fear.

Same thoughts were going through my head. If he finds us then he’ll kill us as well and he can easily spot us in this position.

“We should run.” Aliya whispered.

I saw him come towards his car through the windows.

“He’ll spot us easily and he has a gun. He’ll simply shoot us and we’ll be dead in a blink.” I whispered.

What should we do? How should we hide?

My brain had stopped working due to shock and fear. Then an idea crossed my mind.

“Let’s hide under this car.”

“Are you high or what? What if its owner comes and decides to drive!” she whisper exclaimed.

“Do you have any better ideas?” I retorted.

“Well, no.” Aliya replied sheepishly.

“Then crawl under the car before the threat gets closer fatass.” I pushed her slightly.

Aliya nodded. She was still trembling with fear. He has almost arrived.

Aliya quickly crawled under the car. I followed her silently praying that first that killer guy hasn’t spotted us and second that the Corolla’s driver doesn’t come unless we are out of danger.

Hardly two minutes had passed and then I spotted a pair of quite expensive looking shoes coming towards our location. They belonged to the killer as I had spotted earlier when he was walking towards his car.

God help us.

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