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First Kiss

Cordelia Bane.

It's lunchtime, my captor left about half an hour ago to make lunch I made myself comfortable on the bed. In the meantime I couldn't stop staring outside, the device attached to my ankle is annoying it's already starting to ich.

I sighed hearing my stomach growl deciding to give those crutches a try, I rose up from the bed grabbing one, Is all I need, I place one underneath my right pit beginning to limp out the room. the crutch helped a lot, I found the kitchen remembering Guy's directions I instantly smelled food that made me more hungry.

He was standing by the stove hearing crackling from the frying pan, I cleared my throat acknowledging my presences his head turned around then did his whole body

"Have a seat just in time" He told. I saw the two plates set up on the table along with some orange juice and forks, I sat down slowly leaning my crutch against the table. Guy seemed bothered telling by his facial expression which is grim and a brow arched.

I'm cautious around him not to mention nervous, he takes a seat which is across from me I have stolen a few glances at him as he starts preparing our plates.

The food smelled great it comes to a shock that my captor can cook so well... From the looks of it he's been on his own for a while the kitchen is immaculate, even the whole house... Only the parts I've been in as a matter of fact.

After he finished my plate I grabbed it "T-Thank you... It smells delicious" I spoke timidly. Juicy fried salmon, whole cooked green beans, and seasoned avocados on toast. The food made my mouth water.

"You're welcome sweetheart" Guy grumbled cutting off a huge bite of the salmon popping it into his mouth. We've begun to eat in silence it was awkward for me to eat alone with my kidnapper.

Does he have any guilt for capturing me? What's going through his head? I wish my foot would heal quicker so I can get outta here. I already managed to get out of that cell and now I still need to gain his trust.

"G..Guy?" I wheezed out. His eyes looked up at me still chewing

"W-Will you um... ever put m-me back in that c-cell?" I asked very nervously. He took a deep breath swallowing his food then leaned back in his chair.

"As I said, sweetheart, misbehave and I will, I was nice enough to let you roam my house, eat at the table, sleep in my bed and don't think about kissing up to me and trying to escape, later on, I have every door, window and crawlspace rigged... I'm not a fool" He informed sternly.

Now that he mentions it I looked at my foot and the serious gleam in his eye made me shrink in defeat.

There goes my plan shooting down the entire drain, I will never escape from this place I took his word remembering the shards of glass at the front door.

I'm afraid of what else he has in store and I'm not going to find out my body or limbs don't need the pain, my foot already has been through enough. I started to move on eating my green beans having sadness overcome me.

Will I ever see my family again? My friends, home, my dog, which is a corgi.

"How did your parents pass?" I asked out of the blue. Guy's body stiffened wasn't expecting the question.

"... They were killed" He told dryly. Drinking his orange juice. I frowned feeling bad for asking that must've taken a toll on his life completely if I lost my parents a part of me would die. That's what Guy must be feeling all his life, a part of him died with his parents.

Guy doesn't want my pity I know that from that night in my cell so instead I laid my hand on his ignoring the tingles.

"It must have been long ago Guy but I know your parents are still with you above," I said. His eyes traveled over my face features seeing my honest sincerity when he gently pulled his hand away the coldness in my hand missed the warmth, Shockingly.

"You didn't have too" He spoke. I shrugged a shoulder but deeply I did have sympathy for him.

After lunch, I finished the food, I was stuffed completely and Guy cleaned the table washing every dish I noticed how he operated, Cleans a dish, dries, speculates for any food on the plate then puts the dish away in the cupboard neatly same goes for the cups.

My captor really is a clean freak!

Suddenly an idea popped into my head I became hesitant about asking hopefully he won't get angry however I decided to do it anyway.

"Guy?" I called.

"Yes," He answered keeping his back to me, still cleaning the dishes.

"Umm... C-Can I um.. Go-go outside for fresh air?" I asked very nervously. The room became quiet as he stopped cleaning for a few seconds and spoke.

"No" He replied rasp. I frowned slumping my shoulders I missed the outside I guess it was the wrong time to ask grabbing the crutch I start leaving the kitchen

"Where are you going?" Hearing him ask my sadness disappeared replaced with anger and annoyance. I've been nothing nice and forthcoming with my captor hopefully enough he would have made an exception.

Feeling a hand grasp my bicep, the grip wasn't hard or rough it was soft just enough to stop me in my tracks so being pulled back my heart hasn't raced so much since the day he captured me, our faces were so close as he cages me against the counter I can see the reluctant in his eyes

About what?

His eyes connected with mine, I haven't been this close to my captor before, his body towered mine I didn't realize how tall and broad he is I felt very, very nervous

"Cordelia... My intentions are not to keep you bundled in this house forever everyone needs sunshine... You are not just trustable right now-"

Frustration grew twice as more, I lightly pushed his shoulders "My foot is useless, I'm tired, my energy is bullshit I've been nothing but obedient and you're saying I'm not trusting!" I admit ashamedly. Continuing to hit his shoulders out of anger totally fed up with him.

"Calm down Cordelia! Your wasting more energy" He retorted grabbing both of my shoulders. I thinned my lips struggling out of his grip.

"I wanna leave! Let me go!" I threw my fit, actually worn out from all this kidnapping, the stressing wanting it to go away especially the stress it made me crazy in the head even Guy noticed.

"Calm down sweetheart!" He grunts. I abruptly stopped as my hands resting on his broad chest, breathing heavily while we stare at each other.

"Are you done?" He asked quietly. My lips were still thin

"I wanna leave, please let go" Noticing how awfully close we are, Guy kept quiet staring oddly at me when he wasn't doing anything.

I started to wiggle out of his grip.

Suddenly Guy started pulling me forward as I kept pushing him and next thing I know Guy locked his lips with mine.

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