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Deadly Diagnosis

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I know your secrets, even better than you. A woman found tortured, with the word "narcissistic" carved in her body has the city of San Francisco gripped in fear, as woman psychologist start turning up dead. Jonathan Harper, the lead detective on the case thinks this is just another day on the job, but when the killer sets his sights on someone from Jonathan's past, he must race to find the killer and save the one he has never been able to let go. Lilly Rowland, an intelligent, beautiful psychologist is finally putting her life back together after tragedy and heartbreak. Little does she know that her care free life is about to take a turn in a terrifying direction, and the only person she can count on, is the one person she can't trust.

Thriller / Romance
Camille Roberts
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Chapter 1

He sits in the middle of the floor meditating, thinking of her. He is spellbound by her long, soft, flowing brown hair; her vibrant green eyes, that glimmered like emeralds in the light. He remembers the first time he saw her. She smiled at him with those picture-perfect, white teeth. She looked undeniably exquisite. He knew she was the one, the one he would love for eternity. He would be happy, as would she. How he longed to caress her soft, tanned skin from when she went to Mexico for a vacation. He knew, because he always stared at the picture of her standing on the sandy beach smiling for the camera, smiling for him. He loved to imagine that he was there too, he always thought of her. He cherished her so much, and she loved him, he could feel it in his very soul. Soon they will be together again. He took one last cleansing breath and opened his eyes, and stood up. He was ready; it was time to check on his guest. He walked to the small door that held a tiny room, and looked through the peephole that he had drilled in to watch.

She is cowering in the corner, knees held up to her chest, cold, her small body shivering. Her once beautiful long brown hair is now matted with blood and dirt. Her once perfect face is now covered with cuts and bruises. She looks somewhat like her, not a perfect match, but she would do. No more, does she think of herself as the confident, heartless bitch that looks down on people. That looked down on him. She respects him, obeys his every word. She can’t pick him apart anymore, for now; it’s his turn to play doctor. She sits pondering, about what’s going to happen next. Will she live through this unspeakable experience or will she die a ghastly death? How could this happen to me? Why is he doing this? They all ask the same dismal questions. He walks over to where she is sitting; she doesn’t look up at him, but keeps her eyes towards the ground.

“I see you’ve finally learned how to behave, Doctor.” He says softly.

He strokes her face and runs his hand down the front of her torn silk, white blouse. He can feel her body trembling. Her heart is racing, as he rests his hand on her breast and smiles at her.

“Please, please.” She whispers. Her voice is horse, from the screams she let out before, from the pleasure he had with her.

“Please? Is that all you can get out Doctor? You were so full of words when we first met. Telling me your opinion of myself, telling me you love me. Tell me, is screwing your patients part of the healing process? Or was that new for you? What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Look at you, you’re pathetic. You’re just like the rest of them, you’re all the same. And you deserve the same fate.”

“Please, I don’t know what you’re talking about? If you just let me go, I promise, I promise that I won’t say anything to anyone. Please.” She sobbed with tears falling down her face.

He stared at her; he had seen that same feeble look before, the one his mother gave him, as his father pushed her in the forbidden room. “Do you really think I’m that stupid?” He smiled at her.

“No, I…I don’t believe that at all.” She said sniffing.

He ignores her and picks her up by her hair from where she lay and drags her along. She doesn’t even fight him anymore, she knows better. She knows exactly what he’ll do to her if she fights back, if she even resists him.

“No one resists me!”

He throws her frail body onto the couch and sits in the chair across from her. He watches as her chest rises and falls slowly. She closes her eyes as tears escape from them. He holds up the yellow notepad that was on the chair and begins writing.

“Now, let’s pick you apart shall we? I’d say you have definite commitment issues, along with a social disorder. You also seem to be showing signs of depression. What to do, what to do?” He says pressing the end of the pen to his lips.

He walks over to her slowly and takes the small surgeon’s knife from his pocket. He bends down so his face is close to hers. He can feel her warm breath on his face. He tastes her swollen lips one more time before he places the knife to her neck and runs it slowly across her throat.

“Tell me doctor, how does that make you feel?”

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