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Everyday Is A Challenge

Everyday Is A Challenge
Cordelia Bane.

I managed to break away from Guy’s hold while he was sleeping I traveled around the house it is quite elegant I’m still wondering who and what he does, holding myself for warmth I stopped at the back door Guy did mention he had markers where I couldn’t pass in the yard I really wanted to see outside and right now is my chance I would run if I could but this ankle brace is holding me back.

I placed my hands on the handle when I turned the knob I saw a padlock I cursed to myself taking it upon myself I was going to type in a number... But what?

Suddenly an idea came to my mind if Guy knows me so well I pushed the digits of my date of birth that’s when the light turned green I gasped when I got it! Well I’ll be damned, opening the door the cold air hit my body I shivered making sure there is no glass on the ground I stepped outside slowly I was free, I could run, my eyes saw the forest before me walking further outside inhaling the fresh air.

I glanced down at my ankle brace keeping me from running I kept walking further and further, I stopped suddenly when the ankle brace began to beep rapidly I gasped stepping back afraid of being electrocuted.

“Fuck!” I cursed. Freedom is in front of me! This stupid ankle brace is ruining my chances of going back home I scanned the area nothing but trees, no neighbors NOTHING!!

A hand yanks my upper arm I gasped being met with an angry looking Guy he fumed “What do you think your doing!?” He snarled

I looked up at him “I-I just wanted fresh air”

He began dragging me back inside I felt like crying I had a chance, a chance once we were inside Guy locked back up the door again shutting the curtains I can feel the anger radiating off him I sat down on the stools feeling defeated but I knew I wasn’t going to give up.

“I’m going to have to change the lock now,” He said raspily. I sat here quietly as he dug through a certain drawer I frowned playing with my fingers

“Guy?” I spoke.

“Yes?” He seemed to calm down leaning against the counter crossing his arms I licked my dry lips

“How do you know so much about me?” I questioned it’s time to know who Guy is, my captor he seems to know about me I’m curious. He stood quietly for a moment then he walked over taking a seat across from me

“I am closed in man I have nobody in my life so I explored the town by myself that’s when I see a nice diner so I decided to pay a visit that’s when I spotted you laughing along with your friends while working I did try to have a chat with you” He explained. I knitted my eyebrows not remembering this Guy seemed to notice

“You were to busy and just wanted to chat with your girlfriends, not caring about no one else” He added. That’s when I caught on remembering that day

One year ago | End of Pov

It’s an September day the streets were busy as people glide up and down the street store to store laughing to each other while others chatted but one person, in particular, had a blank expression had his hands tucked into his leather jacket pockets strolling down the street passing by people enjoying their day.

His eyes were dead and cold he ignored the laughter around him even the people that’s when he spotted a diner from across the street smelling the food making his stomach growl his feet started walking over needed food once he entered the diner more chatter and laughter filled his ears but just one laugh caught his attention Guy shifted his gaze over and saw a beautiful brunette girl giggling along with her coworkers

She’s an angel’ Guy thought, his eyes wouldn’t leave her he found himself an empty booth by the wall and window he told himself that he owned this booth from now on.

Guy picked up a menu eyes still glued to the unknown girl he noticed her friend nudged her arm nodding their head towards Guy’s booth moments later she made her way to his table with a notepad in hand she sat down in the booth making Guy surprised by her actions

“Welcome sir, what can I get you?” Her voice is angelic Guy thought he liked her friendly attitude even her beauty but he did notice something else the boredom when she arrived

The first time his eyes brightened and formed warm and kind he even smiled gently towards her finding the words he spoke.

“Coffee would be great,” Guy told. She nods getting up from her seat not even glancing back nor asking for options Guy sighed continue to read the menu sneaking glances and saw her continuing to chat with her friends they were also staring at him knowing they were teasing her.

Guy wanted to know more about the girl who made his day brightened and heart skipped a beat so most days he visited the diner every Sunday to see his girl but discreetly he followed her, did research, even got the little details, her favorite food, habits, sleep, friends, boyfriends, history, music, what made her sad eventually it became an obsession Guy couldn’t get the girl out from his mind.

Guy even thought of doing the impossible of bringing his girl into his possession so he planned his kidnapping for a year, a good year Guy wasn’t low or dumb he may be a loner but his mind is another Albert Einstein Guy can craft, think, lie, outwit, fight... Kill.

One little mistake and it’s over.

As the months flew by Guy knew more and more about his Cordelia it got to the point where he started to fall in love with her from behind closed doors when the day came he wasn’t ever going to let her go.

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