Hoody And His Gyal 23

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Samantha gets an invite to go to France with Jean Philippe, but she not sure she should go, as she hasn't buried James yet. Her mom forces her to go and the police turn up with some good news!

Thriller / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

Jean and Sammy go to France!

Samantha woke in her mom’s spare bedroom as the front doorbell rang out. She glanced at the clock next to her bed and noticed it was just before 7. She lay still listening to the hum of her mom talking to someone and then the front door clicked shut. Samantha laid still, thinking about the day to come and what it would hold as the door opened to her bedroom and her mom walked in with a massive bunch of red roses. “Someone is thinking about you!” her mom said with a smile. Sam sat up as her mom laid the flowers on her bed and Sam pulled the card off the front and read it:

"To my wonderful Sammy, I hope you are feeling a little better each day and these flowers will bring a smile to that beautiful face of yours. JP XX"

“There from Jean Philippe!” Sam said as she picked the flowers up and held them to her nose. “Expensive too, no doubt!” her mom said as she took them from Sam and turned. “I’ll put them in a vase for you.”

“Thanks’ mom!” Sam shouted as she left the room. Sam picked up her phone and sent him a message;

“Thank you for the lovely flowers!” X

Sam lay back on her pillow and waited for a reply. As her phone beeped;

“I am thinking about you all the time and I hope you are over the worst time of your life!” XX

Sam sent a message back;

"Thank you, I think I’m getting there slowly!" XX

Sam placed the phone on the bedside cabinet and thought about JP as her phone beeped again:

"Sammy, at this very moment, I am in Amsterdam at the airport waiting for a flight to Birmingham England. I am going to change there and then I am going on to my father’s home in France for one night. Would you maybe consider coming to meet me at Birmingham Airport and get on the plane with me? There are plenty of rooms at my fathers’ house so don’t worry, it would be a small trip for you to forget the problems for a while and take in some French food, air and of course, red wine." XX

Samantha thought about it as she lay in bed for a while undecided and not knowing what to do. She rolled over on to her side and looked at the second hand on the clock moving in small segments and realised that was her life ticking away second by second. The last few months have been awful for Samantha having no money and not doing the things she did when James was working and times were good. But since he lost the big contract he had, it has been so hard to get through each day with no money and the events that follow. No money leads to not going out and having good times, then on to no friends, because you don’t want to go out when you have nothing to spend and to finish with, it gets boring because you don’t do anything or go anywhere anymore and have nothing to talk about. Samantha lay still looking at the clock ticking and threw the bedclothes off, leapt out of bed and ran down the stair. As she opened the door to the kitchen she could see her mom shortening the stems to the roses and arranging them in a vase. “Mom, Jean Philippe has asked me to go to France with him for one night and I don’t know what to do?”

“You must go; it’s about time you thought about your self! Go, go and get packed is he coming here for you?”

“No, he said, he is flying in from Amsterdam and he wants me to meet him at Birmingham Airport to fly out to France and stay in his father’s house!”

“What are you waiting for?” Sam’s mom said?”

"Do you think its ok?” she said with a huge smile.

“What time are you meeting him?”

"I don’t know I haven’t said yes yet!”

“Phone him or text him then and sort it out quickly!”

Samantha kissed her mom on the cheek, ran back upstairs and sat on the bed, grabbed her phone holding it in both hands and thought about what she should put:

She typed; “I would love to come with you!” Sam stopped and thought about it some more and deleted it. “That would be lovely!” Sam text next and looked at it, I should say more she thought, so she added: “thank you!” Then she deleted all that. Her hands dropped on to her lap still holding the phone with both hands as she looked up at the ceiling.

Then she looked down at the clock ticking again and text:

“Thank you, I would love to come to France with you!”

Samantha looked at the message and her thumb hovered over the send button for a second or two before she pushed it and sat looking at the clock once more.

Samantha sat waiting for a reply and as the minutes passed she decided to pack a small case while she waited. Ten minutes passed, still nothing Samantha suddenly realised he could have boarded the plane and turned his phone off and it would be too late.

Twenty minutes past and Samantha sat deflated on the bed with her case still open and clothes still by the side of it. Her mom walked in. “What’s happening?”

“I think I have missed him he must be on the plane, I think his phone is off. Its fate isn’t it, I haven’t buried James yet and I’m shooting off to France with another man!”

“Well get ready and go to the airport and wait for him to land! Fiddlesticks to all that. James will still be here when you get back!” Samantha stood up finished packing her clothes with a smile across her face. Her mom ran down the stairs and phoned for a taxi.

When Samantha walked down the stairs with her suitcase her mom pushed some money into her hand, Sam shook her head and said: “No mom, you don’t need to give me any money!”

“Just in case!” her mom said, Samantha, thanked her mom, gave her a big hug and left for the airport. As they where driving along she got a text from her mom;

“Enjoy your self!”

So Sam replied with;


While Sam was looking out the window hoping and praying she hadn’t missed her chance her phone lit up:

“Sammy, I am delighted; you have made me a very happy man. I have booked your ticket and I will be landing in Birmingham at 8.30. I will meet you there. Text me when you arrive at the Airport JP XX

As the taxi pulled up at the Airport and Sam got out she noticed it was just after 8 as her phone beeped again. Sam paid the driver through the window of the taxi and pulled the handle up from her suitcase then she walked into the main entrance dragging it behind her. Sam sat down to compose herself and text JP. As she opened her phone she noticed another message from her mom;

“The police are here with some exciting news, but they won’t tell me what it is. Can you arrange to meet with them tomorrow on your return? MOM” X

Sam replied;

“Yes, OK!”

Then Sam text JP;

“I am here downstairs in the bar!” X

Fifteen minutes past and JP text again saying;

“I have just landed and I will text you again in a while!”

Samantha ordered her self a coffee with a Tia-Maria in it and sat sipping it while she waited.

Eventually Jean sent Sam a message;

“Go to the British Airways desk, I have booked you a ticket online!”

Sam finished her drink and walked over to the desk with her passport and said, “Apparently I have a ticket booked in my name, Samantha Sullivan!”

The girl at the desk found her name and booked her in and she left and walked through customs.

As she entered the duty-free shop Jean was waiting for her by the door with his arms outstretched, Samantha walked towards him and placed her hand luggage on the floor and put her arms around Jean.

“Thank you for those beautiful red roses they where stunning!”

“Sammy you have made me the happiest man alive!” Jean said holding his hand out.

Sam picked up her handbag and threw it over her shoulder and Jean grabbed her small case. They held hands as they walked over to the perfume counter.

“Sammy, I want you to pick a fragrance so I can buy it for you!”

Sam looked at them all and didn’t know what was new or old as a girl walked over and said do you need any help?”

Jean looked at the badge on her jacket and said, “Hello Lesley” I want Sammy to have a bottle of your best fragrance; I want Sammy to have whatever she wants!” Lesley asked if she could show her a few different ones as Jean walked away and answered his phone.

“This one is Armani and this one is Lancome, then we have one called YSL!”

“There was so many!” Samantha said, “I don’t know which one to have!”

Just then Jean came back.

“I don’t know, they all smell so nice and different.”

“Which one is the most popular?” Jean asked.

“This one!” Lesley held up a bottle of Chanel No 5 and sprayed it on her wrist.

“Oh, that is lovely!” Sam said lifting her wrist to her nose again.

“We will have your biggest bottle please Lesley.”

Where are you flying too? Lesley asked.

“Bergerac in France!”

"Have a lovely time!" Lesley said with a smile.

Sam and Jean walked into the lounge and found a seat. “I didn’t come so you can keep buying me stuff please don’t buy me anything else.”

“OK, whatever makes you happy Sammy!”

Just then they called the flight over the speakers and Sam and Jean stood up, Jean grabbed Sam’s case and they walked hand in hand along the corridor to the passport desk and boarded the plane. They had separate seats and Jean wasn’t happy so he asked the man sitting next to Sammy if he could swop. The man didn’t mind as he was on his own.

Sam and Jean held hands all the way there in the plane, he was so proud to have Samantha on his arm as they sat together chatting.

They sat chatting all the way to France and landed at Bergerac airport in good time.

When they walked out of the passport control to the departure entrance Jean shouted, “Hi Louis” then he turned to Sam, “this is my farther's driver.”

They all got into the car and Louis put the luggage in the boot and drove off. They arrived at Jean’s father’s house. It was huge; Sam didn’t know what to say as the car drove along the long drive with grapes hanging either side of the road. Eventually, they arrived at the front next to the huge fountain, Sam and Jean stood looking at the house.

Jean grabbed Sammy's suitcases. “Come with me, I want you to meet my father and my mother it is her birthday today and we are going to surprise her!” Jean grabbed Samantha’s hand again. “Come this way we can go in through the back!” he whispered. Sam followed Jean in ore of the house and surroundings. Jean stood by the back door holding the handle and listening as Sam looked at the beautiful red roses on the wall, then Jean burst into the kitchen and his mom almost jumped a meter into the air holding her chest. "Bon Anniversaire maman!" Jean shouted. They hugged and kissed each other and his mom said “Quelle belle surprise!”

“Mom, I would like you to meet a very good friend of mine from England, this is Samantha!”

“Je suis si heureux de vous rencontrer," then she stopped and realised, then spoke in English, "sorry, pleased to meet with you. My name is Adele!” Jean turned “This is my Farther Amadour! And my sister Flavie.” While Flavie was kissing both sides of Samantha’s face Jeans brother walked into the room and they hug each other. Sam followed him and he introduced his brother, “this is my little baby brother Andre!”

“We must have a party to celebrate you mommas Birthday now you are all here!” His father said excitedly.

Jean put his arm around his mother’s shoulder and said: “Mom can you show Samantha to a room, she will be staying with us tonight if that is ok!”

“Yes, of course, it is Ok Jean Philippe!”

As they left the room with Samantha’s suitcase, Amadour followed them out. Jean chatted with his brother and sister for a while and then Amadour came back into the room with some bottles of red wine. He stood blowing the dust off them and one by one and placed them on the table, then he uncorked them all. As he got 6 glasses from the cupboard Samantha came back into the room with Adele. Amadour poured the wine and then he passed them out.

“Joyeux Anniversaire Adele!” everyone raised their glasses and cheered.

Sam placed her glass back on the table after sipping it and Jean said: “What do you think of the wine, we grow it here in the vineyard?”

Samantha picked up her glass again and tasted it for the second time. “That is beautiful!” she said licking her lips and smelling it.

Samantha was chatting to Jean and drinking as another woman appeared and lay food on the table for everyone.

Sam followed Jean and got a plate then she picked up a selection of food and took it out on to the huge patio outside. She sat next to Jean at the big oval wooden table in the centre of the patio under a large oak pagoda covered in red grapes. After they picked at their food and sipped more wine they all sat talking and laughing. Samantha laughed even though half of the conversation was in French.

Andre stood up and sat by Sam and started talking to her about England. They were getting on really well, telling jokes and laughing out loud, then Sam looked for Jean. She couldn’t see him as the French music came on quietly in the background the Jean appeared by the door. “Would you like to dance with me, Sammy?” Sam smiled and stood up; Jean held her close in his arms. What a beautiful house and family you have!”

“I know, and this house, It is something else isn’t it Sammy?” As they danced Jean’s mom and dad stood up and held each other dancing slowly cheek to cheek. Andre watched with a smile and then pulled his sister up out of her chair and they danced too. As the music stopped, Andre asked Jean, “Pourrais-je dance avec Samantha?”

“Yes of course!” Jean turned away as Andre stepped forward. “I can dance with my remarkable little sister, how are you Flavie?” Jean asked.

After a while, they all sat, drank and eat some more and the red and golden sun went down over the vineyards in the distance.

The patio lit up with coloured fairy lights and the music carried on with even more beautiful French music as the wine and food kept appearing on the table. Hours passed and Andre kept asking Sammy for a dance. At first, it was really nice and she was pleased they didn’t leave her out, but she was getting fed up with him asking every time she danced with Jean first.

It was quite late when Sam noticed Jean wasn’t around and his brother sat next to her again pulling his chair closer. “How do you like your first night in France?” he asked Sam.

“It’s beautiful!” she said looking around for Jean. Sam noticed his mom, Adele and Flavie talking in the far corner of the patio and Jean’s dad wasn’t around either. Samantha was starting to get a little concerned as Andre kept leaning towards Sammy so she slowly leaned away from him. Just then Jean appeared. “I’m so sorry Sammy, I had to go and make a phone call. Samantha stood up and asked Jean for another drink. As he poured it she noticed his brother was sitting alone and drank a full glass of wine in one go and stood up. Jeans mom and sister came back and Andre went into the house as everyone was talking. The music changed and was more lively and Andre came back out.”

“Vivons Cette fête jusqu’à” he shouted in French and grabbed his mom for a dance. Jean smiled, “are you having a nice time Sammy?” As he said that, Andre interrupted again and grabbed Samantha for a dance. As he held her close, she started to worry as he placed his cheek next to hers and squeezed her tighter. She looked around and Flavie was dancing with Jean. His mom and dad were sitting holding hands and talking then they started clapping as the music went on.

When the music finished, Sammy decided to call it a night she knew the red wine had got to her and her head was all over the place, her vision was going and she couldn’t focus. She didn’t want to show herself up. She called Flavie over and asked her for some help. Sam waved as she left and fell up the stairs twice before she banged through the bedroom door. She sat on the bed, said good night to Flavie and changed into her nightdress falling over on to the floor. Sam eventually climbed into bed, turned the lamp off next to her bed and realised how dark it was. Sam lay there with the room spinning; she turned on to her side and listening to the faint music from outside on the patio in the pitch black darkness. As she lay still in bed she thought she heard the door open and click shut. Sam lay still listening as someone slid under the bedclothes next to her.

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