Hoody and His Gyal 22

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Darren asks Hoody to find someone that owes Darren £1 million pounds Hoody finds a person that owes his mate Darren £1 million pounds. They meet up with his ex-business partner in the graveyard when he is burying his son and they have a few words with him while he is on his own.

Thriller / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
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Monday morning, Hoody was standing in his boxers with a spliff, as usual, looking at Liverpool when his phone rang. He looked at the screen, “Yo Daz, you OK…?” “Ye man, come over; I’m here at the apartment enit!"

As Hoody went to close his phone he noticed he had an unread message from Calla and he hadn’t seen it;

I’m coming to Liverpool on Wednesday with Jaxon. It would be nice to see you in the park. X

Hoody quickly text back;

“I’m so sorry I missed your text last night. I was seriously thinking about you all night. I’m sorry I was a bit vague when you left but I had a lot to think about enit! I would love it if you introduced me to Jaxon and I think the park would be a great meeting place!” XX

Then he sent it and made a quick call to Harry. “Yo baby gyal...!” “I got a small parcel that needs delivering by hand can you do it for me today babes...?” “Ok, I'm going out, so if I ain’t in, you know where it is ye?” "There is an address with it." Hoody closed the phone, walked into his apartment and put the phone down on the worktop while he had a shower and got dressed. Hoody couldn’t stop thinking about Calla and Jaxon; He was quite keen on the idea of a mini Hoody about the place as long as he was out of nappies.

Hoody had another spliff waiting for Daz to arrive. While he was standing on the balcony the door at the end of the landing banged open and Darren appeared and walked towards him dodging the washing above his head.

"Yo, Daz my main man, what’s happenin bro?”

Darren had a big smile, “how’s that motor that I found just for you bro?”

“Great thanks, Johnson loves it ya know, I can’t get him out of it!”

Darren stood in front of Hoody “How you doin?”

“Ye all good, I been seen that Calla bird enit!”

“No... you are a lucky man!” Darren said as he hugged Hoody.

Ye, it must have been fate ya know, that motor breaking down and me comin over just at the right time and all that.”

“Ya never know what’s around that corner enit!” Darren said!”

“I seen her all over the weekend enit, nothing happened though yet bro!”

Hoody made a coffee and Darren told Him the full story about Simon Walsh and how he conned him out of the land deal.

“What do you want me to do for you Daz?” Hoody asked.

“Like I said before, I need you to find him for me, his son Nigel has a garage on the Formby road, we can start there if you like enit!”

“Did you look to see when the MOT is due on his motor?”

“Ye, it’s not for another couple of months!”

“Remind me what motor he’s got?”

“He had a black 728 BMW the registration is 44 SAW.”

“I’ll go over to the garage first and have a look what’s happenin enit!”

Hoody opened his phone “Yo Johnson, come get me in 30...!” "Ok, tell them to do the outside later enit!"

Darren thanked Hoody and hugged him once more. With a couple of pats on his back, Darren turned to go. “If you find him don’t kill him till I say OK?” Darren whispered.

Hoody nodded. “Don’t worry bro, it will be sorted enit!”

Hoody grabbed himself another spliff and as he walked out the front door his phone beeped. When he looked it was from Calla;

“I have been thinking about you too! Can we start again on Wednesday in the park? I would like to give us a chance to get to know each other more! How did you get on with the police last night? Hope you are ok and Jaxon will have a great time I’m sure!”

Excitedly Hoody replied;

I’m looking forward to the park. Will Jaxon be ok with my mask? They were just asking about the bloke next door but I didn’t know him. One of the Bizzies recognised me from my younger days on the streets. Listen I’m going to work now, ill text you later. XX

Hoody closed his phone and collected a few things before he went down to the car-park and waited for Johnson to arrive. As he pulled into the car-park Hoody got in and they took off.

“We need the Formby road there is a garage that does MOT’s and car sales, I need to talk to someone called Nigel, we need to find his old man enit.”

They eventually find the garage and Johnson parked on the forecourt. Hoody entered the reception area and waited for a while reading stuff on the walls and looking at the pictures. Then he walked into the garage. “I need to book my car in for some work, is Nigel about?”

“No mate, I can book it in for you if you like.”

No its okay, I ain’t seen him for a while, I need to talk to him enit!”

“It was quiet for a second or two and then he said, “Sorry mate he’s dead, he hung himself a couple of weeks ago!”

Hoody was shocked and looked surprised.


“No one knows mate.”

“Where was he?”

“Here in the garage, silly Pratt tied a rope around his neck and jumped off the ramp over there late at night.”

“When is the funeral?"

“Today at 3, we are just about to close up it’s at the church up the road, St Benedict’s church.”

“I’m really sorry bro; he was a nice guy enit!”

Hoody walked back out to the car and jumped in. “You never guess what’s happened!” Hoody said. Johnson looked at him. “He’s only gone and topped himself. That means his old man will be at the funeral enit.”

“Find me St Benedict’s church!”

They drove through the streets and eventually found it.

Johnson took him back to the apartment and waited while He had another shower and got changed.

Johnson dropped Hoody to the Church just behind a massive pair of steel gates as the hearse drove past. Hoody walked along the long driveway in-between all the parked cars on either side towards the church. As he approached the church he glanced at the number plate on a black BMW and saw it was Simon Walsh’s car. Hoody phoned Darren. “Bro, you are not going to believe me enit…!” “Nigel has only gone and topped himself and the funeral is today at 3 o’clock at St Benedict’s church…!” “No bro, couldn’t’ believe it, meet me in the church car-park about 3.30…!” “I will get Johnson to come by and pick you up...!” “I will have a look around and bell you back in a bit enit?” "OK."

Hoody closed his phone and opened it again as he walked a bit closer. He stopped “Yo Johnson, can you go pick up Darren for me...!” "From the car showroom...!" "Bring him to the church enit." Hoody closed his phone and put it back in his pocket as he walked closer. He could see the hearse with the back door lifted opened revealing the coffin. Six men in morning suits stood at the back of the car waiting for the all clear to slide the coffin out. The six men lifted the coffin on to their shoulders and slowly walked into the church with everyone following behind.

Hoody stood outside and waited till everyone had gone in then he slowly moved forward and crept in before the massive wooden doors where closed. Hoody stood at the back of the church next to a woman holding a hankie to her nose.

He glanced at the order of service booklet just in front of him.

“Is this Nigel’s funeral?” Hoody whispered. “I’m not sure I’m at the right church!”

“Yes, this is Nigel Walsh’s funeral." The lady picked up the booklet and gave it to Hoody from the shelf on the back of the pew in front of them.

Hoody pretended to search his pockets. “I forgot my glasses!”

The woman turned too looked at Hoody. “How did he die?” Hoody asked quietly.

“He hung himself at work!” she whispered back.

“Oh its OK, I am at the right Church then. I didn’t know his surname.”

It was quiet for a while and then a loud voice at the front of the church echoed through the magnificent structure.

“I only popped to see him today and they told me. I was so shocked; he seemed to have it all!” Hoody whispered again.

"I know, he had a lovely wife!" With that everyone stood up in the church as the organ started playing and they sang a hymn. Hoody stood with his head down and his hands by his side.

When they finished singing and sat down again Hoody watched as a man stand up and walk to the front of the church and up the tiny steps to the pulpit.

With a hankie in his hand, he pulled a small piece of paper out of his inside jacket pocket.

“This is the second time I have had to bury a son and one of my children in just under 3 months!”

Hoody leaned towards the women and whispered again. “What happened to his other son?”

“He fell off his hotel balcony on his holidays in Spain.”

“No! Was it an accident?”

“Well, they don’t know to be truthful. He’d been fighting about an hour before in a bar up the road from the hotel; he was a bit wild, drugs, studs and pins in his face, tattoos you know. They reckon he was high on something when he fell 7 floors onto the patio by the side of the swimming pool.

“That’s right I think Nigel told me. Was his brothers’ name Jason or Jack something like that?”

“No, it was David!”

“That’s right, yes I remember Nigel telling me, I remember now you've said his name.” Hoody leaned away and back again. “Poor bloke burying two sons in such a short time!”

“How do you know Nigel?” “We been mates for years, we are both in the car trade! How do you know him?” Hoody whispered.

“I’m Nigel’s Aunt, Simon’s sister!”

“Shouldn’t you be at the front of the church with the others?”

“No, I’m not going anywhere close to him, I can’t stand him! He is a despicable person. I did like Nigel though and his two sisters, Tina and Debbie!”

“Is there a wake after?”

“No, the tight git won't spend any money, he says he doesn’t agree with them. The truth is nobody else can stand him either and probably wouldn’t go anyway!”

After the service, everyone left the church from the side exit in single file to the organ playing softly in the background and waited outside. When the coffin appeared they all started walking behind it and down to the graveside. Hoody stopped by a tree and quickly phoned Darren. “Come down to the graveyard, ya man Simon is here in front of me enit!” Everyone stood around the hole in the ground as they lowered the coffin on to some wooden beams that lay across the top and the vicar spoke again. Eventually, the coffin was slowly lowered and a number of people dropped some soil onto the coffin as it lay at the bottom of the grave.

Hoody and Darren met up behind the people around the graveside and made their way through the trees and bushes. "I have enough info to make him believe I had something to do with both his son's deaths, hopefully, it will be enough to scare him and giving you some money back!"

When the service had finished, people started too walked away and back to their cars. Simon stood alone with his hands clasped together in front of him at the head of the grave looking down at his sons’ coffin for the last time. Hoody stepped out from the bushes, pulled his hood over his head, walked up behind him and lent towards his shoulder by the graveside. “Don’t move a muscle, my mate is sitting in the back of your black BMW with your wife in front of him, he has a knife that’s long enough to go through the leather seat and into her heart. I see you like your own family funerals.” Simon Walsh started to turn towards Hoody. “Don’t move!” Hoody said, “If I raise my arm she’s dead. Walsh nodded once. “Now the cuts and bruises on David’s hands had nothing to do with the fall or the fight he had earlier in that bar that night you know. They where the result of me smashing his knuckles with a hammer so he would let go of the rails and then drop the 7 floors on to the patio by the pool when he was on holiday in Spain.” Hoody heard Simon breath heavy. “It must have been the weight of all the pins and rings he had in his face that made him drop to the ground so quickly. One Minute he was looking at me with a drugged expression and the next, well the sound was like a sack of spuds hitting the ground. He was in the apartment next to mine. Simon started to turn again. Stand still you piece of shit.” Simon turned back to face his sons grave again. “And just recently poor old Nigel, he looked up at me with the rope around his neck and begged me to let him go. He knelt there pissing, farting and crying like a baby with snot and dribble pouring from his nose and mouth. The police said suicide, didn’t they? I told him I would send his wife up to him as soon as possible, so you could have a third family bash.

“What do you want?” Simon said in a broken voice as he wiped his eyes with his hanky.

Hoody waved Darren over and he stepped out from the bushes and walked up and stood behind Walsh on his other shoulder.

“Simon Walsh, we meet again!"

Simon went to turn to see who it was and Hoody whispered, “Stand still, I will raise my arm if I have too.”

“You owe me some money from the garage deal. I had a buyer for that land!” Darren said in his ear.

Walsh dropped his head. “How much do you want?”

“1 Million pounds!”

“I can’t get that, I went bankrupt, I had to get out of it all!”

“Not my problem Walsh, do we still own the paddock next to the Garage land?”


“I want that put into my name 100% and I want £500,000!”

“I can’t get that kind of money nowadays!”

“If you don’t get it in the next seven days, your youngest, little Debbie is next, or should I say big Debbie now. I just saw her over there. What, the fuck happened to her? I use to fancy little Debbie. When I went to the farm to collect stuff for you and she was in her riding gear, I use to go behind the cattle sheds and tug myself over her, I wouldn’t piss on her now!”

Hoody lent forward again. “We are going to play apple darts with little Debbie first!”

“I can’t get the money, I can do the land but I can’t get the money in seven days!”

“Apple darts is a game we love to play. We put an apple in Debbie’s mouth and play darts. In all the times we have played this game we’ve never hit the apple you know, not once... It must be the blindfold we wear!”

“Ok, Ok I will do my best!”

“You have seven days!”

“Don’t turn around for 60 seconds, if you do I will lift my arm and you might be back to the cemetery sooner than you think.”

“Give me your wallet!” Hoody said as Walsh reached into his inside pocket. His hand was shaking as he held it out. Hoody opened it and found his business card with his address on and handed the wallet back. “Seven days!” Hoody and Darren walked backwards a few paces watching him and then turned and walked through the bushes and hurried away in between all the gravestones and trees. They made there was back to the main gates where Johnson was waiting, they jumped in and he pulled away swiftly.

“I think we scared him enough enit!" Hoody said.

"Yeah, I would be happy with just the land to be onest bro!"

It was quiet for a while then Hoody said "Johnson can you drop Daz back and then you can take me to see someone. We need to go and put her Straight. Daren looked at Hoody. "What’s wrong bro?”

“A woman turned up at the apartments yesterday claiming to be my mom enit!”

“No way!” Darren said leaving his mouth wide open.

“Ye, she told Calla she traced my steps and wanted to see me again!”

“So what you gonna do bro?”

"When Calla talked to her a bit more she realised she was some nut case saying said she knows where I live and she’s going to kill me!"

"I don’t understand bro!"

"I know who she is enit!”

"So… she’s not your mom?” Darren asked.

"No, I went out with her daughter Tracey some time ago and Tracey went to a party without me and ended up dead from an overdose and her mom blames me because I wasn’t there with her."

“What you going to do bro?”

“Have a lickle chat first enit!”

"Tell Daz where you was!” Johnson said smiling.

Hoody took his time answering… “I was wiv her mom enit!”

"The nutter?" Darren asked.

"Yeah, she was proper fit though bro!"

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