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A Date With My Captor??

Cordelia Bane.

After our first kiss, I was left speechless not only because my captor has kissed me but how I felt when he did, my eyes were wide pushing him away

Guy stumbled backward.

"D...Don't do that" I warned.

I watch him lick his lips taking more steps back, Guy ran a hand through his hair and is speechless himself, leaving space between us. I wanted to hurry and scatter this room from the awkwardness.

"I couldn't help myself" He spoke in a husky tone, leaning against the counter. I ignored him as I grab my crutch beginning to walk out.

I didn't want to go back to his room instead I return to my cell dreading for what's to come, I scan the room limping towards the bed, I plop down setting my crutch aside. I rest my head into my palms not liking this place, I miss my friends and family I would always take walks to clear my head that would be nice right now.

The feeling of Guy's lips still lingers on mine even his smell due to the fact he always gives me his shirt after wearing it.

Laying down, I curled up into a ball just wanted to lay here,

Away from him.

I don't know if I can face him again after the kiss it opened another bunch of feelings in both of us, I saw it in his eyes it will be awkward now.

The next day, I appreciated when Guy accepted my wishes to be alone, all night I kept thinking of my life back at home now that I think on it my parents and I didn't really have a good relationship it may seem we have but deep down we all have our disagreements.

I once had a boyfriend at the age of sixteen, his name was Kevin I loved him so much that I gave him my virginity than weeks later I find out he's been cheating on me, we broke up and I cried for weeks since then I haven't been with a boy since.

No hookups, flirting, touching, nothing... Until now, It's been eight years, and Guy is the second man I ever kissed.

And it's all I can think about no matter how hard I try to forget it.

5 weeks later.

The days are becoming colder, the sun stays up only for a few hours until it's dark quicker, I hate the winter that is becoming closer as the days pass by.

I'm still not giving up hope though, it might have been five weeks since I've been kidnapped I would have thought they would found me by now.

Are they even still looking? During the time all I did was eat, sleep, stayed cooped up in my prison cell. Last night I showered dressed in Guy's t-shirt, leggings he bought me and a pair of fluffy socks.

Our communication has been distant after our kiss, Guy hasn't touched or kissed me since which I had no problem at all, on the bright side my foot healed I've said goodbye to those annoying crutches, unfortunately, I still have this stupid ankle brace on my foot.

The sound of my prison door being opened knocked me out from my thoughts, I straightened a little and saw Guy entering the room holding a shopping bag all dressed warmly in his leather jacket.

Every time he goes out it will be hours and locks me back into my cell, at the moment we are having trust issues.

"Hello, sweetheart" Guy greets. I sit on my bed crossing my arms watching as he sets the bag down.

"Where were you?" I asked with annoyance didn't care if he was my captor and Guy seemed to let my attitude pass... Sometimes.

"I went out and got something special... Wanna see?" Guy questioned arching a brow... Sheepishly I always hate it when he does that, just adds to every attractive thing he has.

"... Fine" I reply very curious, Guy continues to dig through the bag as he pulls out another bag which is plastic,

Guy walks over handing me the item

I peek inside spotting large marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey's milk chocolate bars, my favorite movie 'IT', A large grey hoodie printed on the front was my favorite band logo Nirvana.

What?! These are all of my favorite snacks, movies, clothes but-but how does he know this stuff!? About me?

"Guy..." I trail off speechless and confused

"No need to thank me, sweetheart, enjoy it, why not put these snacks to use let's go make smores," He said

My eyes widen looking up at him "We're going outside?!" I exclaim. His face dropped ruining our moment or his?

"I have a fireplace ready to go, Put your hoodie on and let's go," He told... more like demanded.

Guy left the room taking the other stuff with him, I frowned holding up the hoodie.

This was a nice gesture I'll admit but he's still my captor who happens to be handsome, I sighed getting up from the bed slipping on the warm hoodie that fit. I exit the room following the noise leading to the living room, I found Guy prepping the fireplace.

I stop at the door frame once Guy's eyes found me I stuck my arms out showing off the hoodie "It fits" he stood not taking his eyes off me, Guy had changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt that clung to his torso very well, I gulped walking further inside the room.

"The movie is set once the smores are done we'll enjoy ourselves watching the movie" Guy told huskily in his British accent that would bring any girl to their knees.

He could have any girl, why me? Suddenly I notice something.

A nice warm cozy fire, a movie, snacks, a large sofa for two people to fit on... Is this a date?!

If I had a highway I would run down miles and miles away from this.

I can see outside it was dark and the moonlight shined down, I hid my frowned missing the fresh air but I'm not looking forward to the cold, making it harder for me to escape it will bring problems for my lungs if I run to fast which I'm going to have to do... Sadly I can't do anything with this ankle brace on.

"That-that's great" I reply. Guy beckoned me to get comfortable on the sofa, I nod doing so getting nervous.

After the smores were finished, I couldn't help but feel very anxious to taste these smores, my taste buds are dying for these.

Guy started the movie, taking a seat beside me who is awfully close we exchange glances locking eyes,

He's doing it again!! He's arching a brow, I bit the inside of my cheek breaking eye contact.

"T-Thank you" I hesitantly say eating my smore.

"Anything sweetheart" He replies deeply. We start watching the movie.

At the beginning it always creeped me out I snuggled more into the duvet that Guy covered us both in.

I felt warm and cozy what made it scarier on how I'm feeling right now, it wasn't the blanket, hoodie or fire keeping me warm, it was Guy, I glanced at him as he enjoys his s'more.

I took a deep breath as we both began watching the movie quietly, I let my body rest into the sofa kinda leaning against Guy hoping he doesn't mind.

Almost through the movie, by now my eyes were drooping and the fire is ashes, the room dimmed, I can't take it so I closed my eyes consuming darkness.

I still felt so warm and so comfortable, It hasn't felt this nice even before I got kidnapped, I love it! even my body is entangled in the blanket that seemed to be lightly snoring, I yawned as a small groan escapes my lips, my eyelids flutter open but I felt a soft grip is holding me.

I furrow my brows feeling my hand tangled with another. The room is now light from the sun rising, hearing the birds chirp, I shifted my gaze down and saw two arms wrapped around me.

Oh. My. God!

Guy and I slept together and I loved it!

we kissed what else is there?

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