Breaking Point

By Nessa All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance


One undeniable surge of emotions from both parties that leave spectators with a crippling case of whiplash! Will it be just be another case of use and lose? Who will fall first? The cold-hearted multimillionaire, who has no desire to settle down when he can happily change girls like his dirty laundry. Or... the kind, innocent woman, whom exudes little self-confidence and feels no need to stray from her gruelling studies and work life to bother looking for a man. Lives get flipped. Emotions boil beneath the surface. Thoughts get scrambled. What could possibly go wrong when Fire meets Ice... Heartless meets Compassion... Veronica meets Tyler...

Hey There Sweet Cheeks

Veronica's POV

“V, are you ready the Uber’s here?” Kayla screeches from the front door sending her high-pitched voice throughout the halls of the dorm.

“Coming!” I yell back, grabbing my clutch and phone and running out the door and slamming it behind and going out of the building to the waiting Uber.

My best friend Kayla and are on our way out to this club to celebrate making it into college and just moving into our own dorm room. Kayla is taller than me, has straight long bouncy golden blonde locks that fall to the middle of her back, her body is completely lean and toned and she has angelic facial features that have attract guys in since she came out of the womb. Her beautiful deep ocean blue eyes are intense and when she looks you in the eye it feels like she’s looking into your soul, she has beautiful full and plump lips and the perfect shiny white teeth. Kayla is one of those girls that everyone envy’s, every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to have and who can blame them she’s basically a walking goddess.

I, on the other hand, am a little shorter than her, have long dark chocolate brown hair that falls just above my bum in natural curls. I have big thunder thighs and big arms, half of which is muscle and half fat because I used to play a lot of sports when I was younger. I have a chubby stomach, a fat ass and D cup boobs, I have common dark brown eyes and an average looking face, there isn’t really anything special about just an average looking girl that is basically invisible to the human race.

I know right what a cliché, a girl feeling invisible in the world she lives in blah blah blah, but it’s quite true.

20 minutes later

We jump out of the Uber after paying our fair and I pull down my black fitted mid-thigh length dress with a scoop neck that shows off my cleavage and hugs my behind accentuating it and begin walking into the VIP part of the club with Kayla as her plus one to the exclusive party that only usually celebrities and very well-known get into but lucky for me Kayla knows a lot of people.

“Hey V, do you want a drink?” she tries to yell over the music

“Yeah, I’ll get them. What do you want?” I scream back in a failed attempt to drown out the music.

“Just a vodka soda please”, she squeals before turning around to go dance with some guy behind her

With that, I lightly chuckle and turn to walk over to the bar which is not as crowded as I thought only a few people ordering and a couple sitting along the bar on the stools. Walking up to the barman I order our drinks.

I wait a couple minutes at the bar before I get served by the male waiter.

“What can I get you, love?”

“Hi, can I please get one vodka soda and a sex on the beach please,” I say politely

“Sure, but the nearest beach is about an hour drive from here and I bet you won’t be able to resist that long”, a deep sexy and raspy voice speaks from beside me.

I turn my head to see a tall, sexy muscular man with dark brown hair, sharp jawline and facial features, large biceps bulging out of his perfectly fitted to his body showing his defined muscles through his shirt leaning against the bar.

Wipe your mouth you’re practically drooling over the guy. My mind teases

My mouth agape as he turns his head to look at me from after finishing the last of his drink with a small smirk on his and an eyebrow slightly arched upwards.

I can’t believe the words that just came out of his mouth! Was he talking to me? He couldn’t be talking to me

“A-are you talking to me?“, I say looking around me and gesture to myself with my hand. Why the hell did I stutter? I never stutter.

This gorgeous sex god of a man you mean

Shut up. I scowl myself

“There’s no one else around here but you sweet cheeks” he replies looking me up and down biting his lip as I turn around to face him with a hand on my hip, I could see the hunger in his eyes staring up and down my body making me a little self-conscious.

I could feel the heat blossoming on my already rosy cheeks and subconsciously I pulled my arm away from my hip and in front of my body.

That lip bite looks so sexy. Wait! What, no!

Yes, he does and you know it

Whatever. I mentally roll my eyes.

“And how many times have you used that line tonight?”

“Never needed to” He replies smoothly, the corner up his lip turning up ever so slightly showing off one of his dimples.

Omg, he has dimples. Argh! He’s so hot! Okay, play it cool.

“And why is that hmm?” I turn around with a small smile letting my hair fall over my shoulder to cover my face and pay for my drinks.

“What do you think? A sex god like me, all the girls come flocking to me” he says with a cocky smile whilst gesturing at himself with his hands.

“Sex god? Bit up yourself don’t you think?” I scoff at him picking you the two drinks and taking a sip from mine.

No, he’s not up himself he just knows he does look like an actual sex god. Ugh, I hate you.

“Definitely not” He states proudly holding his head high and standing up straight.

“Yeah right, see you ’round” I snicker and begin to walk off to find Kayla leaving him a little bit shock

“Hey sweet cheeks, how am I meant to see you again if I don’t have your number?” This mysterious, hunk of a man calls from behind me with is a sexy raspy voice.

“If you really want it you’ll figure out a way”, and with that, I walk away disappearing in between the sweaty bodies on the dance floor swaying my hips as I walk.

Tyler’s POV

Who the hell was that? I’ve never seen her before in my life up here, a woman like her is never up here, only skinny, rich, snobby women that are only trying to get in my pants or my wallet. Where’d this girl come from?

When she walked over I was taken back by her beautiful long dark brown hair that fell down above her ass in natural curls, and her ass was perky and round with big wide hips and perfect curves. She had big thick thighs, Oh how I would love to be in between them right now. She had huge bouncy boobs that sat perfectly on her, she was so thick and beautiful with curves in all the right places slightly chubby but still so sexy.

And before I even spoke it was like she didn’t

When she completely blew me off I couldn’t believe I was in shock, no woman has ever refused me before, I’ve never even had to ask before. Girls were always approaching me, asking me for my number. No one has ever refused me!

But I’ve got to admit, her refusing just made me more intrigued to know more about her, I see it as a challenge and I’m not one to lose.

As she walked away I couldn’t help but stare at her fat ass that was swaying from side to side and hair luscious hair following suit as she walked away from me leaving me high and dry.

I need to find out more about this girl.

And with that, I down another shot of Jager and walk in the same direction I saw the mysterious woman leave in.

Veronica’s POV

I walk over to where Kayla was standing over by a high table and a few bar stools and hand her, her drink.

“Thanks, V” she yells over the music and I just give a simple nod in reply taking a sip from my drink.

“V, come dance with me,” Kayla says in my ear and before I get a chance to refuse she drags me away from the table and out onto the middle of the dance floor.

From then on it wasn’t long before there was a guy glued to the back of Kayla, she was grinding on him while grabbed her by the waist keeping their rhythm in sync.

I on the other was just enjoying dancing and having a good time, dancing to the rhythm of the music, twerking on a couple of random guys here and there nothing too serious. I may seem confident but I’m really not, you know what they say, fake it till you make it.

In the corner of my eye, I could see the same devilishly handsome hunk of meat that some at the bar a little while ago. Knowing he was watching me intently I turned around to face him and began shaking my hips feeling myself knowing his eyes were burning tracks all over my body from his intense stare.

Momentarily our eyes locked on each other and I could see the lust and hunger stirring in his eyes, they darkened and I could see him holding himself back with clenching and unclenching of his jaw.

I sucked in bottom lip biting it and looking at him seductively, eyes partially open and my mouth agape, feeling myself, I break eye contact and turn around and slut drop to the floor. Slowly rising back up I flip hair over and look to where he was standing only to notice that he’s no longer standing there anymore.

Where could he have gone?

He probably got repulsed from your ugly ass and couldn’t bear looking at you anymore and walked away.

Ugh, whatever.

I glance back over to where I last saw Kayla making out and grinding on some random guy to find that she also was no longer there anymore and with that, I decided to take a break and walk back over to our table to have a drink.

Sculling the rest of mine and Kayla’s drink I pull out my phone to check the time. It’s now 2:36am and I’m getting a little tired, I can feel my eyelids getting heavier and I get up and go outside for some fresh air instead of inhaling the scent of sweaty bodies grinding on each other, so I take a seat on one of the free side benches out the back of the club.

From behind me I can hear footsteps approaching me, but I can’t move, my body feels limp, my muscles seizing up and my legs turning to jelly. I can feel the hot, wet alcohol drenched breath on the back of my neck and I instantly feel the hairs on skin rise up.

All of a sudden, I’m being pulled up and my dress is being pulled up to my waist, the walls of my throat constricting not letting me get out a single word or scream. My attempts to push away the man standing in front of me are futile as I feel myself getting weaker and weaker by the second.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be done in a minute.” the man told me while unbuckling his belt and restraining my arms above my head. I can feel my eyes brimming with tears threatening to cascade down my face

“N-no p-p-please” I manage to cry out releasing a loud sob and letting the tears stream down my cheeks and clenching my eyes shut.

He placed one hand over my mouth and the other holding my arms above my head, his touch making me feel icky and dirty, he hovered his mouth over my neck, his hot breath sending shivers all over my body. Just as he was about to pull down my black lace g string panties, his hands are released from my body and I slide down the wall crashing on my arse with a big thud.

Opening my eyes back up I can see a familiar large figure standing over the man that was pinning me to the wall attempting to rape me, his large frame overpowering the man knocked to the ground with that his body bent down and began throwing his fist repeatedly in to the guy’s face leaving him bloody and knocked unconscious on the ground.

The familiar figure takes big strides towards me, worry, concern and anger evident on his face with softening eyes, eyebrows drawing closer together and his tightly clenched jaw followed by clenched fists by his side.

“Are you okay?“, he rasps out a little out of breath and anger still patent in his voice, bending down he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear letting his finger lightly brush over my tear stained skin. As he does so, the light touch sends little sparks of energy through my body leaving a lingering tingling feeling on my skin.

How did he do that? How did he know I was out here? When did he get out here? I didn’t hear him come out.

I’m not given any more time to think about it as my eyelids drew shut and my whole world turned black.

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