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Story preoccupied with the dolor of a human who later turns into a vampire and recasts as a insistent youth seeking revenge for every misery he had and later finds peace in his love which ends soon. Sunless is my very first work and i believe it will forever be a very important piece for me even if i reach skies because as a learner in writing sunless has given me a lot of hope by the praise i received for it. This story is preoccupied with the dolor of a human who later turns into a vampire and recasts as a insistent youth seeking revenge for every misery he had.At some point in the future he falls in love with a girl taking half of his miseries which ends in near future as the girl gets killed by his old enemy.

Thriller / Adventure
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Chapter 1


In one of the infirmaries of Divilton,a woman gave nativity to a baby,whose father came jumping with excitation,in the hospital room and said “Zuke,welcome to the world.”
holding the baby close to his heart.
That baby was me.
When I was in all likelihood 5 months old,My father kicked the bucket,nobody knew how.
People said and say he was killed by some beast for the reason that he had cicatrix on his body that established so.
My mother loved my father very profoundly,very unfeignedly and loving someone deeply and truly could kill you.
My mother never took her head off the chest of my fathers dead body,people say.
2 days after my fathers funeral,people had to come for my mothers funeral.
People one after another left,leaving toys and money for me.
And all this befell at a time when this world of felicity,freedom and integrity was a world of infelicity,imprisonment,betrayal and disintegration.
The world was ruled by none,but by everyone.In other words,each man thought he was the ruler,he was the king ,he could kill anyone,rule anyone.Hangmen were busy hanging the criminals of all shades mostly the innocents.
Same was espoused in my town Divilton but fortuitously,in my town the sterling among all crooks was my uncle Revlson.Quite great for me,he took me as his own child and gave all that I requisite as a child,above all education.
What and how world was doing and going,I had to go the same way and just at the age of 12 rather playing with some toys,I polished off a man,played with a gun for which I felt guilty,I felt bad but it didn’t matter to anyone so I let it go as a mistake made by a kid.
When I was 17,Revlson died in a conflict with one of his foes.
The people who wont to work under Revlson,started to work for his foe,the foe who asphyxiated him,Albert.
Word propagated that Revlson was dead,People set out feting but they were incognizant that Albert was now free to do whatsoever he desired.
After my parents,Revlson was the only soul who I knew would feel concern for me,no else was there who I can go to.
Now I was alone,again but this time I knew no one will come for me.
I thought it was better for me to dwell my remaining seconds,minutes,hours,days,months or years somewhere solely ,having nothing but the beauty of nature along with me.
The sun,the peaks,the moon,the water.
Outskirt of Divilton was where I could get all these things so,I sat out for there.
There on the job for two days I made a small house honed for my living.


One dark night,the clouds started roaring and the lightening kissing the peak of the mountains,the trees falling in the praise of either the creator or the destroyer.
I was enjoying this scene,the disaster that God can create.
One lightening strike illuminated a man who credibly was taking his steps towards me.
I thought of him as a wanderer who was looking for shelter or a hermit or maybe he is coming for me.
When he got closer,I could recognize a man wearing a long piece of cloth which was flared,he was a bearded man ,he had stick to walk by and a lamp in his hand.
Now I was sure and relieved that he was Hermit i wont to listen stories from.
He lived by the top of the hill surrounding Divilton from one side,He had a house there in a cave covered by pile of grass.
When I had nothing to do,I would seek him out.
He would give me some strange liquid,which I liked to drink and tell me stories.
His stories were very strange.
He said there is a lot to learn from these stories.
Though I could never understand what he wanted to say,I liked the way he narrated and the way I shuddered.
Sometimes his words would make me bemused and ungratified.

‘What is my old friend doing here?’
Asked the hermit as he reached my house.

‘What does a person do at his home?’
I said in answer to his question.

‘Live at a peculiar time’
Said the hermit.

‘Sure,and that’s what I am doing,living.’
‘Anyways what landed you up here?’
I asked him.

‘I am a wanderer,I don’t settle at one place but I don’t think nature will let me wander,particularly this time’
He responded looking up as people do when then talk about God.

One thing was certain now,he wanted to take a shelter at my home.
I let him in for that I was desiring to here some stories again.
The stories that trembled me and quivered my mind..


It had rained all night.
It had thundered all night.
It had been Lightning all night.
All was manifested from the tress that had fell down,wet land’s invigorating smell and for the thunder were the roars all night that quite kept me awake all night.
The hermit had woke up earlier.
‘Good morning little friend.’
Said the hermit just as I stepped outside my home.


‘What do we have to eat’?
Questioned the hermit.

I ate fruits and sometimes hunted animals for food and that day I had fruits to eat so I said
‘Fruits,water and nothing else’

‘That’s good,all natural’
Said the hermit.

After having our fill,I asked the hermit to narrate a story.

‘Well,here we are free all day,all night,nothing to do,no human to disturb’
I began with these words for asking the hermit to begin his stories.

‘What do I have to do with that?,Young man’
He asked.

‘Your tales can make my day’
i said.

‘So you want old days,old memories to be iterated?’
Asked the Hermit.

‘Probably’ I said.

‘Once there was boy’,Began the hermit huskily.

’He was born in a small town of conflicts.
His father and mother were dead very soon after his birth like giving birth to him was their only job they were sent to earth.
His uncle took care of him and later his uncle killed by his foes.
‘And now that boy is here doing nothing.’

His words,this time,not only palpitated mind but all me,my heart,my emotions and my all body.
Probably because that boy was me.

‘Am i the hero of this story’
I asked.

The hermit arose and said
‘Not a hero,you are a loser’

Quite appalled I said
‘What did I do?’
‘Sit down,unwind and let me recite some another story’’
Said the hermit.

’Your father as all said died because a beast set on him.
All that people say is not true.
Mankind is toxicant.
He didn’t die,he was killed.
He was murdered by Albert.
Your mother,your Uncle all by him.
Your uncle made you murder someone when you were a kid not for his own wishes but for you,he wanted you to take revenge,kill Albert.’
And you are here,savoring.’

‘How was I supposed to know all this’?
I asked.

The hermit shrugged and said;
‘Your uncle had to talk to about this at a perfect time but his death came before that time’.
‘If you have love for your uncle or parents,go kill Albert’

‘Have I got that power to kill Albert?’
I asked the Hermit because I knew how powerful Albert was.

‘Yes,son’ began the hermit.
‘You have secrets,you won’t feel disquite when blood will flow and the reason is you,you will feel like home around the blood.’

I asked.

‘You will know.’
‘I am leaving now and will come back when you need me’

The Hermit left leaving me in pandemonium.

For some time I thought of Hermit’s words as applesauce but they were gyrating in and perturbing my mind and my soul.

That night sleep didn’t knock my doors.
I was very absolutely cerebrating hermits words.
They impacted me so much that next day all I did from aurora to crepuscule was to think about how to kill Albert.


By the sanction of my parents love and Uncle’s revenge and in the name of the devils I was geared up to kill Albert.

Albert resided to the west end of Divilton but it was infeasible to kill him there.
He had guards from all sides of his house.

I planned to kill him during the night as I got a word from someone that he had no mind of coming out from his house.
His house had a forest cover from the back side which was the area I thought to be pluperfect for me to pass the day and plan to asphyxiate Albert.
The day’s every second made me realize that it was going to require great physical and
Mental effort to accomplish my task.

The sun began to evanesce,
The moon began to come up,
The wolves started howling,
The time came when I had to do what I was perhaps living for.
The Guards gathered around the fire lit in front of the house.
I was almost clear now.
‘Remember he is the reason you are a orphan,he is the reason you are anti social’
I said to myself and ran.

I climbed up the wall from the back side.
There was a guard standing and i grabbed him by his neck and got the better of him.
Moving forward I killed more than 4 guards who were acting as hindrance to me,to my task.
Non of them had weapons,which surprised me,and each of them said,while I was hitting them,
‘Don’t kill us,we wont stay here,we had done nothing,sorry to interrupt you,we are guiltless’
and one of them who didn’t die but got hurt said
‘Why did you kill us,we needed shelter’

I didn’t know what they meant and unheeded them.

I entered the house and saw Albert who had a cigar in his mouth and he had spread himself over the sofa.

He saw me and said
‘Welcome,did my guards disturb you?’

‘No they didn’t but you still breathing hassles me,you are pain in my neck’
I said.

‘I knew you would be coming,that old hermit is such a crazy dude’ he said getting up from the sofa.

‘stay put and don’t move your death is imminent’
I said

’Did you say ‘’my death’’ or ‘’your death’’ is imminent?’

Just as he said this guards entered the house and got hold of me.

I couldn’t move and I didn’t even knew where did those guards came from when I had killed whom I saw.
Albert came closer and hit me.
Coldcocked me,hit me with different weapons.

‘Go leave him somewhere in the jungle as a party for animals’
I heard Albert say.

I had eyes partially open till I was thrown into a car.

I didn’t know what had happened to me till I woke up in my house and saw the hermit standing to the left side of me.

When I tried to get up I realized a pain in my arm and I saw,on my arm,a mark like some animal had seized my arm with its teeth.

‘What is this,how did I last?’
I asked the hermit
The hermit looked at me and said
‘Someone saved you’

‘And who is that someone,is it you?’
I said
‘No I cant bring anyone back from death’
He said with a smile on his face.

‘From death?’
’who saved me,what is happening?
I asked because as usual hermits words confused me.

‘You need rest,you will be getting your answers soon.’
He said pulling the blanket up on me.

‘No I need answers,what is this mark on my arm?’,who saved me?’
I asked again.

The hermit said nothing and left.


The hermit left me in chaos again.
My eyes were on the mark on my arm.
I was getting inquisitive thinking about how I was saved,who saved me?
I was in hope that the hermit might come and I may get my answers but I became despondent when he didn’t show up till the nightfall.
I didn’t or couldn’t move away from the bed I was lying or lain awake in.
May be because of the curiosity I had,I had flashbacks throughout the night.
Those flashbacks in which
I see myself dead,
I see myself deplorable,
I see myself maimed,
I see myself thrown somewhere gloomy,
I see someone coming to me,
I see that someone looking at me with wonder,
I see that someone taking my arm in his hand and seizing his teeth in my arm and drinking the blood.

This was the movement I got up and took a look at the mark.
I had now realized that bite had saved me but
didn’t no who saved me.
Besides all this I had realized that I cant kill Albert alone,I needed someone or some more.
Each night passed with that flashback but one night it was made longer with regard to what it meant.
Same things came about till the bite but afterwards I see myself standing up and moving out of that gloomy place.
I see a man walking by and I see myself jumping on him and seizing my teeth in his throat and drinking the blood.

I jumped up in shock,in wonder what the dream meant.
Wondering what was happening to me.
Wondering who I was.

I was in a state where I would have questioned my parents about me,my real self,if they were alive but they weren’t.
They weren’t but the hermit was who I could ask.
I waited and waited for days and months,expecting the hermit to come but he didn’t.

Two months had passed,I was now capable of moving,sure-footed.
I sat out to find the hermit and seek my answers.
I couldn’t go out in open for that if any of Albert’s men saw me,they would kill me.
The first place I looked for the hermit was surely his home up the hill.
I was right,he was there making that strange liquid he used to give me when I was a kid.
‘I need answers’.I began,
‘I am dying from inside,there is a constant hunger for something in my heart and it grows by the every second that passes’
‘I fear that hunger for whatever it is,is making me doing strange things’
I am dreaming uncanny,
I am thinking uncanny,
I am doing uncanny,
I am becoming uncanny.’

I could have said more but the Hermit interrupted me and said,

’You don’t have to fear anything,
‘You are becoming who you truly are!’

‘What am I becoming?’

I asked the hermit.

’Wait for that time son,
God is with patient’
He said.

I was disquieted so much that I snaffled the hermit by his throat and said;

‘I have no patience for someone or something killing me’

He said;
‘That something is not killing you,its making you,you.’

I let go him and left that place.
May be I left because I was hot under the collar so much that could have made me even kill the hermit.

Meanwhile,Albert had enjoined all his men to grab me as somehow they had come to know that I was still breathing.
One day I went into the forest to hoard food and wood.
While collecting wood I heard some voices like
‘He cant hide anymore’
‘If he is in the town he cant hide any longer because there are few places left to check in the town’
‘Come on,Quick boys,lord will reward you’
The voices were getting closer and closer and making me agnized that I had to run if I wanted to live.
I ran as fast as I can and reached a point where I thought they wouldn’t find me.
I had no gumption of coming out from the place where I was hiding.
I had fear in me,fear of dying again.
The moon began to rise,yet another chaotic dusk of my life.
The twilight brought a new energy in me,I felt alive.
I felt powerful.
I felt of moon,my life.
I heard some voices again.
My mind told me to hide,my heart ordered me to fight.

Astoundingly,the heart got the better of my mind.
Something inside me pushed me to fight them.
I jumped out of the hiding place which was a elevated land kept out of view by two rocks.
They,Albert’s men,saw me.
‘There he is,kill him,behead him and take his head to our lord Albert.’
Said one of the men.

Then another spoke,
‘No,don’t do any harm,our lord ordered us to bring him alive.’

One men jumped of the horses they were on and got hold of me.
I felt the power inside me,i punched him in his face and he fell.
Others on horses jumped and attacked me.
One by one,i got better of all of them.
I spifflicated them.
In a matter of minutes,i saw all of them lying on the ground,blooded,unable to move,dead.
Instead of feeling guilty for killing them,I felt more alive,I felt happy.

I got the wood I needed and started moving to my home.
The news had spread that men who were looking for Zuke were found dead.
Albert was moved,he never knew who killed them.
I did one thing to ease his mystery,I sent him a word that he wont live for more than five days.
I decided to kill Albert once again.
This time,I was powerful.
In all this ‘feeling more powerful’ the question who saved me?,why am I powerful now?,gyrated in my mind and disturbed me.
The anger or hanker to kill Albert overcame my disturbance.
Each nightfall I thought of plans to kill Albert.
The unseen face of my mother,my father,the seen face of my uncle motivated me.

It was one raining night when I decided to go and kill Albert.
I walked all through the town to Albert’s,
Not hiding from anyone.
The people in the town were shocked to see me carrying weapons and they knew were I was going.
Albert’s men,roaring,attacked me.
One by one I put to ground each one of them,i shouted in his courtyard.

‘Albert come,its your time to die.’

He came outside his house,ordered the left men to stay away from me and said,
‘I’ll prefer killing him now over killing him after loosing my men.’

He came with his sword raised high,towards me and the battle began.

For hours the battle was on.
For some time he was down and for some time was I.

‘Albert,this is for my family’
I raised my voice and my sword entered his body near the heart.
He fell down to my feet and the rain carried his blood straight through out of his courtyard and I,intentionally,stepped on the trail of his blood,each step I took out of his courtyard made me proud.
Now,when I had killed Albert,the town rose into celebrations.
I went on looking for hermit.
I thought he would perhaps answer me now.
Looking for hermit everywhere dominated my each day.
I asked from a lot of people about the whereabouts of hermit but no one knew where he was.
The town had became prosperous now,people were free to do what they wanted.
People selected few men to govern them.
The skepticism was replaced by belief,
The darkness by light,
The foolishness by wisdom,
The despair by hope,
No guiltless had to meet a sad faith.
In all this advancement in town,I was still the same,living in isolation,I was

Out of sight,out of mind.

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