The Shadows of Olympus

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Chapter 41

As he sat in the bedroom across the hall, watching the interrogation on his laptop’s screen, Logan remembered the drive away from FPU right after Ashley’s meeting with de Ruyter. Remembered Ashley’s telling him that she felt like she was losing her mind.

There were times in the past week when Logan had had exactly that feeling, and this was one of them.

It was one thing to have suspicions, another to have those suspicions confirmed by someone in a position to know the truth, in their own words coming from their own lips, in the flesh. Logan already knew that—but had never had that experience in a situation where what he had suspected was as wild as this, a full-blown conspiracy to develop psychotronic weaponry.

“Where were these sub-programs conducted?” Ashley asked.

“Mostly colleges with big neurology programs,” Mackelvore said.

Like Povenmire, Logan thought.

Like Gotham U.

Ashley looked taken aback, but just for a split-second.

“And what did de Ruyter do then?” she asked, that earlier expression already gone from her face.

Good, very good, Logan thought.

“Read reports, give feedback. Sometimes he’d visit researchers at those places, discuss things with them in person,” Mackelvore said.

Like that trip he took out to Gotham.

“This was all secret,” Ashley said. “Just like the financing of the project was routed through a charitable foundation under the cover of being something else?”


“There was risk here. Getting caught, things going wrong.”


“Did things ever go wrong?”

“A few times. It all went into the reports.”

And that was all it would have been to him, Logan supposed, because he wasn’t out there doing the experiments.

“What did you do in those cases?” Ashley asked.

“Depended on the situation,” Mackelvore said. “We did what we could for the subjects and moved on. It couldn’t be helped.”

And he had about as many scruples about the matter as de Ruyter did, she thought. Which was to say none.

“Then it all came to an end. Four years ago?”


“What happened then?”

“The experiments ended. The generators got shipped back to us, along with the last reports, which we sent to the Company. Sold the warehouse. Professor de Ruyter turned to other projects, the staff broke up.”

“And you went to Sloan?”

“That’s right.”

“So the Company got what they wanted?”

“I guess.”

“So then what?”

“I don’t know what.”

“Those machines, the idea was to make something that could be used out in the real world,” Ashley said. “Right?”


“Did they think they got it?”

“Lawrence didn’t say.”

“And what did de Ruyter think?”

“At the end he strutted around like he’d got a fucking Nobel Prize.”

The cameras Logan had put up around the house’s perimeter had built-in motion detectors, and an icon appeared on Logan’s screen indicating that the one on Camera Six had just picked up something. Logan minimized the window showing Mackelvore’s interrogation and checked the feed from that camera.

He saw two men dressed all in black approaching the house from the back.

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