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Crossing The Line Of Giving Up

Cordelia Bane.

I was scared once again, I pissed him off and now he's really going to kill me I'm panicking, trembling I can't see anything in this pitch-black trunk. I am afraid of what's going to happen when we return back to my prison a lot of things are running through my mind.

Suddenly I felt the car starting to slow and halt I cried, even more, hearing the car door slam shut then footsteps, my heart is jolting I shrieked when the trunk opened revealing my fuming captor,

I yelped when Guy yanked my body out from the trunk, My body flew to the ground feeling pain erupt all over my left side.

"Get up" He seethed. Grabbing my arm up, I scrambled to my feet while Guy closed the trunk then began dragging me back inside the house.

I saw the vase still broken on the floor including blood. Still being dragged, we made it back to my cell being thrown on the bed, my cries were still muffled and I saw the furious gleam in his eyes I saw his gash that I prevented on the side of his left face as blood dripped down.

"You see what you did! I did nothing but giving, trusting and you do something fucking crazy! Ungrateful bitch" Guy hissed.

I coward back hating this side of him I truly did. "Now look, you pissed me off and more importantly you lost my trust sweetheart... have fun in this room because that's all you will ever be in"

When Guy ripped the tape off my mouth, I yelped from the pain as I panicked more hating this room.

"Please, please don't leave me in here I'm so sorry!" I begged trying to sit up but Guy pushed me back down.

"DON'T apologize, sweetheart... You blew it" He growled. Noticing hurt behind his eye,

I cried when Guy began ripping off my clothes leaving me only in my underwear just like in the beginning.

Once he was done, Guy took the clothes with him ready to leave. He knows I'm afraid of the dark I didn't want to be alone while in it.

"Guy!! Please, I'm so sorry please don't leave me in here!!" I sobbed. He threw the clothes out holding onto the door handle.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart," He told flat out.

The door slammed shut and the light turned off leaving it black I got up hitting the door.

"GUUYYY!!" I Screamed on the top of my lungs. A minute later of no response, I slid down to the floor hugging myself for warmth. I'm scared and alone I failed again and again. It's probably something telling me I will never escape even if I do keep trying.

I got the strength stumbling to my bed curling up, I hid my face in the pillow hated seeing only darkness before me,

I laid there and cried until I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with my eyes puffy and scrapes and bruises on my body where I fell,

Suddenly I noticed something on my ankle... I have gotten a closer look and It's the same ankle brace Guy made for me... but it was different instead of a key lock its another padlock. I took a deep breath laying back down, clenching my hair he must have slipped it on when I was sleeping last night.

Hearing the doorknob raddle, I quickly sat up and see Guy freshly dressed and holding a platter of food, he blankly stared at me setting down the tray by my bed I gulped watching him leave without another word.

I frowned resting my head on my palms very frustrated with this situation and myself. I noticed he patched up his gashes I caused. Rubbing my face exhaustedly I started to eat knowing I have nothing better to do.

Day 3 in cell

I did nothing but walk around this little room very bored and depressed, the only visits I've gotten is when Guy gives me food three times a day and no words to share at all this silent treatment I've been getting is annoying.

Abruptly the door opened, I gasped looking at Guy enter looking very stern and grim I nervously stared at him while sitting on my bed.

"Let's go" He spoke blankly.

"What?" I questioned confused.

"It's Monday and you need to shower, Let's go" He repeated again.

I gotten up meekly then began following him. We made it to the bathroom without a problem when Guy passed me his shirt I thanked him ready to shower.

All clean and feeling better, I exit the bathroom as my damp hair flows down my back, I spotted Guy sitting in front of the mirror changing his bandages on his face I still see the damaged I did causing me to frown.

"... You alright?" I asked timidly.

Guy sat there not replying but when he turned his head around I expected an answer...

Instead, I got nothing so I sighed didn't know what to do it's best that he has his space, we are both angry and upset It's for the best that we stay apart.

Sooner Guy put me back into the cell with no word, as usual, I sunk into my bed as reality hit me I've been here for a month and two days with still no rescue or any kind, they probably stopped searching for me or forgot about me I tried escaping, playing along but soon everything failed...

All I can do is wait and wait now that I think about it maybe I should just stop, what's the use anyway? That's all I've been doing and nothing has happened, In the end, I hurt myself, I've hurt Guy, all he did was been nice and sweet towards me even gave me his trust that I betrayed.

He won't even talk to me in which case deep down is really bothering me, I hate it. Realizing that I'm crying I wiped my tears away very fed up with this room, the dark, being alone, hurt, feeling hated, a betrayer.

Fed up!!

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