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Cordelia Bane: Beautiful Twenty-three-year-old living on her own in her studio apartment in London, She has it all Loving parents, Friends, Great in college, Everything she could ever ask for... Unfortunately, a certain Person takes it all away from her, Being kidnapped in broad daylight, Cordelia is scared straight. She needs answers, A motive, An escape, A miracle but will help ever come? or will her captor brainwash her to make Cordelia fall head over heels for him. Will Cordelia ever escape? Will she fall in love? Will help arrive? Find out in... Captivity.

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In Broad Daylight

Cordelia Bane.

"Order up!" Vern, The chef hollered inside the kitchen. It's Sunday as the sun fills the gorgeous day that brought a smile to my face.

I love sunny days if there are rainy days I get depressed my mother says I'm bipolar due to weather which I can't deny.

Grabbing the burger and fries ready to serve the dish, I decided to take the early shifts for the past week, a girl needs to pay the rent now that I'm in college,

I've been rather busy.

Walking towards the sweet middle-aged couple that comes here twice a week, I smiled on the way over suddenly I got the chills feeling the same pair of eyes watching me.

I glanced over confirming my suspicion,

There sits the same man inside the booth drinking his coffee. when our eyes connected, I got a cold shiver down my spine as he sends me a blank stare and broke our gaze to look back at his newspaper.

I don't know his name nor who he is, I asked a few people and they don't know anything about him.

He is a total mystery. I'll admit he is quite handsome with his sharp jawline and bright eyes but something is off.

he comes in every Sunday, drinks coffee, and reads the paper but deep down I know he's watching me, I know because I kept track that's how much he intrigues me... In an off way.

"Thank you so much Delia" Said Mrs. Walters.

I smiled "Its always a pleasure Nancy, enjoy you two" With that, I returned to the kitchen about to clock out, my shift is nearly over.

"Cordelia! See if table 4 needs more coffee" My boss Reagan orders. Instead of protesting, I obliged grabbing the coffee pot.

I walk back and saw he was now gone, I scan the restaurant seeing if he was anywhere but no I walked towards his table and saw cash for the bill.

"Weird" I mumbled. Come to think of it we never spoke, ever.

Once I took care of the bill, I finally clocked out saying bye to all my coworkers exiting the cafe, I inhaled the freezing breeze taking out the ponytail I had in,

My long brunette hair flowed down past my shoulders. once ready, I start walking home to my apartment taking the same path I always take.

Four blocks away, I had to cut through a very packed parking lot that wasn't filled this morning. I loved the fresh breeze, leaves falling from the trees, sun shining down upon me.

I love autumn.

I notice how the parking lot is very quiet which is so noticeable, I expect to hear birds chirping, chatter instead of silence leaves scraping against the street.

I twirl around getting a full scan...


Continuing to walk but suddenly I heard some kind of noise from behind. I look back to seeing nothing but cars,

I chuckled at my paranoia.

All of a sudden, a hand covered my nose and mouth feeling a broad body behind holding me tightly, He muffled my scream feeling my heart beat rapidly.

I struggled hoping someone out there is witnessing me being kidnapped

I trashed around using my elbow to hurt him but it wasn't affecting this man

"Now sweetheart just... Stay... Still" He grunts.

His voice is British and rasp, he drags us over to a car that I see we are at the trunk.

I couldn't believe this is happening...

To me!

During the day, how is nobody seeing this situation?

Suddenly I felt a prick on the nape of my neck,

My body grew tired, eyes got droopy, my struggle halted as I felt his breath fan my temple. I squeezed his forearm feeling the fight in me die.

"That's it... Sleep" He whispered.

Feeling my body being thrown into the trunk, my vision was too blurry to identify my kidnapper once he slammed the trunk closed I was left in darkness and in seconds I was out too

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