Angelina [Lesbian]

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One war. Two girls. One love. A girl who feels lonely, but not alone, special but doesn't know it yet. To her, her life is normal, average filled with curiosity and question about the world. Her curiosity leads her to something so seeming average, a jeweled pendant; one with age far beyond anything she had ever known. A thousand-year-old necklace paired with twin trapped souls and a legend bring a whole new world to Angelina's eyes. As the legend goes, the keeper of the pendant will release the trapped souls and find themselves deeply in love with one. A war, long, tiresome war between vampires and angels leads to the death of Dracula and the orphaning of his two daughters, Amina and Arica...twins. They fight for their lives, until a witch trapped them inside an enchanted amulet for what would be forever, or, three thousand years before an angel releases them. The angel who is destined to fall in love with only one twin, leaving the other to rot in the pendant for eternity, the witch didn't account for the chance that both vampires would fall for the allure of the angel, the oblivious angel who isn't even aware she had set them free.

Thriller / Romance
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Angelina (Preface)


THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT HER THAT no one could understand-something that made people wonder about her. No one could exactly pinpoint what it is that made her so special, so unique. Was it her hair? Soft and bright, a blonde beacon in the dark. Was it her hazel eyes? Everlasting pools of golden brown, or maybe her soft skin? To her, she was an ordinary girl; no more, no less.

Full of curiosity about the world, and herself, she never understood. People look after her, and she looks after herself. The words average, normal, ordinary are what comes to mind when she thinks of herself.

Though she doesn’t truly realize just how special she truly is...

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