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The Only Chance I'm Taking

The Only Chance I’m Taking
Cordelia Bane

After Guy said bye I waited until he locked the door then I shot up from my seat running towards the front window and saw his truck driving away. This is it! I’ve been waiting for this day to come now is my chance I rushed to Guy’s room started to search for any key that will unlock my ankle brace.

Minutes later I had no luck instead I found two clothing pins once I deranged them I slid them inside the lock begin picking I’m afraid I will trip the brace causing me to get shocked but I’m not giving up I continued picking. About twenty minutes later I was just about to moments later my eyes widen when the ankle brace fell to the floor.

My mouth gaped fully in shock “Oh my God!!” I exclaimed.

I kicked the brace away standing to my feet I rushed over to his closet finding a hoodie I slipped on a black cardigan and a pair of sneakers its cold outside and I’m not taking any chances freezing to death. I exit the room sprinting to the front door I tried yanking it open but it wasn’t budging then I saw another keypad my breathing is heavy I typed in my birthday...

But it turned red I hit the wall in anger

“Damn it!” I cursed. Sprinting to the back door I typed my birth date again then it did the same as the front. I tried every window, door, nothing.

I sighed feeling defeated yet again I’m just going to have to wait until he gets home. I began looting for some type of weapon I can use to defend myself I entered the living room and saw a vase sitting on the coffee table I quickly grabbed it tossing out the flowers. Now I have to play the waiting game my mind scraped up a plan.

Wait hidden by the front door when Guy pops in smash the vase on his head that’s when I take the chance of running out the front door to my freedom.

Hours passed and I heard a truck I gasped peaking out the window and saw Guy getting out of his truck holding a shopping bag. I gotten into position I tried calming down, afraid I will fail, I’m trembling, my heart pounding.

When the door opened and saw Guy I quickly took action and lifted my arms... I smashed the vase to the side of his head, Guy’s body fell to the floor from impact that’s when I ran,

I picked up his keys and ran stepping over his body hearing him groan in pain I reached outside throwing the keys where he wouldn’t find them and felt a breeze hit me, I ran following the tire tracks down the road getting far away from my captor

I’m free!!

“CORDELIA!!” A furious voice roared in the distance. I gasped not looking back I kept running for my damn life. It’s been minutes but I didn’t stop I heard nothing but nature finally taking a break I caught my breath holding my knees...

Then I saw a few lights a few meters away I started walking again towards it my lungs were burning, legs were hurting. When I reached I saw a side road diner on the highway I smiled and saw people in the windows, eating with their children and truck drivers grabbing a bite.

I smiled so close to civilization I was going to wave my arms for some help...

Suddenly a hand and an arm grabbed my waist and covered my mouth, dragging me away from the diner, away from the window, away from help and away from my freedom.

“I got you sweetheart” His British voice shivered down my spine. Dragging me towards the same car that captured me the first day.

Being thrown into the trunk tears were already streaming down my face Guy held me down taping my mouth and wrists.

The cries were muffled, Guy glared down at me noticing the blood trickling down his face.

“MMHHMMM!!!” I screamed. Guy scoffed closing the trunk door leaving me in pure darkness.

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