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My Captivity Is Becoming...

Cordelia Bane.

My sixth day trapped inside this prison cell has been lonely and repetitive, Eat three times a day, have a visit from Guy for at least a few seconds, sleep, yesterday the weather kept changing, Once it was sunny, next it was thundering, pouring rain, because of my bipolar disorder I cried, sobbed, depressed, lonely.

All I wanted was my family or somebody to help and make me feel better when I felt this way... There was nobody which made me even worse.

Still sitting on my bed in the corner hugging my knees, I kept staring at the door knowing Guy is going to walk through the frame very soon.

We haven't been talking much ever since my attempt to escape, Guy doesn't even look at me in the eye anymore and it starting to make me feel...

The door suddenly opened, I gasped seeing Guy holding another food of tray for the second time today and of course, he avoids eye contact setting down the food beside my bed.

"Thank you" I mumbled. Guy quietly nods having a blank stare even his gash healed up pretty well.

He leaves the room

"Guy-" Being cut off with the door being slammed shut, I frowned hated this silent treatment it's been over a week, I felt empty and sad I even had noticeable bags underneath my eyes.

I started eating my food until it was gone I am full however I still feel empty, I wanted to fill that emptiness with whatever but I just don't know what.

I sighed laying down again needing to rest my puffy eyes.

But then I noticed when Guy left I didn't hear the door lock, I sat up slowly eyes glued to the door, Placing my hand on the knob I opened it popping my head out as my nostrils ingested the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Leaving the room nervously, I traveled to the kitchen spotting Guy placing two cups on the counter

"About time you joined me" He spoke with his back to me wearing a navy blue t-shirt and jeans. I am surprised Guy is finally speaking to me I couldn't help but feel... Rejoiced?

"It smells heavenly," I told. Taking a seat at the table, I watched Guy make us both coffee when he was finished I expected him to sit with me instead he only set my down and left the kitchen taking his coffee with him.

My frown grew deeper but I am really tired of this situation so standing to my feet, I started to storm where Guy was and I found him in the den sketching inside a notebook.

"I'm sorry!" I blurted. Guy looked up arching a brow...

Damn it.

"Excuse me?"

"I said I'm sorry! Does that make you feel better? now you can stop with this nonsense" I retort. Guy sighed closing his notebook, turning his head to me.

"You think an apology will suffice sweetheart?" He told.

I started walking forward crossing my arms, having an annoying expression. I didn't know what else to do, Guy is really impossible he may be my captor but he can cut me some slack, therefore, I'm still the victim here.

"What do you want Guy? I'm sorry for hurting you, betraying your trust, you had your time to be angry so have I but don't forget I am still a human being, not a caged animal that you can feed and clean" I argued.

I was only one footstep away from Guy as he looks down at me with dark eyes.

"You think I don't know that? Do you think I enjoy leaving you locked up in that room? I don't! You're right I am angry, I'm angry you betrayed me I did nothing but open up towards you... And you ruined it" Guy retorts back.

I closed the gap between us.

"Then what can I do to fix it?" I asked. Guy hesitantly brought his hand to my cheek

"... Nothing" Guy flatly said stepping back.

My stomach sank in closing my eyes. I hated his answer and wanted to make things better so I marched right up to Guy again...

When our eyes met, I grabbed Guy's head and bringing him closer as our lips connected, At first, he is surprised and my lips began moving,

A few seconds later, Guy finally joined in wrapping his arms around my waist pressing our bodies together.

I shuddered trailing my hands down his chest suddenly Guy kept backing me up until we both fell on the large sofa where we slept before.

I moaned feeling my body tingle and sparks. we were both still in a heated kiss when Guy broke it crawling down to my stomach, lifting up my shirt beginning to leave butterfly kisses making me arch my back.

This felt amazing and so full my fingers laced into Guy's hair grabbing a fist full suddenly he started to tug down my pants along with my underwear I bucked my hips helping Guy out becoming flushed.

I wanted and needed this it made me feel entirely different than before, When I was exposed to Guy I was completely red watching him crawl back up nibbling on my lips.

Cupping his face, my thumbs caressed his stubble we locked eyes deeply as we stared at each other dearly.

"You sure?" He asked huskily. I nod my head pecking Guy's soft lips

"Yes," I whispered. Guy lowered his one arm and continued to kiss me, I heard the sound of his belt and zipper come undone, I am nervous but so sure, In moments the pleasurable sensation as Guy enter me, I moaned as his mouth muffled the sound, love the moment we are having together.

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