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Another Run, Another Attempt

It's been a month since Guy captured his wanted prey and somewhat gotten closer to Cordelia even though she can feel the bond that is scaring her deep inside, Cordelia knew she must escape before it gets any worse.

Guy needed to hit the town again for more supplies and stuff for Cordelia. He leaves his room while slipping on his leather jacket and found Cordelia in the kitchen while eating a sandwich.

During the past month, Guy gave her the benefit to roaming or lounge in the house while he went for runs to the town,

He still worries when he's gone.

"I'm going. Behave" Guy warned. Cordelia still felt defeated but in her sneaky mind, she is still finding ways to escape.

"I will" She meekly replied.

Guy still remembers the day he kissed her lips, He can still feel hers lingering on his, He really wanted it to happen again but Guy knew he has to wait...

Leaving the house and locking the door behind him, he felt the glass crunching underneath his feet, Guy needed to clean the mess up but he was just happy it worked that day.

Getting into his 4x4, Guy started the ignition began driving away, his eyes kept looking into the rearview mirror at the house. He doesn't want to leave his Cordelia and every day he looks at her as his heart races, eyes light up.

Guy loves it.

It's been a good hour or two since Guy's been in town, he got the supplies he needed and his last stop was the hardware store so Guy parked his car pacing inside. The town is still gossiping about the recent kidnapping and how the police aren't getting any leads yet and how they are going to drop the search.

Guy is satisfied, he enters the store buying the stuff he needed, Took a few minutes but now he has everything he needs.

Leaving the store and returning to his car, Guy then saw two bulky men with beards visiting the store as well when they passed each other they happened to bump shoulders.

"Watch it dipshit" The bearded man seethed.

Guy scanned the man head to toe

"I'll watch when your fat ass isn't blocking the parking lot," Guy remarked smugly.

He was about to attack Guy, unfortunately, his friend held him back

"Leave the bitch Blake, we need to go"

With one hatred glance, the three men parts ways, Guy, chuckled getting into his car ready to head back home wanting to see his Cordelia again.

Hours of driving, Guy made it home the sky darkened, leaves are starting to fall from the trees, the cold air is here and Guy secured his jacket closer to his Guy while walking towards the house.

The whole trip was uneventful which Guy liked.

Unlocking the door, When Guy slid inside his house he wasn't expecting the warm welcome he got...

Instead, he got a glass vase smashed against his head.

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